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  1. You're throwing the baby out with the bath water here. Pocket knives have already been reduced since beta days, and they still haven't fixed up the grab / combat system so it actually works properly. We do not need to be balancing item rates until the various combat subsystems have been completed, otherwise we will face even larger issues later.
  2. It's not overpowered - it's simply cheesy and very bad feeling and is the consequence of an unfinished combat / grabbing system. You are providing a false dichotomy just as much as they are. The grab system doesn't need to be working this poorly for Jason to be good - Jason needs other improvements so that grab is not the literal be-all end-all of his gameplay. If you start playing with higher level players you will find that shift+grab, bad netcode grabs, and "wiggle" grabs (where jason moves his mouse a bit to increase the grab radius) as well as reaction grabbing people who melee you is essentially the only real ways to kill people. Melee is currently terrible - it roots him in place and if you've ever tried to shift+melee you'll find its not nearly as responsive as shift+grab. This is because melee has a set "attack arc" that is decided the moment you click the button, as opposed to grab which has multiple active frames. Pocket knives are a poor bandaid for this situation as well - they feel bad for both counselors and Jason. For counselors, they're binary. Either you have one and you can get out of some of these random grabs or grabs you literally cannot avoid (we're assuming skilled players), or you do not have one and you will be caught and killed if you have no support yet. For Jason, if a counselor has one you're just shit out of luck because of how bad melee'ing is. Throwing knives are a decent solution to the stopgap, but are inconvenient due to how long it takes to grab if you're already stalking someone, or if you're just having issues finding any. But again, all of this stuff is simply covering up the fact that Jason's melee attacks are bad and combat system on him has only a couple niche uses due to grab allowing him to ignore counselor attacks. Overall there's just not much give and take with a fight - most confrontations between good players play out in specific ways: either the counselor is lucky or unlucky. The first way of solving this is by fixing the issue allowing Jason to grab someone while being attacked. Second would be buffing up his melee so he's not basically anchored to the ground as he swipes at people. These first two would give a point to an actual combat confrontation. Thirdly grabbing strength should be based on a combination of Counselor Health, Counselor Fear (augmented by Composure), and whether or not the Jason has Grab perks, making it so Jason will likely have to frighten or attack people first before they initiate a grab. In order to round that out at maximum Grab Strength (ie counselor is terrified and limping) pocket knives would no longer work instantly, allowing Jason to actually bypass them if he got that far. Finally, just give Jason some QoL love. Smaller Throwing Knife collection animation, tweak combat stance so it doesn't feel so sluggish to turn on and off, etc.
  3. Knives are a bandage to the real issue. They did this back in beta prebalancing. I'm not necessarily fond of the idea of more pocket knives spawning unless counselors are restricted to carrying one at a time. Overall though, the things that have needed to be addressed about Grab are: grabbing counselors who would otherwise have hit Jason with their attacks, grab's active frames being long enough that turning the mouse can effectively increase the grab arc, and the grab range being very difficult to react to due to netplay (ie the extendo grabs we see often on people with 100+ pings). The most disappointing part of this is that they added an entire combat mode that is effectively worthless. Basically, the moment someone enters combat stance vs Jason all Jason has to do is wait for them to initiate an attack and then grab as they're moving forward during the attack. Jason will not take the damage and the player will be grabbed at the same time, rendering any kind of standoff with Jason useless and basically rendering Jason's own combat stance superfluous. This was previously balanced to a degree with additional knives as it forced Jason to be more careful about his grabs when it was common for nearly everyone to have a knife, sometimes multiple. ----- As a side note however, the other quirk about grabs is that the whole Composure system for grabbing never quite got fleshed out. I'd love to see a system change with this: 1 + Life - Fear (+Jason, either positive or negative depending on perks) = Grab Strength. aka 1 + L - F ( + J ) = G The larger G is, the more firmly Jason has you in his grasp. At maximum levels, the grab is unbreakable and can only be "timed out". At minimum levels, Jason grabs you but the counselor's button mash game makes it trivially easy to break grab. Composure in this instance will no longer affect grab strength directly - it would only affect the Fear stat which would indirectly make the formula somewhat more favorable to high Composure counselors. Overall the thought behind this is that Jason would need to "soften up" his prey a bit first. He can do this by either spooking counselors, stalking them, or hitting them with knives. I believe melee on Jason should receive slight buffs to make it a bit more fluid and less stiff, and also the animation for grabbing knives should be shorter. Once Jason has encountered an afraid or hurt (or both) counselor, they would no longer have very effective means of escaping his grasp. Also, as an added bonus, if Jason fully maximizes his grab strength (ie counselor is near dead and 100% terrified), pocket knives would have a very small window of working. As in, if Jason fatalities immediately the knife will not go off. This will counterbalance the change to grab since Knives will no longer be so required. Finally, counselors would have some sort of graphic effect on them when they are within melee range to Jason which would give Jason a good idea of how strong his grab will be. The final reason myself and others are a fan of this is that it creates a build up to your gruesome deaths. At high grab strengths it also gives you more than enough time to perform an environmental fatality, a great reward for playing Jason well enough. This was something that somewhat disappointed me in that gameplay ended up boiling down to stalk, grab, fatality, stalk, grab, fatality. Seeing versatile playstyles get rewarded a bit more than static playstyles (and Jason was a very very versatile killer) just makes more sense and will add a great deal to the thrills already present in this game.
