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  1. I like how people used my post to go off topic on a different video!?! Lame! I like that video but start a new post about it guys!
  2. Here’s a second short film I made and put a lot of work into! Please check it out! The movie is 8 minutes long the other 10 minutes is a documentary on how I made the film!
  3. You can’t just look at numbers on steam and assume it’s dead ... like a lot of people said pc players are only a needle in the haystack!
  4. The game is actually getting more popular every day I see more and more new players with full lobbies on PS4! steam PC players are one thing!
  5. Hey guys I must say after being on the forums since day 1 I’ve only played with a couple of members on here via PS4, tonight I finally had the opportunity to play a few rounds with “Darrin Howard” and must say that Darrin was really cool and fun to play with I know a few didn’t like Darrin 3 years ago but super chill dude!!! Anyways let’s all play together!!!
  6. Oh on PC! Ugh save that crap for hard core mods
  7. What’s a speed cheater?????
  8. I never said anything about legal or emulators lol I just asked how developers actually transfer code from the original NES (cartridges) and put them into either online (digital) format or new NES classic console!? @JPops
  9. Ok so I grew up on the original nes and loved it, but now we all see these 8 bit games remastered and formatted digital and on new consoles such as the “Nes Classic” Sega Classic and more! How do they do this for hundreds of games? Do they have to recode them all or do they just convert files? I wish there was a documentary on the process on how it’s all done I’m very curious! We’re all Nes games saved on file to the capability to be able to convert them to the Classic or was this s process??
  10. I want them to fix “Stalk” for some reason it keeps coming in late to the game when it should start immediately .... ? muwahaha
  11. Edit: my apologies. Let’s just keep the community or get the community back to good vibes!
  12. Instead of any negative let’s just say this is one of the best games ever made (bugs set aside) and brought all us amazing people together as a family!!! Thank you Gun and Illfonic! any bullshit comments save it ... or I’ll kick your ass ? lol, let’s give it up #F13Army!!! “Camping is in tents” #f13Army
  13. I’ve been on Twitch for well over 2 years and a content driven YouTube for about 2 years! I seem to have more luck streaming on YouTube having more followers in the chat than on twitch! It’s sad because twitch seems more legit for gamers and more legit as far as payouts and less strict than youtube!! But a YouTube has people coming to my streams that aren’t even gamers which is amazing! Twitch on the other hand seems filled with wanna be streamers that try to help each other with NO audience... am I right? Or?? I’m trying to stream on both back and forth but twitch seems to be a waste lately ?
  14. I know a few people who haven’t played multiplayer in about 6 months and said they will once Dedicated Servers come!
  15. speak for yourself “players got bored” who the trolls? Lol not me not all the thousands of fans that still love the game! This article is good but why are there never articles showing negative against people trying to bash the game? It’s bullshit! - Camp
  16. The game is huge lol on consoles there are thousands of new players consistently coming in full lobbies! Pc maybe always slow?
  17. ****Wow what the hell is wrong with a lot of you people here??? ***** Jesus guys!! Come on I was one of the first few on the forums years ago and this was a relaxing fun community here! Listen to yourselves... be nice chill
  18. I never said I wanted it all to revert back lol just discussing the differences
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