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    Friday the 13th Part III is my favorite of the series. Best characters, best Jason. Shelly is my all-time favorite. Also love that crazy party boy Ted from Part II. Who says going out and getting blasted isn’t a good thing? ;-)

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  1. LuckyDrunkTed

    Show Ryan Leslie some love!

    He takes New Retro songs and adds his own guitar to them. It's gorgeous beyond belief. Check this guy out if you love 1980's music. This bloke is the greatest guitarist of our generation. Look up his videos.
  2. LuckyDrunkTed

    F13 game tshirts

    If there was official merch, I'd back it.
  3. LuckyDrunkTed

    Game Over

    Still trying for the 1000 Jason games.
  4. LuckyDrunkTed

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    Because he was abandoned as a child and suffered a horrible fate. Because he ONLY ATTACKS those who tread upon Camp Crystal Lake (save Part VIII). He is a true victim getting his revenge.
  5. LuckyDrunkTed

    The New Halloween 2018

    Jamie Lee Curtis said she wants this to be the best Halloween of all-time! The best horror film of recent memory. She wants to go out with a bang.. The trailer looks amazing. What do you guys think? The trailer looks amazing. I can only hope that Carpenter summons his old magic and makes this a modern classic. His camera work, pacing, coloring, music, and plot work is second-to-none when he is on pace. If he was lucid during this film, we are is for a true treat. I don't want to pump this up too much for fear of disappointment, but it's almost impossible. What do you think?
  6. LuckyDrunkTed

    Wow just saw this on Amazon Jason x novels

    Wow. Crazy. They are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. Like the Savini Jason skins on eBay. If I would've only known, I'd bought 50 of them at $2.99 and made a killing!
  7. LuckyDrunkTed

    I finally played online...

    That’s an awesome (and cheap) strategy. Perfect for groups of wankers like those you ran into.
  8. The only perk you need is the one which alllows you to barricade doors 2% faster. Jason is ab-so-lute-ly f**ked when I have that perk equipped. #gameover #nochance #jasonragequitcentral
  9. LuckyDrunkTed

    What kind of soda do you drink?

    The mini cans are Stolichnaya brand. Bundaberg is traditionally made and has a deep heritage in Australia. Their rum is OUTSTANDING. Not imported to the U.S., however which is a damn shame.
  10. If you wanna boost, I’m on PS4 now.
  11. Yes, most of us hoped it would have counted when single-player came out but not to be. Only counts temporarily until the game ends, then the stats revert.
  12. Still grinding this. If anyone wants to join the drollery that is 1000 games, reply to this post. I’ll be on today/tonight as well getting drunk grinding. Reply to this post and help ol’ Ted out. He gets lonely by himself. I won’t be going to the after-hours bar tonight, so I can be grinding the night (and my senses) away. Much obliged.
  13. Whaaaaat?! I couldn’t hear you.
  14. Need dedicated servers to really grind in quick play. Too many people quit the game when they are hosting and are killed. If you're playing Jason and are happy you'll get a game and some kills toward your achievement/trophy counts, and then the host quits, it's frustrating. When it happens often, you almost want to give up.
  15. I'm grinding the kills and matches. And a grind it is. I wish the PS4 had a tracker so you could see your progress. Too bad bots don't count toward the trophies/achievements. I'll get them one day. 😂