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  1. I hated the Friday the 13th game and this motherf****r during my childhood and now Gun Media has resurrected one of my childhood nightmares. I so can't wait to play him
  2. So once the skin is removed from the PS4 store. Why not take away the Savini skin from people who bought it and then refund it. That should fix it. Skin is off the PS4 store, still remains a backer exclusive, and people who paid for it get their money back.
  3. From what I can gather Sony has not approved the Savini/Clothing DLC. Supposedly, and that's a big supposedly, this patch may finally enable the Savini Jason Skin and Camp Consoler Clothes DLC, but take this with a grain of salt.
  4. Don't think eBayhas anything to worry about. If any it will be the sellers that have to worry about PS4 codes not working, not eBay.
  5. Not sure if patch 1.02 is this update but devs posted on the Friday the 13th steam community forums today that they rolled it back and took it offline due to issues with the patch. So I'm guessing that this will also affect the PS4 update. Probably won't be seeing it anytime soon.
  6. Has this patch released on PS4 yet? Also, my previous comment got ignored with the squabble about Backer Awards but will this patch address the DLC issue for the PS4. Namely the Tom Savini Jason Skin and Camp Counselor clothes.
  7. Question, so this patch, Update #3, for the PS4 will fix the issues for DLC and that includes the ability to download the Tom Savini Jason Skin and Counselors clothes?
  8. I would like to a Kane Hodder as a playable character. Not sure what I would give him for weapons and stats but I think it would be cool to see him in the game.
  9. Having this issue also. Whenever I go to the Jason screen and doing something simple as changing between different Jasons and backing out causes the 'Saving Profile Data' issue to come up. Frustrating as hell. I really hope the devs get their act together and fix this.
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