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  1. European Kickstarter Backer here. Haven't heard anything. No email, nothing. Backerkit still just says "Ready to Ship" :| ceno
  2. Oh boy, that will make it even more confusing for them as they moved all further handling to Backerkit after the initial Kickstarter campaign was done. So even if you did back them on Kickstarter (like I did), you were still moved to Backerkit at some point where you could purchase additional goods, like the Clothing Pack or the Savini Skin. I hope they'll be able to figure out who backed them on Kickstarter already and who "only" supported them through Backerkit. ceno
  3. That might be true. I did back them on Kickstarter already though. This is what the pledge information on Backerkit shows: As you can see it clearly says "Physical game with Kickstarter Exclusive cover art"... ? ceno
  4. Yeah, I read through the whole topic now (didn't do so before posting my question). According to the Kickstarter-Campaign it should have a Custom/Exclusive Cover Artwork. It would be kinda okay if it turns out to be that VHS style sleeve someone posted. It would not be okay if backers of the $75 tier and above just get the very same regular retail copy as anyone else, without an extra sleeve. I hope we'll get some clearification in this regard soon. ceno
  5. Is it normal that my physical version still isn't shipped? Backerkit only says: "Ready to Ship" ? And is it true that backers will just receive the exact same retail copy as anyone else? ceno
  6. I just watched Never Hike Alone, a kickstarter crowdfunded Friday the 13th sequel, released this last Friday the 13th. The most impressive thing to me is that it was crowdfunded by fans - just like Friday the 13th: The Game - and the result is pretty solid! They also got someone to reprise their role from the previous films. It kind of reminded me of this game, which was also funded by fans of the series and I thought it would be a great, awesome thing for the creators of both to come together in some way. Doesn't need to be anything big like a new map or a new Jason. But maybe a counsellor outfit to reflect Kyle's gear from the film. I don't know. I guess you guys have enough ahead of you but this just seems like such a nice opportunity to really show what can be achieved through fan-funding. They made a crowdfunded Film, you made a crowdfunded Game, both based on the same franchise, driven by your love and passion for the man behind the mask ceno
  7. When you're playing a female counselor and find Jason's hut, there is an item in there you can pick up (his mom's sweater). You can 'use' that item by pressing the Ability Button. It will stun Jason when he's attacking you, forcing him to lower his weapon. It's also a crucial part in killing the man behind the mask ceno
  8. Yeah, they can always add it as a DLC trophy down the line. Lot of games do that. ceno
  9. Question 1: Public or Private doesn't matter. Only the player who deals the killing blow will get the trophy, though. Question 2: PS4 version lacks this trophy.
  10. I'm only interested in new outfits if they are genuinly new outfits, as in "different type of clothes" and not just colors/textures for the exact same outfits we already have. A tank top instead of a shirt for example. A headband. Cargo pants instead of jeans, etc.. Like really different clothes 3d models. Like Pamela's sweater.
  11. The 2009 movie wasn't the best and had highly unlikeable and annoying characters, but it was still nice to see Jason kill on the big screen again. It almost felt like "just another sequel" with the exception that Jason had to find a new mask at the beginning. But then again, he did so in Part 8 as well so it wasn't that much of a stretch. Liked it better than the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. ceno
  12. You do realize Tom Savini is amongst "the guys who made the movies", right? ceno
  13. I can understand OP's frustration, though. Unlike Pamela's sweater, which is an actual different piece of clothing (different shape, different 3d model), the DLC clothes are the exact same as the base clothes, just different colors/patterns. But it's the same type, same shape, same cut, same everything apart from colors. Would've been nice to see actual variety, like a different _kind_ of jacket or a t-shirt instead of a top, etc. It's possible with the sweater, why not with other pieces of clothing?
  14. It's a 50% chance if two players died/escaped. Lesser chance the more dead/escaped players are in the game. So the best is 50% chance. If he would come back already after the first one died/escaped, people would just call Tommy and then commit suicide like @SnakeSound222 said. Even in smaller games that would be unfair. But why would you want to play with only 2 people anyway? ? ceno
  15. Happened to me as well the other day. I was stunned with a firecracker but even after the stun should've been over, I stayed "stunned" (slightly blurry screen) but could move around. I was as well unable to attack or do anything. It was resolved when I got stunned again. ceno
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