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  1. Hey guys I started the Jason No Abilities Challenge and wanted to see if you guys could do it and at least get 1 kill? Rules are: NO morph / sense / stalk / shift the only exception is when you first spawn in the shack you can use morph once to trap the phone box! After that it’s game on!
  2. Thanks man! Yeah everything does look better although I know reasons behind changes but in that video who ever showed the final version had the screw-in stretched out! I wonder if they took out the opening Tommy quotes due to copyright?!?
  3. Does anyone know where I can see a video of the door animation before it was changed? It was more cinematic
  4. Yeah I hear ya! I guess I never experienced people doing that in my matches back then! All I remember was this one match my friend had the keys as he swim across the lake and Jason got him causing the keys to sink! But that wasn’t on purpose!
  5. I think the game needs to go back to the original way where when you find the gas, battery, keys, fuse, boat propeller and drop them they don’t show up on the map forcing players to really communicate with each other and tell each other where the last saw it!! It was more challenging and fun that way!
  6. I’ve played f13game since day 1 on console and now I’m just starting on pc I’m on level 44 on pc and never had an issue with finding a full lobby on pc! I hear your concern but in doing this idea I feel like people will either get annoyed by the bots or just get lazy and be like “welp we got bots filling up so I’ll just be Jason or leave” lol I’m only game if we can team kill the bots LMFAO “hey Bruce where’s Campfacer? I just saw him beating a bit to death” lol
  7. Yes the game is alive and well every lobby I play is full on PS4 do what @Dragonfire82877 said!
  8. I know we can’t add to the game even if so I know this would probably never happen but imagine how cool it would be if you owned VR! when you are spectating you can choose a survivor and normally pan the camera around in 3rd person view but what if you had VR and did the same but in first person so you felt like you were immersed in the game and when Jason attacks the other player (you) it feels like he’s really grabbing or slicing you lol!
  9. Sooo you’re one of the rage quitters? Ah I see “tisk tisk”
  10. No because it would definitely divide players to where lobbies will be more than half empty!
  11. Also final survivor now can’t hear Jason’s music until she sees him almost like everlasting automatic Stalk!
  12. First off let me just say I love the patch update with Jason not getting stunned after Rage kicks in! It feels more like a Friday film! Now after playing and hearing other people’s opinions the only thing I hear that I can agree on is - “When you are the Final Survivor and can’t stun Jason you are screwed once your Stamina runs out” - New idea! What if everything stays as is but once there is the ****FINAL SURVIVOR**** then Jason can now be Stunned again!!! This way it makes for a fair fight and tense ending just like the films! “Final girl” And maybe it can Alert the players and Jason so both parties now know “stun” is now available again... Thoughts? @ShiftySamurai @wes
  13. Hmmmm could be a number if things either in your PS4 volume settings or in game audio settings try turning up in game volume options or maybe they were in private party chat! Oh wait you might still be in “Private Party Chat” make sure to prioritize you mic to “In game chat”
  14. So this is an interesting discovery not sure if anyone ever knew this but tonight I was playing on PS4 and I was spectating Tommy fighting Jason and on my end Tommy said “come on Maggot head” but another player had his tv way up and I heard at the very moment Tommy said “Why won’t you fucking die”! So Tommy’s dialogue filters randomly to everyone’s consoles! After playing since day one I never knew this!
  15. I wasn’t say you aren’t I’m saying us TRUE fans!! Not the kids that kinda know who jason is and just played the game just because!!!!! No need to get defensive I’m explaining I’m a big backer with 0 regret and find it hard to believe people get upset over a few bugs
  16. Sorry you feel this way! I’m a backer actually I think I was honestly one of the first 30 people on guns Facebook when the idea of Summer Camp was talked about 3.5 years ago! I understand and see/saw all the bugs and letdowns but none of that ever effected me ... I look at the game like “Wow we get a Friday game it’s been years and years since the NES version” I’ve been playing this game since day one and the longest hiatus I took was probably 4 days I think?🤔 but yeah it’s at the point where we all have felt the hate from fans but that’s in the past now most all them fans have voiced there opinions and moved on so us true fans can be optimistic and live the rest of our lives here at CAMP! ⛺️🌲⛺️🌲⛺️🌲
  17. Wonder why this creepy ass score never made it into the game?!? It would of added so much tension and eerie feelings to the game! Maybe if we ever get a new map it could rotate onto a Jason selection 🤔
  18. I just got the trophy last week only because I forgot to buy the stupid choke kill with CP lol
  19. Imagine if I really went camping naked? Screw that jason might hang me from my wee wee ..... ouch!!!
  20. As Jason grabs a counselor and goes up to a window to do the environmental kill ... 1. if the window is closed and not broken then the counselor gets tossed through the window! 2. If the window is open but not broke he places the counselor on the sill (head or body) then SLAMS the window down so hard it crumbles glass and all into the face of the counselor 3. If the window is already broken the jason grabs the councelor by the back of their head and begins to violently slam the counselors face into the broken glass over and over shoving broken glass into there eyes! Just an idea if after the Lawsuit they decide to add more and this makes more sense than being thrown through a open window and dying just from a slight toss 3 ft off the ground!
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