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  1. Oh also, this Jason camp strategy is so retarded. seriously, don't ping Jason with the sound of his traps. he should either be forced to camp or check on it.
  2. I come back months later, and the game is pretty much in the same condition. Advice: Work out the bugs stop needing counselor perks, they are still trash and underpowered Composure is still dumb and by dumb I mean useless. Keep releasing skin packs. I'll buy them just to support your trashy development schedule. Seriously, get your priorities in line. If this is a survival game, when players die why not just let them quit match and requeue like in PUBG. I love that fox and stoner man were added but seriously, fix the game first instead of adding content for free. Also bring back public lobbies hosted privately. Why is it that this game changes so little?
  3. Why did it even get bugged in the first place? Pocket knife used to activate immediately. What could the developers have possibly done to the code that would have cause the knife to be on delay for two seconds? Yeah, that is quite a trash bug.
  4. Yeah, huge problem with the game. But I think part of that one button does all system was the the very intention of players to tap the button at the incorrect moments/too close to interfering objects, so that they do things by mistake/ Personally I have always hated this feature of the game. But considering it hasn't changed since day one, obviously the developers like it. I hate having to open doors, then close them with the same button. Or how about going in through a window, and reexiting immediately after-- because you double tapped on accident? I'm genuine surprised people are still willing to play this game.
  5. Or they could just make Jason deaf, that way he can't communicate with other players. This is a lot simpler of a fix, and it doesn't break teamwork. Overall this game just attracts trolls.Maybe just a kick function is necessary.
  6. I haven't been keeping up with recent updates, but this doesn't sound like a glitch. It sounds like a balance change.
  7. Well considering Xbox just got its patch...and they are communicating actively on Facebook and Reddit
  8. Well Red Bull was invented in 1987...so.. And most sodas in the 80s had caffeine, so practically everything was an energy drink
  9. Meh, Jason is OP as it is. Alerted from anywhere when they are DISARMED? Silly.
  10. How about no prompt, but all players can disarm traps with that same minigame you use to do the gas. Then repair characters are even more useful.
  11. I like the idea, but it defeats the purpose of special content. Backers got an OP Jason that looks good. If you give away the OP, the backers just have a unique skin. Not only would backers get angry, making the strengths and weaknesses of Savini Jason available to everyone would just result in everyone playing that load out, because it is the best.
  12. How did this topic get so many replies, this idea is ridiculous. Jason is overpowered to begin with, regardless if he camps objectives. If he camps, he just seems more OP because he is actually playing smart. @FreddyKruegerfan66Jason just needs a nerf. There doesn't need to be a whole phone redesign.
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