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    Friday the 13th Part III is my favorite of the series. Best characters, best Jason. Shelly is my all-time favorite. Also love that crazy party boy Ted from Part II. Who says going out and getting blasted isn’t a good thing? ;-)

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  1. The 1000 matches as Jason trophy is only for those looking to pay off bad karma debt from a previous life. That said, I'm still working on it.
  2. They can’t even get their English correct. This is most likely a scam.
  3. You must have been a few kills away from it when you played that game.
  4. Any and all things gained in bots counts until the match ends and then everything resets to whatever it was before the match. If whatever you gained in that one match gets a trophy to pop for you, then so be it.
  5. That would be cool if GUN gave us different game type options for lobbies. Like no music, no music/sound cues, etc. In fact, just the sounds of the crickets and nighttime while running around camp would be even more unnerving.
  6. Haha. That game held the title back in the PS1 days. Not anymore. We need a new-gen remake of this. And Manhunt too.
  7. He’s had a TON of great films. But if I can add only one more, add Black Mass in here. He was excellent as Bulger.
  8. I’m not sure having a huge VR world where everyone will go is exactly what we want to wish for. There’s enough clueless dolts these days addicted to social media thinking that that IS their life. No thank you. #oldschool #realworld #isawtron
  9. You CAN’T QUIT until you get 1000 Jason games and 1313 kills! Not allowed! There’s no easy way out! There’s no short-cut home!!!
  10. Over a decade ago when The Warriors and Manhunt came out, I was sure Rockstar was going to do a F13 game. I wanted them to do so very badly. They are the type of developer to hit something like this out of the park. Then again, GUN deserves a million points of credit for aligning all of the real names behind the movies and making the maps and characters as authentic as they did. Only The Warriors by Rockstar comes close for a movie game to sheer authenticity as F13 does.
  11. Surprised someone never did make that into a game. I guess Smash TV took it’s thunder.
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