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  1. Say the Lawsuit goes on for months and Gun / Illfonic obviously have to move on and pursue the next adventure to keep the business running! How can we (Fans) help Gun come back to this gem and create more content? My thought was if someone knows someone with a LOT of money to invest in the game!?! Maybe a celebrity that would drop some major cash!?!? Lol I know it’s far fetched but ?‍♂️ ....
  2. PowellCampsNAKED

    How can we Save the Game?

    Really?!? That’s weird because last I checked I’ve been playing the funnest game I’ve played in a long time for a year straight!! Now to me that’s getting the job done ?
  3. I know it never happened in the films but what if in the game when a player enters Jasons shack in attempt to take Pamela’s sweater, there is a 50/50 chance that when you enter that 2nd door the ghost of Pamela “Jump Scares” you with that loud dramatic music like when she pops from the lake in The film, along with her grabbing your neck and says “Look What You Did to him, Look what you did to him” and she restrains you for about 8 seconds before fading away giving you a huge scare and Jason a bigger advantage on getting you before you leave his shack! But sometimes you enter like normal! This would give players a second thought before jumping in the shack I mean I know I might not want to get jump scared lol
  4. PowellCampsNAKED

    Questions About Future Content

    @wes I keep forgetting to ask but if this all goes bad how long will the online servers stay up for?
  5. PowellCampsNAKED

    Ghost of Pamela in shack!

    Hell even if the game is over I’ll still post ideas ?
  6. PowellCampsNAKED

    Camp Forest Green Map

    I’m sure they might either after the Jason X map and after the Miller Lawsuit is over! But I think I would want the Manhattan Map before Forest Green!
  7. PowellCampsNAKED

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    What about flickering kill animations? Or I guess you mentioned that will come after the major fixes?
  8. PowellCampsNAKED

    The game is done with me.

    I have had the same problem for almost a year now if I’m host in quickplay no randoms can join for some reason and I have really good internet! A few people suggested it might be a firewall on my router so I shut it off and stilll nothing so I put the firewall back on because it’s sketchy to leave it unsecured!
  9. Ok hope this never happens but just say things get really really in a bad spot where Gun can’t afford to keep the servers up and running with the dedicated servers... would we be better off the way it is now without dedicated servers so that we can host our own games and always play with friends forever in private matches? If this is how it works?!? If not is there a way guncan create a system that we can?
  10. @ShiftySamurai chime in? I’m game for dedicated but if in the long run would it be free to run the game online without it? Idk just trying to learn more ?
  11. PowellCampsNAKED

    We're Still Here

    You forgot me Campfacer ??You guys all know I stream the game almost every day! Twitch.tv/Campfacer youtube.com/Campfacer
  12. True but easily?!
  13. I 100% always and do want them but now with my new thought I would say no to them if it means keep the online game forever
  14. Yeah but if it can stay live forever the way it is I would rather gather my friends and host my own lobby
  15. PowellCampsNAKED

    Is the Game over now?

    This is a sad day!!! But let’s be optimistic I mean why can’t the game have more content like maps not related to the films with just different cabins and landscape? There is a line between copyrighted / rights to things named in the films or just a plain random cabin!
  16. PowellCampsNAKED

    Bots on Hard are Fun!

    Ohhh??? Did they update the offline Bots skill in the latest patch?
  17. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but everytime I kill a councelor they Twitch out flickering!!! @ShiftySamurai
  18. Well maybe that’s why Jason can’t stop killing because his moms voice is driving him ?CrazeeeyyiiiE?? It never bothers me to be honest although repetitive lines, would be cool to mix it up with new added voices!
  19. PowellCampsNAKED

    What Was “Cort” even talking about?? Lol

    I watched part 6 again for the 100th time but still can’t figure out what the fuck Cort was trying to tell the campers about the pile of rocks!? ?
  20. LMFAO let’s get this guy in the game - “Cloudy in the mountains and Snowfurries up your nose ... ahh huut ahhhh huueeee” his abilities is driving and snorting
  21. PowellCampsNAKED

    PS4 hard drive recovery?

    This is kind of funny but A long ways back I made a post about if there was a way to back up my digital games in case my PS4 ever were to crash because after I downloaded P.T the company deleted it from the store! So now I didn't wanna loose that rare demo! Well last year my PS4 crashed and I think I lost it because everything was blank! Anyways I kept that hard drive in a box in my closet after I installed a new drive! Is there a way to somehow plug that drive up to my pc and search for PT on the drive? Is it erased or just buried way down in sub folders?
  22. It’s crazyyyyy and unbelievable that no one cares about going to the mines I played 3 matches and everyone left after they died
  23. PowellCampsNAKED

    What Was “Cort” even talking about?? Lol

    Riggghhhhtttttt !!!!! ?
  24. Yeah yeah yeah I know what you’re gonna say “No not Hide or die”! This idea is multiplayer and would consist of 3 cabins (2 large 1 small) in a very very small map area! Now the objective is to hide and be the last counselor alive! How it’s played is councelors get a 1 minute head start to go find a hiding spot in a house or cabin, after one minute jason player comes into play Cutting the power (lights out) with no abilities or mini map, just his mighty weapon! Councelors can not use any weapons they also can’t see a mini map and there is no music unless in front of you then only then you hear the jumpscare score!! Each cabin or house has new multiple hiding spots even placed furniture to crouch down behind! Its Easy “just be the last survivor” once the last survivor it shows a movie cut scene of you escaping with a “Top 3 survivors” Trophy/ Rating!!! Now this would be a very fun quick but scary experience! Yes it sounds familiar to s lot of games but I’m sure we could work the flavors of F13 movies into this!!! @wes @ShiftySamurai thoughts and ideas?