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  1. For the life of me I can’t figure out how players always place a trap down all in one fluent motion almost like they gently place it as they set it!!? I always have to “Drop” it on the floor then kneel down to set the trap!! 🤔🤔
  2. He’s wrong but can’t blame him for arguing the fact of what he saw maybe his system didn’t update correctly?!? Hmmm
  3. PowellCampsNAKED

    Increase Tommy Tape drops for good?

    I always wished they added more collectibles to draws such as posters or something!
  4. Been playing for over a year and only have 6 Tommy tapes! Maybe increase chances to make it somewhat possible to collect them all?
  5. PowellCampsNAKED

    Instant dripping

    It’s how dedicated servers work it’s been like that on PC since day one!
  6. No no no see you are doing what I’ve been doing for a year, you don’t “Drop” the trap then set it ... hold “R2” and it places it perfectly!
  7. Well I always did it in the wrong way lol
  8. Unreal over a year and I finally figured this out LMFAO 😬 🍺🍺🍺
  9. I always hold down on the “d pad” to drop it then the x prompt comes on as I’m standing over it then I hold x to crouch and set it! But that’s not how I see players doing it
  10. Whaaaaat??? 🤷‍♂️ Bumper?
  11. PowellCampsNAKED

    Bring Back p2p Servers

    Are you nuts? Dedicated servers work really good for me and now we don’t Lag because of someone’s shitty internet connection! Maybe uninstall the game reinstall it adjust your modem connection use a Ethernet cat 6 cable instead of wi-fi
  12. Yeah but that’s not shutting a long baby down that’s always been like a laughable instant win and still get xp for! It even happens on dbd
  13. 1- Jason gets knocked down and when he gets back up he won’t get stunned for *60 seconds* (or at least 20 seconds) forcing players to scatter! 2- *Stalk* comes into play immediately at beginning of round for every jason making the game scary intense and unpredictable!! @wes @ShiftySamurai ive played the game since day one and I’m a decent player as Jason but man all it takes is a group of “hit squads” to ruin the experience and bash on Jason players as he gets knocked down humiliated over and over! And I know you can find ways around it with throwing knives or shift away but casual players are getting their asses kicked latley even good players! This might be a good way to solve this ^ and Stalk Man doesn’t work near the end of a match but would be effective at the beginning and make the game scary again!!!! Unfair?? Naaaa
  14. PowellCampsNAKED

    2 new Jason game changers needed!!

    10 seconds seems good!
  15. PowellCampsNAKED

    2 new Jason game changers needed!!

    I can’t tell if you agree or disagree...
  16. Leave it alone but put Stalk at the beginning of the match!!!
  17. PowellCampsNAKED

    2 new Jason game changers needed!!

    I also don’t wanna ruin the game by doing this idea either!
  18. PowellCampsNAKED

    2 new Jason game changers needed!!

    I don’t know dude I’m a pretty good Jason and if there is a hit squad of 5 players bugzy Adam and chads in a circle beating you over and over throwing knives or shifting away doesn’t do much when you come back it just starts back up! I don’t care if you are a master jason player you are getting your maggot ass beat down to shame and laughed at by trolls! Seriously he needs a stun time resistance! 🤷‍♂️⛺️🌲
  19. PowellCampsNAKED

    2 new Jason game changers needed!!

    Well I hear you but even a 10 second resistance!? Then it resets. It’s not me trying to learn it’s me seeing it happen all the time even when I’m a counselor!
  20. PowellCampsNAKED

    Buff Jason.

    Jason gets hit down first time after he gets up he won’t even get stunned for another 60 seconds!!! ^^^^^ bam ^^^^^
  21. Hey guys! I’m guessing they might add more content! I mean you never know even though they said no but let’s cross our fingers! At least hope we get a Jason buff against damn “Hit Squads” and dedicated servers!
  22. PowellCampsNAKED

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    This feels like an appropriate place to post this for all of us backers and non backers so we can find each other and join up in Friday The 13th game! Anyways make it simple and post your console then your gamer tag! Console = PS4 PSN = Campfacer
  23. Played last night in the same random group for about 2 hrs and my preference is Jason along with 3 others but this one guy was Jason 4 times!?! Hmmm just a heads up @ShiftySamurai
  24. PowellCampsNAKED

    was grab nerfed again?!?!

    Yeah Jason seems to be weak now
  25. PowellCampsNAKED

    My Roy Burns Costume

    I like it but I always feel like Roy masks out there all need a little more round shape! Like the Neca Roy mask!