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  1. Oh also, this Jason camp strategy is so retarded. seriously, don't ping Jason with the sound of his traps. he should either be forced to camp or check on it.
  2. I come back months later, and the game is pretty much in the same condition. Advice: Work out the bugs stop needing counselor perks, they are still trash and underpowered Composure is still dumb and by dumb I mean useless. Keep releasing skin packs. I'll buy them just to support your trashy development schedule. Seriously, get your priorities in line. If this is a survival game, when players die why not just let them quit match and requeue like in PUBG. I love that fox and stoner man were added but seriously, fix the game first instead of adding content for free. Also bring back public lobbies hosted privately. Why is it that this game changes so little?
  3. Why did it even get bugged in the first place? Pocket knife used to activate immediately. What could the developers have possibly done to the code that would have cause the knife to be on delay for two seconds? Yeah, that is quite a trash bug.
  4. Yeah, huge problem with the game. But I think part of that one button does all system was the the very intention of players to tap the button at the incorrect moments/too close to interfering objects, so that they do things by mistake/ Personally I have always hated this feature of the game. But considering it hasn't changed since day one, obviously the developers like it. I hate having to open doors, then close them with the same button. Or how about going in through a window, and reexiting immediately after-- because you double tapped on accident? I'm genuine surprised people are still willing to play this game.
  5. Or they could just make Jason deaf, that way he can't communicate with other players. This is a lot simpler of a fix, and it doesn't break teamwork. Overall this game just attracts trolls.Maybe just a kick function is necessary.
  6. I haven't been keeping up with recent updates, but this doesn't sound like a glitch. It sounds like a balance change.
  7. Well considering Xbox just got its patch...and they are communicating actively on Facebook and Reddit
  8. Well Red Bull was invented in 1987...so.. And most sodas in the 80s had caffeine, so practically everything was an energy drink
  9. Meh, Jason is OP as it is. Alerted from anywhere when they are DISARMED? Silly.
  10. How about no prompt, but all players can disarm traps with that same minigame you use to do the gas. Then repair characters are even more useful.
  11. I like the idea, but it defeats the purpose of special content. Backers got an OP Jason that looks good. If you give away the OP, the backers just have a unique skin. Not only would backers get angry, making the strengths and weaknesses of Savini Jason available to everyone would just result in everyone playing that load out, because it is the best.
  12. How did this topic get so many replies, this idea is ridiculous. Jason is overpowered to begin with, regardless if he camps objectives. If he camps, he just seems more OP because he is actually playing smart. @FreddyKruegerfan66Jason just needs a nerf. There doesn't need to be a whole phone redesign.
  13. Regardless, it is evidence for why I think Jason is stupidly balanced. And no, I don't have counselors escape on me. Just becuase you think you're good, doesn't mean there isn't someone in the world better than you. Call my comment absurd, but it is true-- unfortunately because I don't play this game anymore. Jason needs more than a tweaking. He was broken last time I played, and considering Xbox hasn't had an update since then-- the game is in the same exact state. He needs a serious nerf. All of his mechanics need to be looked into. I have no idea what trap stacking is but I'll take your word for it. Counselors only escape when Jason is incompetent. Jason needs to be difficult to escape, not impossible.
  14. Well I all fairness, I think there is a 0% chance to escape for counselors because of how overpowered Jason. And lots of people agree with me that he is overpowered. And yes, I genuinely do still feel like there is a 0% chance of survival for counselors if Jason knows how to play the game correctly and well. You tele to the first solo counselor and kill him with the first three minutes-- you trap the windows and break them. Once he is dead, you tele and kill the next unfortunate soul as fast as possible, typically by expending shift. Two people dead. Rinse and repeat. There is no skill involved in using Jason. If counselors stick together I still find that I don't get over whelmed (which seems to be a big concern for some people on this forum). I'm not saying I don't see people escape, I'm saying I don't see people escape on when I'm Jason. And if people played like I do, there would never be an escapees, ever. To me, that's not a good thing. That means the game is not balanced appropriately. And considering the game is still broken on Xbox, there exists literally no reason to play this game. It will either crash, you spawn as Jason and have no fun, or spawn as counselor and die and spectate and have no fun. Do I need to post Jason footage for you? You seem to hate my opinions a lot. You even game?
  15. This is a videogame, most people could give a damn about winning or losing. And since your suggestion is not being implemented, I guess we can't just wait and see who is right. Have what you will against camping, your suggestions are awful because camping is fair play in a game that is basically over-glorified hide n seek. It may not be fun to watch, but you wouldn't be dead if you used the same strategy. If Illfonic didn't want camping, they would just add an auto kick timer. Since there isn't one, and will never be one, then it is obvious Illfonic/Gun agrees with my mentality, and not yours. ============================================== Walking is a core mechanic of the game. Just because you want to assign special terminology to " walking in circles" doesn't mean I am going to take your point any more seriously. ============================================== I would be done with this argument too, but if I let people with awful ideas speak up without opposition this game might become something stupider than it already is.
