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  1. Thanks for the update but for me it's not enough. I've bought this game in good faith and I've had 2 games since it came out. I tweeted you on Friday early AM n said the servers were not working. You guys didn't acknowledge that there was any issues till nearly Friday late afternoon. Now if I try to save any customise grab kills or councilor perks I get 'saving profile' and you have to hard quit the game . Yet if you make a new user on console you can play without issues. There are tons of tweets, Reddit posts and forum posts about it, yet no word if you even acknowledge that and when a fix is coming. For the 2 games I played it was fun but I'm a solo player and like to play killer. Private matches are boring and they are no good if you can't customise without the saving profile bug. Just reset everyone if it solves the issue! I've been patient it's about time we had some solid answers. @GunMedia_Ben
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