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    Friday the 13th Part III is my favorite of the series. Best characters, best Jason. Shelly is my all-time favorite. Also love that crazy party boy Ted from Part II. Who says going out and getting blasted isn’t a good thing? ;-)

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  1. Does anyone else do this

    Weird way to play but if OP wants to play that way because it presents more of a challenege, great. As long as he has fun doing so. Meanwhile, in Quickmatch last night I was running toward the boat adjacent to the lake and found a health spray and a pile of pocket knives. I was limping with no inventory except a gas can in my hands. Turned a five-minute match into 15 and survival!!!!
  2. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Is the TPS-800AX Camp Counselor Database going to be included in the Virtual Cabin as was intimated a few months ago? I’ve been waiting forever!!!
  3. Where do you game?

    Jpops, is this the Angry Video Game Nerd room? Hahaha!
  4. Forum Theme in Progress

    When I refreshed my browser on my phone the other day and the forums went black I thought my phone was dying and done. I was like.....ahhhhhh *#%! My phone’s f@@ked up!!! DOH!
  5. Ted. You select him and you spawn in a bar spamming a single button in order to pound 12 Miller Lites before Jason kills everyone or everyone escapes and the match is over. Then you have to select the right dialogue when conversing with the elderly couple next to you in order to find the location of the after-hours bar. If accomplished, you “escape.” If failed, you cannot find out the location of the after-hours bar and you return back to Camp Crystal Lake with very dilapidated stamina and massive stumbles. Good luck.
  6. I play on PS4 and never come up against Savini Jason.
  7. Hopefully they don’t abandon the game! This franchise is a treasure and they went a long way with all the officilaity of it to do that!
  8. The Original 3D Friday the 13th The Game

    Hahaha! Wasn’t that a mod of some other game? Nice Michael Myers breathing too.
  9. Ted White as Jason in Part V and VI?

    Graham was awesome in 6. To me, he was the most-balanced Jason of them all. Just enough of everything, but not too much, in all the right spots. Brooker and Part 3 will always be my favorite, however. He gave Jason some real emotion that all the others lacked. As far as Brooker being offered Part 4, the answer is no. He was never intended to be Part 3, but the man cast as Jason backed out so they were in a jam and used Brooker, a stuntman, as Jason. He remarked later that he hated every minute of it, being a devout Christian. The thought of him playing a homicidal maniac chopping up innocent teenagers bothered him deeply. Which is why I think you can see some real emotion in his Jason, as his personal empathy bled through the character. As an aside, he refused to meet or talk to the other cast members as it would’ve hurt him too much getting to know them and then having to hack them to bits on screen. A very unique Jason, indeed.
  10. Well, according to the devs’ last post, it seems that they are aware of the balancing issues and will eventually address those. So as far as them leaving it as it is, it doesn’t seem likely. Let’s hope not, anyway.
  11. Counselor Rebalance Ideas

    AJ is the best character for surviving and staying away from Jason, IMO. Her detection rate is low, especially with the right perks. Add in silent jogging, and she’s potent. When I’m killed with her, 9/10 times I am last or second-to-last killed.
  12. It all depends on your playstyle, to be honest. If you use him correctly, and can wield his wonky pitchfork, then he’s a pretty good Jason. I’ve used him a majority of times but have recently gotten fed up with his drawbacks so have switched to J2.
  13. The fact that they have recognized that Jason needs balancing and that they will be working on that gives me hope. Biggest worry was that they liked Jason just as he is and we’re going to leave him as is. Also, a few posts will be coming out addressing the balance changes. That is good too. I guess Patience is the word.
  14. F13 AVATAR COLLECTION (v1.11)

    Bloody brill!!!!! Thank you and already added! Bravo!!!