  16. Yeah it would be. So your system could never be implemented. There are just too many things your new affects. For starters I like the idea of grip strength. Completely getting rid of that stat would make certain Jason's better to pick than others. That's how the game is right now, considering that Jason can just pick up, then choke. I think your ideas would changing the game into something it is not, I just like original system better, but it certainly needs some tinkering-- a lot of tinkering. I do like the idea, but as stated already, I like the concept of being able to save teammates when they are grabbed. Taking that out of the game, effectively gives counselors no incentive to hang out together. As for right now, on Xbox, composure determines how quickly you character's screen goes black and how big the chunks are per button mash when you try to break free (in conjunction with pro/con of grip strength the Jason holding you has)-- complete fear causes issues like stumbling and not being able to shoot or melee. My problem with the game right now is that composure is not a useful stat (primarily because Jason can just execute as soon as he wants to after a state of invulnerability) thus the game is mal-balanced. I think escaping from Jason's grab should be impacted by strength and fear, not solely composure. [***Also I've been told there is some sort of design flaw with composure. Apparently it takes longer to get full fear, but it also takes longer to get rid of fear-- and that is fundamentally idiotic. https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Composure] Thus all players using counselors with a decent strength stat, who also manage that counselor's fear level appropriately, could escape from Jason's grab more easily. What I think is that Jason should have a mandatory timer before he can press an execution button. Aside from that, nobody wants Jason to so weak that he can be overwhelmed by too many counselors together, so I think Jason needs a longer 'stun protection' timer. As the game currently stands when Jason is stunned he can't use his abilities-- after this phase when he can use all of his abilities again, for about three seconds he has complete stun protection. I think this stun protection should be made about five seconds long, that way, after a counselor stuns Jason Jason can't immediately be stunned again (which is usually the fault of unskilled players who are not good at acting quickly). It seems a lot of players right now are overly concerned with "stun locking" Jason. Personally I have never experienced this myself, even though I have gone against a group of confident counselors who have swarmed me and tried to do so. I don't think most players know that Jason has stun protection. Also bud, you need to work on your grammar. who is grabbed
  17. @tyrant666 Meh not an awful idea but I think taking "saving teammates" out of the game removes something special to the gameplay.
  18. We weren't talking about "killing for escape objectives" in particular. You brought that up as an example. You need to remember the core part of the argument. You keep doing this thing over and over where you completely just throw the old framework out. My justification for why your points are bad is because people are people. Yes, that may sound stupid to you, but if you don't understand human nature, then I feel sorry for you. "That people kill for an escape objective because of stupidity?" Yes (but I wouldn't use the words "of stupidity", I would use the phrase "people are odd"). While that may not be the only reason, it certainly is the biggest reason. People glitch, and cheat, and team kill. You take away all the incentives, and people will still do it. You add all punishments you can, and people will still do it. Why? BECAUSE THEY DO. The only solution is to remove it from play. Illfonic has already stated Team Killing is never going to be taken out. Bugs and glitches however, are slowly being patched out. Instead of trying to come up with systems that change the way the game works, think practically. Illfonic can't waste money trying to reinvent the wheel, patches are going to be the priority. No, some new glitch probably won't arise months* later like you seem to believe (as mentioned in the original post) You are complaining about people sitting in closets and looping. Once again I restate, these are both tactics that are built into the game by nature: complaining about things integral to the game is like complaining about people going to the same restaurant as you. You are attacking basic fundamental freedoms. Your point is not really worth addressing. And if you really aren't attacking how the incentive for surviving the whole match, why bring it up at all? BECAUSE it obviously bothers you. Simple deductive logic. That's where we fundamentally differ: I think people should be rewarded for seeing the end of the match, and I know that people are going to try to regardless of whether or not they get rewarded for it diagetically. What are you complaining about if looping has already been handled? Right, nothing.
  19. Circling around through windows in not an intended part of the game? Okay, you must be joking. What is fair is fair, and this is so integral to gameplay there can;t really be anything done about it. I agree, there's nothing more to be said about it, but it shouldn't have been brought up in the first place. It is a moot point with no real significance in the argument. People run in circles...big deal. Some Jasons suck and can't deal with it. What you gonna do? Nothing. Because people do stupid things because videogames are videogames. Thus, yet again, I reinforce my point. Take away all the incentives you can, add all the possible punishments, it's still going to happen. Actually that's not true. You can be banned for both. Matter of fact, player shave been banned, only on PC, for using the car to block the cabin. Exploits that completely break the game are all on the bannable offense list. Yeah, that's the thing though, you're complaining about surviving until the end of the match- not complaining about glitching.. Now you're just side stepping your own argument. And looping is a completely fair tactic. It's just sad to me that most people on this forum don't actually know what a griefer is. Still gonna argue against this. Pretty sure this is not true. Pretty sure rage has 0 impact on sense. If you enter and exit sense and re-enter it scans the environment all over again so people who didn't show up suddenly might. So... it would be next to near impossible to even test your theory.
