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  1. No point at all does there have to be a point? Lol just revisiting and comparing that’s all... it’s fun to discuss
  2. I’ve been playing since day one religiously and the game is as fun as it was a year ago! My only feeling lost is the first few frightening matches but that’s natural but miss that feeling!
  3. Edit: I found the old beta test with Gun and Illfonic! Now let me say a few things I like better about this old version - 1. Love the tracking shift sound better then 2. Like how items don’t show on the map Also notice how the flare gun is in as an item and how fast doors open! Also how did he install the fuse immediately without finding it first?
  4. Jump on console there’s gotta be around 9 plus thousand players easy
  5. This video I posted is to say thank you and express how much the game effected all of us! Thank you Gun and Illfonic #F13Army
  6. Hey Terry how are you lately? Ugh! Lol could y’all imagine a entire new development team taking over? It would feel like when or if you ever had your parents got a divorce and “Step Dad” came into play!
  7. Yeah but then our message is being tossed to the bottom of the barrel no one wants to dig through
  8. Ok here’s something that always kind of bothered me but I understand! I understand why Moderators closed threads that have Topics that were already discussed, it’s so that we don’t flood the boards with repetitive subjects! But when a discussion was brought up say 5-7 months ago and had about 9 pages of comments it’s old and dusty!!! I find it ok to revive a Topic with new updated info with a fresh start to bring new attention to the devs and to fans! Its kind of a bummer when people report it because they remembered the same topic 6 months ago! I feel like Moderators should review and give a 50/50 chance to give older topics new life and fresh start ?
  9. A few things...how do y’all not play multiplayer lol it’s way better than offline! 2 - if the game is gonna end find a way we can always keep servers going years and years down the road if the game is gonna end including servers then damn give us offline councelor play so we remember how it all felt to run from Jason!
  10. Seems since the latest bad news the player base has rose a Lot! I’ve played quick play all day and not kidding all new players I’ve had to actually teach players and also explain who Tommy is and so on!
  11. Really?!? That’s weird because last I checked I’ve been playing the funnest game I’ve played in a long time for a year straight!! Now to me that’s getting the job done ?
  12. Say the Lawsuit goes on for months and Gun / Illfonic obviously have to move on and pursue the next adventure to keep the business running! How can we (Fans) help Gun come back to this gem and create more content? My thought was if someone knows someone with a LOT of money to invest in the game!?! Maybe a celebrity that would drop some major cash!?!? Lol I know it’s far fetched but ?‍♂️ ....
  13. @wes I keep forgetting to ask but if this all goes bad how long will the online servers stay up for?
  14. I know it never happened in the films but what if in the game when a player enters Jasons shack in attempt to take Pamela’s sweater, there is a 50/50 chance that when you enter that 2nd door the ghost of Pamela “Jump Scares” you with that loud dramatic music like when she pops from the lake in The film, along with her grabbing your neck and says “Look What You Did to him, Look what you did to him” and she restrains you for about 8 seconds before fading away giving you a huge scare and Jason a bigger advantage on getting you before you leave his shack! But sometimes you enter like normal! This would give players a second thought before jumping in the shack I mean I know I might not want to get jump scared lol
  15. I’m sure they might either after the Jason X map and after the Miller Lawsuit is over! But I think I would want the Manhattan Map before Forest Green!
  16. What about flickering kill animations? Or I guess you mentioned that will come after the major fixes?
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