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  1. Once you guys finally get everything fixed, can you please patch the opening. I'm sick of getting booted almost every game and then having to sit there for 10 minutes watching the opening sequence. This game is all about waiting. 1. Wait 10 minutes and see every single person that made this game. Then we all know who the companies are who really screwed the launch up. 2. Spend 20 minutes fidgeting with lobbies and not trying to get kicked due to server issues. 3. Hope that you dont get found by jason within the first minute of the match, because if you do, there is absolutely nothing you could do. Just bow down and pucker up. 4. If you want to stay in a decent lobby, wait 19 minutes until the game finishes. 5. Get kicked out of the game due to server issues. 6. Boot the game back up and wait another 10 minutes until every person that made the game flashes on the screen. 7. Die of old age before the game becomes playable and worth 40 dollars.
  2. I'm playing on the Xbox, so i have had the pleasure of paying 40 dollars for the beta version of the game. There is no tutorial or explanation on many of the mechanics. This is frustrating since i still do not understand some of the basics. 1. What actions are sensible by Jason? If i do the slow run shuffle, is it noticeable by Jason? Is rummaging through drawers noticeable? 2. To what degree does my stealth rating affect any of this?
  3. if you want to join a game look for the GT: DJ Stanki We have 5 in the group right now. GT: DJ Stanki
  4. Someone please send me an inv. GT: DJ Stanki
  5. Ok. I really hope they release at least 3 more maps for the entry price to flesh out this game more. A town would be pretty cool. How awesome would it be if they did a moon map for Jason X? The game has its hooks in me, but i still feel a bit slighted for such a small amount of content and server issues.
  6. I was able to get into a number of private games today and think that the game is pretty good. Content is EXTREMELY light though. There are only 3 maps which are essentially all the same. None of the maps mix up game play and they are pretty much copy pasta. Is the team planning to release maps that are not priced? Content is razor thin for 40$. I'd like to know so i can decide if i want to ask for a refund.
  7. looking for a lobby. Please invite. GT: DJ Stanki
  8. We have 4 in a match right now. Search DJ Stanki gamertag and join if youd like.
  9. someone send an invite please. GT: DJ Stanki
  10. Some send me an invite GT: DJ Stanki
  11. I think i'm going to drop out of graduate school and go into game development. It seems that people are so accustomed to broken games and blind loyalism that i could just sell people DLC without a game and make them think its great. Everyone these days seems to have the peasant mentality.
  12. OOOO Woah is me. How dare i expect a functioning game for 40$ at release. I am so HAPPY this is on consoles for peasants like myself. Even though it is broken, i just crumble to the glory of it being installed on my xbox one. Shameful of me not to realize only a handful of people are working on this game. Even if this game was priced at 5000$ i should be understanding because its only by a handful of people. I must CHECK my privilege. I'm now going to go throw myself down the stairs of a 100 flight building and make sure my head hits every single step, so i to can become a fanboy/girl and stand up for a company or group of people who don't care if i die in the next second.
  13. They should hire you for their marketing department, you sound very reasonable. Sorry that I expect a functional product. They should allow refunds up to the first week. I have been able to play half of a private match until i was booted due to connection issues. It's great that you are having a great experience. It's not like a came into this wanting to have a bad time.
  14. I could appreciate an Indy game at an Indy game price. I could understand and sympathize with trying to roll out a game on all consoles for an Indy studio. I have alot of good will. I however do not have a lot of good will when a studio charges 40$ for a game and it ends up being a very limited experience with a disaster of a roll out.
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