  20. A. Then why do you care B. I said "you" as in a general reference to any human. C. If you don't get that, not my prolem I don't think complaining about looping, which is integral to gameplay, is good for the health of the game. And no, I would say most people don't care about winning or losing if the result is the same. If the idiots were rewarded with acceptance letters to the same colleges I was, I would have tried a lot less hard. Well you were talking about glitchers...so... your point is? Or let me quote you: In my opinion, this design flaw is no different than a glitch so I didn't think I needed to spell it out for someone so anal. So forgive me: an exploiter gonna exploit. Because my god, taking advantage of glitches and design flaws is so different! Right? I don't remember calling the exploitation of glitches and design flaws as fair? You have a problem reading or you just like putting words in people's mouths? You know that's called rape right? But I do think surviving to the end of the match should be something that is rewarded. And regardless of how much incentive there is right now, people are gonna try to survive until the end of the match because it is much more difficult than actually escaping. The act of surviving in itself is rewarding, it feels like some sort of achievement. Why? Because Jason is overpowered. Also, I don't think you know a griefer is. Considering, griefers are called griefers because they "grief" (slang) out of grief...which inherently is the reason--so no griefers don't "do shit for no reason." You can't just call any exploiter a griefer, that's not how the terminology works. This is your answer. In my humble opinion, not "out of spite though". As I've stated, accomplishing difficult tasks is rewarding. If Gun/Illfonic wants Pretty sure rage doesn't make sense omniscient. And I think hiding is a fair/legitimate strategy. The problem is that matches take too long, and spectating sucks. Survival by any means should be rewarded. Considering the match is supposed to represent the night, surviving the night means Jason has to go bye-bye. He's a ghost-- can't be out when the sun is up. If Illfonic starts adding in new objectives the game will probably just get buggier. I'd rather they just fix the glitches. Agreed. Once again, it's Illfonic. I love the idea though. I would say there has to be one counselor and less than 5 minutes remaining. I'd prefer if only Jenny could do it, bu then...why add it to the game if only one character could do it. Yes, and there isn't really a way to fix this-- last man standing usually gets screwed or they hide it out. Giving counselors multiple places to put the fuse would really damage camping Jason strategies and would give confidence to the last surviving counselor. But then comes a whole bunch of other problems like multiple phones when everyone is alive. Dead/Kill zones aren't a bad idea, but they are redundant to just FIXING THE GLITCHES. This is where our philosophy is at odds. I see this game as an over glorified hide and go seek. As stated already, I feel hiding is fair play and should be rewarded. Jason should have to struggle to find counselors, that is (obviously in my opinion) part of the fun. Overall, if you can't see the other-perspective I can't fix you. Just know that there are people who like the game the way it is.
  21. its rules mechanics. I don't enjoy spectating in any game really. In this game it is especially terrible. A skill judgement is a skill judgement, if you're hurt by it all I can say is stop crying and learn to take criticism. Some players genuine do have a shit attitude, but I'm just blunt and I'm not gonna sugar coat it. If you suck you suck. Games don't need to be balanced 'around and for' the worst players, games need to be balanced around the players who learn the ins-and-outs of the mechanics (often involving the exploitation of bugs to gain absurd advantages). I certainly do This is where I fundamentally disagree. Glitchers are going to glitch, regardless if there is an incentive--and right now there isn't-- and you are suggesting to take the 200 bonus exp and make it less-- ooh such a huge and significant change! Repeat: Glitchers gonna glitch. Exactly my point, your* suggestion is ineffectual.
  22. This is wrong. Jason has stun protection. When Jason is stunned, he cannot be immediately stunned afterward. Thus, if you get stunned and couselors are hanging around, shift and grab and choke. DONE! Now you have one less counselor to deal with. Rinse and repeat. You can't be stunned over and over again if you are a competent Jason player. Jason is so absurdly easy to use as well, so even idiots can come on top if they understand that they need to be aggressive as Jason. I can honestly say I've been in a match where all the counselors worked together and they had one play go get the sweater. I killed everyone. There are too many frames where Jason is invulnerable. And it was important to Gun/Illfonic to integrate "stun protection" in the game on Jason so he can't get " stun locked " (as you call it.) Try it out, this stun protection I'm telling you about is a real thing. After you are stunned you cannot be immediately stunned again for like 3 whole seconds. So you just have to land a grab, then you go invulnerable until you can press an execution, then you just slap choke as fast as you can and you get a kill before anyone can even help the counselor you have. Jason is a joke-- but he's an overpowered joke breaking his own game, not an underpowered joke who can be overwhelmed. Of course, I play on Xbox. Maybe the game has been patched on PC so that it plays differently. And yeah, it's not hard to kill a stupid Jason. Jason players needs to listen for sound cues and play seriously, not listen to Drake albums on repeat and masturbate and play with one hand. Personally I've never manage to kill a Jason, but all you need is Tommy Jarvis with a machete and a sweat from the shack...not all too hard to get if you can distract Jason. That's the very thing though, that doesn't prove that Jason's underpowered-- that proves that the majority of people still playing this game are bad at videogames, they are Friday the 13th fans not hardcore videogamers.
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