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  1. Gamer Tags for F13!

    This feels like an appropriate place to post this for all of us backers and non backers so we can find each other and join up in Friday The 13th game! Anyways make it simple and post your console then your gamer tag! Console = PS4 PSN = Campfacer
  2. I don't give a SHIT! Superman III was great

    That Bar scene was awesome and my favorite was when Clark was getting smooshed in the car compactor and he lost his mind came out and destroyed the Evil
  3. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I hear you but I would still love the fear of them leaving even me being a counselor I want them to leave idk
  4. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Ok what if jason could somehow kill the police but doing so takes a while giving councelors more time to repair vehicles!?
  5. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    No it's not it puts them in a fear where if they don't get there asses down there on time they now must "work" towards repairing a car or ride the time out or kill jason "Work" not give trolls a free ride to tea bag when they hear the sirens! I myself as a counselor want this idea not just on Jason's side! 1:30 - 2:30 tops!
  6. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    What about when the police arrive they only stay for 1:30 sec then leave forcing councelors to find a different route?? or "Stalk" to come at the beginning of the match?
  7. First off DBD takes these icons and just tosses them in the air hoping they land in the playground! I really hope people that like DBD don't think there now was a Freddy game or Texas chainsaw Massacre game! As far as A Nightmare On Elm Street I believe it would be the easiest horror game to develope as far as creativity is concerned ... the developers could have so much fun getting crazy in a single player dream world of whacky things happening like on dream warriors with snake Freddy popping out of the floor or part 2 school bus scene and so on! ......A single player to venture through a huge town finding answers that lead to clues and pieces who Freddy is and collect all pieces of the sweater and glove to bring Freddy to the real world and kill him for once and for all! Don't forget there is a timer that's set to 5 minutes unless you find coffee on the map you will fall asleep for 5 minutes in Freddy's world where you might become the next soul of children!
  8. Live streaming multiplayer online gaming ?
  9. What's better for gaming Verizon fios or cox?

    We got 100 mbps
  10. I remember seeing this idea pitched a year before the shitty remake and this idea in my opinion was way better! Freddy's voice is super badass and his appearance is cool although his head is a bit wide!
  11. Minecraft - Camp Crystal Lake

    Perfect great job!! You should hide a jason in a cabin
  12. Here's the deal I'm guessing and my personal opinion - The devs / Moderators aren't going to lock every single new post that's already been discussed because it may be newbies that have no clue about rules or a post that got brought up months ago ..... therefore being nice giving them a chance to get involved in discussion! Now if it gets enough responses I'm sure a moderator will then shout out the rules or lock it, therefore educating newbies in a nice way without loosing forum fans! Very well said!
  13. Anyone Want Some Game Merch???

    What do you mean by Statue? You mean action figure? I want a TShirt
  14. First off I enjoy spectating but let's face it a LOT of people don't (rage quitters after death). So another idea that popped in there that could make spectating really fun or funny if it would work is what if when you die and go to spectate there are (6) "Jump Scare Traps" that can be used in the spectating menu only once (you choose one then the other 5 is first come first serve) and how it would work is let's say I die and now I'm spectating and on my list is a "Black Cat Scare" I grab that so now there's only 5 more for the other potential spectators. Now I can use the camera which now would allow me to access every cabin and room and I decide to place the black cat in a closed bathroom so now when a counselor runs in opens the door the cat jumps and screams scaring the councelor hence awarding you more xp for your scare trap working! The other 5 traps could be idk a "hulicination jason" from part 5. My idea seems like s lot of work but just a silly idea that could be fun and if not then another idea I heard from the community is a betting on who survives for more xp system!
  15. PS4 hard drive recovery?

    This is kind of funny but A long ways back I made a post about if there was a way to back up my digital games in case my PS4 ever were to crash because after I downloaded P.T the company deleted it from the store! So now I didn't wanna loose that rare demo! Well last year my PS4 crashed and I think I lost it because everything was blank! Anyways I kept that hard drive in a box in my closet after I installed a new drive! Is there a way to somehow plug that drive up to my pc and search for PT on the drive? Is it erased or just buried way down in sub folders?
  16. PS4 hard drive recovery?

    Can I somehow do this using my pc connect it somehow? And if the drive was blank how do I find PT on it?
  17. 30 games that should of been on Nes Classic - Salmons Key Mike tysons punch out Wizards and warriors Mario 1 Mario 2 Castlevania Castlevania 2 Zelda Double dragon Renegade Life force Contra Tetris Shadowgate Dragon Warrior Final Fantasy Golf Ice Hockey T&C Surf Designs Kid Icarus River City Ransom Friday The 13th Nightmare On Elm Street Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chip n Dales Rescue Rangers Mega Man Rygar Ghosts n Goblins Jaws Metal gear
  18. Anyone have photos online of the real life counselors who paid to be in the game (Bugsy, Kenny, Lachapa and Adam) so we can compare them to the in game characters? Ive seen Kenny a long time ago but lost his Facebook
  19. What 30 games do you wish was on Nes Classic?

    Are the games exact or slightly different? And if I bought a Nes Classic I can mod it the same?
  20. The real life counselors!

    Oops this is supposed to be in general
  21. The real life counselors!

    I just found kenny he looks legit! Hope someone can do a comparison photo of all of them
  22. Or they are ready but sitting there like "duhhhhhhhhhhhhh" lol
  23. There's always That one guy who has no mic in the lobby and and as soon as you join decides to flicker his "Ready Up" on and off over and over not giving you a second to say hi or swap skins!
  24. We're done with the game

    Well the police arrive it's a open invite till the end to escape and stressful situation on jason if they leave it puts more stress on councelors to find a an alternate route which fits the vibe to the films! Idk "damn prank drunk teens! Bernie let's go get some donuts"
  25. We're done with the game

    I disagree I feel the cops should leave the camp after 1:30 seconds I feel that walking Jason's should walk really really fast! It would also be nice for stalk to come in beginning! Make it hard on councelors make them feel scared like the films... there shouldn't be8 year olds escaping every game!!