  4. 1. The skill grap is tricking you into thinking it's easier to kill people than it really is. Good perks, better skilled players, and players who are sprinting toward the skill ceiling are already showing up. It's not very many players, but with Jason's finite tools and a counselor that has extremely beneficial perks and excellent map awareness can outrun Jason for minutes. If they play smart enough they won't often be on your radar until its too late to commit to killing them. Additionally, people will more instinctively team up and be good at doing it. Shift+Grab is currently covering up one of Jason's weaknesses, and that is the melee system. His melee attacks root him in place significantly while grabbing can be done on the fly allowing Jason's to "twitch" as they move to hit people that they wouldn't normally be able to hit. This has been evidenced in jason's grabbing even zig zaggers lately. 2. You're thinking of this from today's perspective - this is a future outlook. The metagame may shift up enough to where what he says is not far from the truth 6. Yes and no. It only allows you to kill Jason if the conditions are still there. If not, it's a useless item. And in most games it's a useless item. I'm not sure I necessarily agree that it should be giving the holder some kind of buff, but I disagree that its worth holding on to. Better just to stash it at a place you can communicate easily. 8. The items actually show up on the beach, but it would help if you could be made aware that those items are no longer in cabins once they leave. I don't know of a good non immersion breaking way of doing this, but it would help a bit. We really should not be encouraging people to do Private Games only, as it'll impact this game in the long run. 9. Agreed 10. Dodge is indeed worthless and half the time the inputs dont even work. Part of this I think is netplay problems too though.
  5. Bumping for more visibility. I (and others) have gotten good enough at grabbing people out of melee that we can do it on reaction. Outside of lag issues it's nearly foolproof. As far as game fixes go this should be on a priority as we're only gonna get better at grab punishing.
  6. I agree with alot of what you're saying but I kind of made this thread as a one issue topic: basically just related to the issue with Jason being able to grab through a counselor's weapon swing as it would connect.
  7. This has been brought up separately in other threads but this needs to be its own thread for visibility and simplicity's sake. For whatever reason, whether it's I-frame based or how grab is coded, grab is literally grabbing people mid swing or at the moment Jason would be taking damage normally. Unfortunately, this issue is not only breaking immersion and basically creating some very very glitchy/wonky situations, it's also dumbing down the melee system artificially. As Jason, I have no reason to use the block system. If I can time a grab right I can just ignore their attempts at swinging at me. This seems to fly in the face of Jason even having a combat system as why bother using it and blocking when you can simply time a grab for when they'd "hit" you and avoid damage + get a grab at the same time? Overall whatever is causing it also seems to be causing cursory issues like 180 degree grabs. What I assume is happening is that there is a simple check created in an area the moment Jason presses the button. If someone is in that area, they are grabbed. This would explain the 180 degree grabs (when Jason makes a grab attempt but turns immediately, yet still grabs the person despite them being almost totally behind Jason by the time the animation for the grab is performed) and the "grab through melee" if its the case.
  8. Balanced? Perhaps. Not a problem? Well, the problem is simply misunderstood. Currently grabs will cancel attacks mid swing resulting in no hit (even jason would flinch out of grabbing someone out of a full wind up swing with a bat), grabs can connect even without Jason facing the player (resulting in not being able to dodge properly based on visual cues), and netcode grabbing (getting grabbed well away from Jason). But we're kind of faced with either grabs getting fixed up or there being protections against some of these grabs that simply "happen" despite seemingly proper placement or play. Overall its an issue of feedback and grab feedback has been poor since beta. So I don't really blame people for theorycrafting ways for grabs to work a bit better given how bad some of this feels currently. It just seems like they're thinking of this from the wrong angle.
