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  1. PowellCampsNAKED

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    This feels like an appropriate place to post this for all of us backers and non backers so we can find each other and join up in Friday The 13th game! Anyways make it simple and post your console then your gamer tag! Console = PS4 PSN = Campfacer
  2. Haha then they follow you in a cabin and stand there watching you open all the draws ... “Durrrrrrrrr” lol
  3. PowellCampsNAKED

    Sorry To Say This But...

    Lol wrong mindset if anything it was a smart move doing the free month because now the game has tripled in player base!!
  4. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2018/09/victor-miller-wins-lawsuit-from-horror.html?m=1
  5. Any new players on PS4 that just got the game? Thoughts on the game?
  6. PowellCampsNAKED

    Any New players that just downloaded free?

    Hahaha although makes sense lol! I wonder if he went under the hood trying to press a button to repair...
  7. PowellCampsNAKED

    Pumpkin on Halloween day

    Nope sorry judge I do not know how the pumpkins got there maybe they grew?!?
  8. Lately in Quickplay lobbies when I’m Jason I get a Lot of players who don’t do any objectives, all they do is trash talk and beat on Jason over and over or try to anyways, but as soon as their luck runs out and I grab for the kill, they QUIT so damn fast (go into rag doll mode before I complete the animation) I swear they must of pulled their console from the wall!!!!!! These players NEED to be discouraged from doing this in some way... what if you do some sort of a system that detects a quitter from animation that awards them with a Trophy or badge that everyone can see even next to their name in lobbies that shows they are bad players?? *Poor Camp Quitter* *troll quitter* *Baby Quitter* *quits game a lot* - Lol who knows... all I know is that I wouldn’t want these on my name so maybe it can slow it all down?
  9. PowellCampsNAKED

    Pumpkin on Halloween day

    I mean a few pumpkins in some cabins would be cool for the month of October but that’s new content!
  10. I’m level 29 now been playing on my daughters gaming pc (Cyberpower) it’s fun on pc people don’t actually rage quit
  11. Actually can’t wait next month I’m getting my first Gaming PC and going to start F13game up fresh on steam!!!!
  12. It’s seriously getting bad since I posted this no lie had 5 more quit in my grasp before kills were performed!!
  13. Yeah and the ones that do this are the ones that don’t do any objectives they don’t give a shit about the franchise and they are the ones who hate the game and say it’s dead then jump on Fortnite
  14. Yeah but it would be more funny to see these trolls in lobbies with *quits a lot* next to their name so people can see what kind of a player they are!
  15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Jason gets knocked down and then stands back up, now he “can’t Get stunned” for about 15- 20 seconds! Forcing players to scatter away! Also “Stalk” at start of match!!!
  16. For the life of me I can’t figure out how players always place a trap down all in one fluent motion almost like they gently place it as they set it!!? I always have to “Drop” it on the floor then kneel down to set the trap!! 🤔🤔
  17. He’s wrong but can’t blame him for arguing the fact of what he saw maybe his system didn’t update correctly?!? Hmmm
  18. PowellCampsNAKED

    Increase Tommy Tape drops for good?

    I always wished they added more collectibles to draws such as posters or something!
  19. Been playing for over a year and only have 6 Tommy tapes! Maybe increase chances to make it somewhat possible to collect them all?
  20. PowellCampsNAKED

    Instant dripping

    It’s how dedicated servers work it’s been like that on PC since day one!
  21. No no no see you are doing what I’ve been doing for a year, you don’t “Drop” the trap then set it ... hold “R2” and it places it perfectly!
  22. Well I always did it in the wrong way lol