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  1. So for me, this was a permissions issue. I went into my "F:" which was my system reserved partition security settings and added "Full Control" to the "Users" group for the drive. I then launched the game without issue. Closed the game and removed the "Full Control" and "Modify" permissions from the "Users" group and launched again successfully. This did work for me..and may work for you. However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing this and assume no responsibility for any damage incurred by making this temporary change.
  2. Any update on this one? I am having the same problem and making no progress in resolving it. Just started for me yesterday
  3. so i understand that there has to be that one poor bastage who is still getting the database login failure error..but why does it have to be me?! for the love of fred, let me play this daggone game!
  4. i have not been able to play through steam even once. Database Login Failure 4 life
  5. yeah. im basically to this point as well. i have been patient for 72 fn hours. updates are far too slow. explanation is far too vague. no type of timeframe whatsoever is being given. and at this point its looking like my entire 3 day weekend is going to be gone before i get to play even one match. im fairly patient and understanding about things. but my good will is wearing thin
  6. im using steam. Database Login Failure is my bane.
  7. you are talking to a man right now who has literally not been able to play one single match since launch. Database Login Failure is brutal in my world.
  8. if i recall correctly, I read a post from them on their twitter that the level 0 bug is just a display glitch. XP progress is still being tracked on the backend and once the display bug is fixed, you should see your correct level and stuff. or something along those lines.
  9. this is one of those cases where the developer really owes streamers a HUGE FN THANK YOU. If not for them, there would be many more Steam users hitting that refund button. Thanks to watching the streamers though, I can see for myself that this really looks like an awesome game with tons of jump scares and tho limited maps now, tons of randomization for those few maps and likely VERY easy and very likely for them to add in more maps and more scenarios as *hopefully* free DLC mostly. but ya. streamers have saved them a lot of refunds.
  10. thye should have told me they need help. i live around the corner from their office in lexington and have worked in IT for about 18 years now.
  11. :'( considering the time, it appears i wont be playing tonight either. man, this was suppose to be an amazing 3 day weekend. instead, im living a true horror story! lol
  12. thank god for streamers or i would have already refunded. its watchin them and seeing how fun this looks that has kept me patient. so far..
  13. I have been reading the forums and stalking their twitter...but is there any kind of update about the "Database Login Failure" issue going on? I was getting this all day yesterday and now all day so far today. The game LOOKS like it is going to be a blast but quite honestly, I am getting a little impatient and watching twitch streams is no longer doin it for me. I am getting close to just doing a refund but at the same time I really want to play it first. I know its a small team and all from reading but I really would like to get updated more often. I am trying to wait patiently but...well, it is starting to get really hard.
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