  9. No, no, no, no, and a thousand times no. The best matches I've had in this game were because of amusing or charismatic people playing as Jason. I mean seriously, you gonna take away the times where I am fucking with someone who's hiding inside a cabin, immediately yell out "OH FUCK, THE BOAT!", hit stalk, and wait for them to climb out of the window next to me? No way man.
  10. I disagree with your use of the word "Farming". Farming is not about finding the easiest solution, it's about finding the best solution. You are capped on XP if you choose to stay after dying 30-60 seconds into the match, and that's gonna be between 500-600 XP at best. This is very little for 15 minutes of work considering you can get 100 xp every couple minutes from playing at worst if you just keep dying. Alternatively, you could simply farm XP with a friend privately considering the Devs chose to allow XP to be earned in private matches. Overall I'm just not getting an answer to this question despite getting a few replies so far. Sure certain actions should give more XP to encourage more dynamic play and reward more for in game actions, no debate there. But ultimately, this isn't a competitive multiplayer game nor an RPG. It's a Slasher Simulator or Friday the 13th Simulator. Part of that experience is watching how a match plays out if you don't make it and seeing if your buddies can make it out alive. The "XP" stuff is very cursory to your experience and at a certain point will be completely meaningless once you have all the Jason's and all the perks you're interested in. It just doesn't matter all that much and I'm not understanding the mindset for those who believe it does.
  11. I mean, if that's how you want to play the game go for it. Please remember though I'm not advocating against adding more ways of earning XP, but overall there's a tradeoff here: If you're working toward XP goals it's likely better to simply leave immediately once you die and join another game. There's a chance you'll get Jason and 1k minimum for doing it that you wouldn't have if you stay there until the end of the match. Or there's a chance that you simply have a much better game and get way more EXP than you would if you just sat around collecting your 500 xp. So again, I really simply do not understand the idea of removing the 500 XP from people who would prefer to experience the rest of the match. There are far better ways of farming XP in the game. Hell you could do it in Private Match, nothing is stopping anyone.
  12. Because it's still an immersive game/sim. That Vanessa was going to get them killed. Better her than them since she'd likely follow them around like a lost puppy. I can also make a case for wanting to survive and someone dangling car keys about it, or refusing to start the car. This is the only way to reconcile these situations. If someone won't shut up when people are trying to hide, if they're constantly sprinting circles around them, if they're unlocking doors in cabins, well you can take care of it. If people don't want to die from such situations then they need to learn either how to play or how not to be a dick, depending on the situation. EDIT: reply to rnjmur - there already is a penalty, and if it were any steeper it would severely and unfairly punish accidental friendly fire, which occurs *way more often* than intentional friendly fire. Also there should be no additional penalties for the exact reasons I outlined - there are very real and legitimate reasons to kill another counselor who is hindering you or otherwise getting you killed (whether intentionally or unintentionally).
  13. This simply highlights the need for "Teamwork" to count as XP additions. If someone is able to call because you installed the fuse, you should get some or all of that XP along with the person who made the call. Cooperating on objectives should reward all persons involved in those objectives for the full objective value as often those objectives would not likely get done alone. Plus you can never tell if you could have done it on your own that it would have actually played out that way. Overall the game simply needs more rewarding players who participate in the immersion of the game. You should get additional rewards for every person you drive out of the camp, you should get rewards for everyone who escapes via police if you called the cops or participated in the cops being called. You should get additive rewards for every time you knock Jason out instead of getting a measly 160 Offense XP for doing it 5 times. If you're fighting Jason while someone escapes, you should get some credit for their escape as you were tying Jason down. The current system simply doesn't reward people enough for being a hero. Someone who sacrifices themselves fending off Jason, dropping fireworks at his feet, knocking him cold, keeping him tied down to allow a bunch of people to escape needs to be rewarded just as much as Jason is for killing a bunch of people. Edit: that also reminds me that people who prefer to play as counselors get shafted in the game XP wise since Jason typically makes 2-4x as much XP in a single match. This is a great way to fix that for people who prefer to play counselor and become really skilled at it.
  14. To expand on this, there could be a prompt that shows up on your screen for about 20 seconds: "You've been chosen to return as Tommy Jarvis! Will you accept?" Upon which it shows a button prompt for "E" (or whatever the equivalent is for consoles) where you hold the button for a second similar to opening a trap.
  15. While they should reward more heavily actions that contribute to the overall gameplay, advocating for the removal of an XP bonus that you already don't want to experience is extremely petty toward the people who do want to watch how each match plays out and get a bonus for it.
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