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    Friday the 13th Part III is my favorite of the series. Best characters, best Jason. Shelly is my all-time favorite. Also love that crazy party boy Ted from Part II. Who says going out and getting blasted isn’t a good thing? ;-)

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  1. Wow what a baby!

    The opposite.
  2. Yep. Happens. It’s a glitch. Jason not being able to swing his weapon happens with that a lot too.
  3. As if 15 year-olds are all about faithfulness. Haha. Now that underage sex has appeared in this thread, it is officially a Friday the 13th thread!
  4. Migrating hosts and the Paranoia mode will be what this game needs. Knowing that once you get into a QP match, it WILL finish, will be a good thing.
  5. Wow what a baby!

    Which is why she comes on when the productive people of the world are working.
  6. Oct. 11 Mode

    Getting the option to leave with all accumulated XP and badges earned after Tommy has been summoned would be a good idea. Although watching how the other counselors play is also nice and I don’t mind spectating.
  7. Patience is not the forte of the under-30 crowd.
  8. Thanks for the input. I was really hoping the bots would count for kills even though they don’t count for Jason games. Seems like that one singular bots game counts temporarily. Then disappears at the main menu.
  9. Yesssss!!! Whatever happened to him! His commentary was awesome. Made whatever movie he was showing twice better. Much like Gilbert Gottfried on USA Up All Night. Thanks for the blast from the past. Will YouTube these Briggs’ intros/commentaries on night after I get back from the after-hours place with a case of suds.
  10. Sixteen Point Personality Test

    Same result. The information afterward was like I wrote it about myself. Wow.
  11. Imagine if you're swimming in that lake and accidentally kick the statue and then dive down to look at what you've just kicked. Oh lord.
  12. Yeah, they ran the heck out of these movies on USA and local TV in the '80's. Like every weekend. For 80's kids, they were as ubiquitous as Bugs Bunny and Sesame Street. "Well, grandma, Fraggle Rock is over. *switches channel* Oh look! Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is on!"
  13. The Squeakening!

    First time I felt bad for a squeaker. Kid deserved the kill for all that hard work and got glitched. Terrible. I was playing this weekend, late, like 3:30-4 am Eastern Time U.S. and was like, YES! Finally a time without squeakers! First lobby I get into is just me and the host and it's a squeaker....in French.
  14. What level were most people when they hit the 500 games as a counselor achievement? I am almost at 83 and still haven't gotten it and I swear I'm close. Hope the game is counting the matches! Also, those who play a lot of bots, were you able to get the Jason kills trophy(s) with it? Not sure if the kills in bots accumulates or just adds the number for the that game temporarily and then disappears once back in the lobby. For example, I was at 112/113 kills as Jason badge and played bots. The end game screen showed I got the badge for 113 Jason kills, but then disappeared once I returned back to the main menu (as it should). So, let's say I have 660 Jason kills. Play bots. Kill 7. Trophy should pop, but then my total kills go back down to 660 once I get back to the lobby. Or does it stay at 667?
  15. A.J. full stealth. Only way to play for me. Until an 8 year-old squeaker decides to follow me around the map. Ugh. Haha.