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  1. Cool, another two attention seekers with nothing better to do with their lives. Why don't you go play some games? On topic: I am curious about when it's released as well. I read somewhere it plays like Hitman does and since I like this game a lot I am curious how it plays.
  2. Maybe because some people want to enjoy this game without this sort of stuff happening? Or maybe because the developers ask for videos? Also, the type of behaviour shown by a lot of players nowadays has already made me decide not to play Quick Play anymore. I don't want to waste my time with idiots ruining a otherwise very good game.
  3. You gotta be quite stupid not to notice someone is helping Jason. Even if they are using third party chat or something you can still see what's happening in-game. Also, just my opinion but your reasoning to justify what you do in-game is kinda funny. So, since you obviously had time to read through the TOS as you say you perfectly know what you can and can not do. That to me shows you are reading through those things to see how you, or one of your friends, can gain some benefits from what is not listed in the TOS. I personally don't care what you do in-game but to use the TOS as an excuse for what many others think is cheating, even the creators of this game, really makes me wonder about things.
  4. Geez. I can't even understand why they enjoy that. I don't get how they were able to start the car though?
  5. I believe I rolled that one. Perks wise I usually take those that allow me to remian undetected for as long as possible. Doesn't always work though.
  6. Ah. I probably misread your post then. But in order to be really effective and make sure that for example hackers, or maybe even notorious trolls and griefers, wouldn't be able to spoil anyone's fun it may be wise to maintain a global list. That would be a totally different thing to manage though. But your idea sounds plausible. May very well work.
  7. Liike I said, I didn't take it offensively. I for one am not the type of player to troll others. And yeah, I still don't see the use of the possibility to kill other counselors while the game tells you to work together to survive.
  8. Just for the sake of discussion. But what if that list turns very very long because people are reported by sore losers etc.? Very long lists to check while searching for lobbies will definitely increase searching times. Also, everyone will be affected because everyone still needs to be checked on the list. After all you can't check anybody until they actually JOIN the lobby.
  9. Oh, I didn't take it offensively or something. I just wondered what it added to what I said.
  10. And what is this supposed to add to what I said? I suggest you re-read what I wrote.
  11. I think this is quite possible indeed. I believe the devs can indeed differentiate unintentional hits from intentional hits. All they have to do is create a system that tracks when someone hits someone else and if it happens repeatedly. No one can convince me for example that someone who is constantly swinging a weapon isn't doing this on purpose. They are either trying to help other counselors by attacking Jason, which to me sounds dodgy but maybe it's possible, or they are just trolling and trying to teamkill. That is very easily tracked. I would also add another suggestion I read in this topic, make it so that when counselors attack other counselors the amount of damage is so low teamkilling doesn't serve any purpose. Or, even better, make it so counselors can not attack other counselors. I personally don't see any reason for counselors attacking other counselors. Counselors need to survive right? But that's just how I look at it.
  12. If you have other shit to do then sign off. Sounds legit. Some other parts of your argument however do not. You tell others to sign off if they suddenly have to go somewhere and make room for more proactive players like you, while you when you suddenly have to go AFK tell Jason where you are to get yourself killed and therefore if you closely look at it also do not contribute to anything. You are also not very active. In this game, in any game, there is always a choice. If you don't like spectating people when people hide a lot you can always leave. And if you don't know when you'll return you can always leave. I personally will always leave when I know I may not be back in time, but I don't expect everybody else to think the same way.
  13. I think the devs can make it in such a way they will know the difference between being killed by a trap or by another player? -1000 XP for deliberate team killing. Me likes. And if TK'ers keep doing it they should strip them off the Jasons they unlocked etc.
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