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  1. I find it hard to believe that you people think or believe steam stats there’s millions of players world wide on F13 you gotta remember that those stats are at a time frame!
  2. How excited do you or did you get when finally finding a Pamela Tape? Well wouldn’t it be cool if every once in a while you open a draw and find a poster from one of the films? They might be rolled up in a draw so they fit and very hard to find! Every poster you find goes to your progression wall where you can zoom in on it! It would be cool and easy to add and give more anticipation to the game and the reason I say poster is that it isn’t changing the gameplay it’s just a fun collectible!
  3. PowellCampsNAKED

    New rare collectible items in draws!

    I personally think the real movie posters would be a fun collection to find!
  4. PowellCampsNAKED

    Offline Bot AI Improvements

    Nice!!!!! How did I not see this on Twitter?
  5. That’s what I say!!!! Cops should leave
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    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Say one gets put into the salt mine by 100% accident like host leaving in lobby or game crashing and so on! Can they get out quickly?
  7. For the past 3 months or longer if I’m the host and enter a public quickplay no randoms will show up, if I quickplay and am the host and alone not 1 person pops in! If I bring say 3 invited friends in quickplay and I’m the host then it’s just us and not 1 random can join! I wonder why or what’s going on?
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    My “host” server can’t grab randoms

    Hopefully hosting days are coming to an end really quick
  9. PowellCampsNAKED

    This game can’t handle rain

    Are you a PC player? If so do you meet all the system game requirements? If so you probably want to even upgrade even more!
  10. What if on a map that it is raining about half way through the match an even more intense rain comes down pouring so heavy it’s harder to hear and see? Heck add a heavier gust of wind so it makes players feel cozy to take shelter! What are your thoughts on this? Would it slow the game frame rate down?
  11. PowellCampsNAKED

    Perk Idea - Gambler

    Confusing but I guess I understand?!?
  12. I know there may be similar ideas but wanted to pitch this detailed idea for f13, I sent the idea to the team already but now want to share it here! it could be fun and scary in a future multiplayer after the team fixes everything! The title idea I came up with was - “Lust Lost In The Woods” or someone mentioned - “Cockblock” Here’s the map concept woods change- https://goo.gl/images/eFvgwQ Ok the environment would have to be repainted/ designed with very thick dark tall trees lots of brush dark thick woods like in this photo above! So there is a gigantic solid woods map with no cabins only the 7 that are spaced out around the giant map, each councelor spawns in there own cabin and each with only a generic weapon (stick, pan) ***the objective*** is they have to enter the woods to go out and find the 2 (bots) having sex on a blanket and tell them to get out / let’s leave the camp before it’s too late! How it works is, there are no radios only proximity chat when close enough, No mini or big maps (making it scary and hard) also no Jason music unless he’s on top of you with jump scare music! Councelors can’t run unless jason is on top of them! They walk! Now the bots randomly spawn every match in one of 30 diffferent Locations to make the game non memorized! Once the councelor finds the bots having sex they can either press X to alert them to leave immediately with them being jump scared also alerting Jason or they can choose to use a non alert wheel that takes lots of skill to repair almost impossible! Once they are alerted they grab their clothes and head back while you you follow and escort the bots back safely and your team win! Now to make it fair ***Jason*** always spawns in the middle of the woods (dead center) he gets No Map No Mini Map he only gets 1 sense 3 teleports and 1 morph the entire match! He can walk or jog! If Jason finds and kills the bots then match is over! Jason can never sense the bots! Before match starts 50 hidden bear traps are randomly scattered about the map for councelors to accidentally step in! of course things could always be added or reworked but the idea is to make this challenging and most of all scary based off the *photo above!!!!!!
  13. So change the title add different ideas instead of being negative 😉
  14. I’m gonna poke you in the eyes 😳👈
  15. Well I thought my idea was super challenging hence why I say they can’t run or maps and only 1 weapon lol I can’t see players learning to get good at that! I also respect people speaking their opinion but when they try and tell me my idea is horrible horrible I mean come on now lol There I posted a video about the idea!
  16. Right? Lol I remember I posted an idea about “Reck Hall massacre” and people thought it was fun and it was as simple as a reck Hall on the camp that councelors dance in and play arcade games and drink beer! Single player would only work for the one part because you are jason but the real fear of being a councelor would be missing
  17. This is why I don’t come to the forums as much as I used to! We used to have a fun time with ideas and such and never bashed on each other! Am I stupid? Yeah I must be to sit here and argue with you about an idea that is meant to have fun with! I think you guys are looking to deep into the actual objective of the couple having sex or making out! That objective honestly is a silly excuse to make a mode that I want ... I was more excited about everything else leading up to that than the actual couple missing although it could be funny!
  18. @SmugDoka @Freddie Mercury Lol how so? No offense but You guys don’t seem to have imagination? Idk I find it unbelievable for you not to think this would be a fun mode 🤔
  19. The flaws wouldn’t be there until play tested! Lay off the Tall Boys? I actually came up with this idea at 6am drinking coffee idk man I’m trying to think of a fun scary dark game mode and when I stared at that Savini Jason woods photo it just popped in there lol
  20. No I can’t see people learning it and escape every time that’s why I make them walk if Jason isn’t chasing them and no maps or mini maps! Oh and 1 generic weapon! And if he had sense like he normally does he would win every time! You guys have to re think my idea and image how scary this could be and rewarding if you accomplish the mission! Think about the jumpscare factor and always chance of loosing jason even crouching 10 feet away behind a tree!!
  21. Well for one 50 traps scattered in a giant forest map isn’t much, odds are slim you might hit one seeing how this mode has no targets besides the 1 that Jason has no idea where it is to trap! But it’s just ideas!
  22. @bewareofbears @SmugDoka @Cokeyskunk You guys you guys tisk tisk! Come onnn it’s a great idea! How scary would it be to enter the thick woods not knowing if you will bump into Jason or get excited finding the couple in the woods? It’s crazy to hear you guys diss the idea, ad it’s NOT Jason oriented at all if anything I only recommended he gets 1 of each ability so it would be hard to be him! If a player knocks him down runs until they have to walk then they hide he can’t use sense so he might never find them again! This game mode would be more like the films being in the woods kind of like the example photo above!
  23. No offense but I find this Topic kinda repetitive and negative, I can easily choose a couple but why not get the forums positive instead of negative?
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    Your favourite forum member?

    Yeah that’s him! Actually I’m now friends with him on psn
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    Your favourite forum member?

    It’s about time someone chose me geez guys I’ve only been here since day 1!!! Lol .. my favorite? Hmmm @JPops @Mark K @Goldenking @that dude that got banned a bunch?!?!