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    Hey everyone! My name is Brad I'm from Kingston, RI. I am a $500 backer of Friday the 13th! My user name on Kickstarter is powellcustomdrums and yes I own and build custom drum sets and snares powellcustomdrums.com ...
    Anyways I'm really excited about this game I can't wait! I am a PS4 player my psn name is - Campfacer
    I like gta5, Star Wars battlefront, and madden 16
    I grew up playing NES (Mario Zelda contra double dragon salomons key... ) Yes I'm an old soul but young at heart!

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  1. Your favourite forum member?

    Yeah that’s him! Actually I’m now friends with him on psn
  2. Your favourite forum member?

    It’s about time someone chose me geez guys I’ve only been here since day 1!!! Lol .. my favorite? Hmmm @JPops @Mark K @Goldenking @that dude that got banned a bunch?!?!
  3. Football head kick kill broken!

    Not sure who designed that kill!
  4. On PS4 every time I do this kill the head just falls off but then Jason looks up at nothing! Only twice the animation worked properly! I know the director of Never Hikes Alone designed the kill but it would be badass if after he kicked the head the camera was way up in the air looking down as the head flew up towards the camera then slowed down in slow motion for a split second as the head rotates and falls back down! Now only jason and the victim see this every one else just sees a head fly up!
  5. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    It’s a great map! Has lots of diversity to it and Easter eggs! It’s well balanced on both sides! The reason people don’t like it is because they are used to a congested bump run and get away map!
  6. 8 bit nes jason in game!

    Ok guys I’m hearing you now I guess it would be silly! But good thinking If it has I didn’t see it after searching, to be honest I thought I already posted it but forgot and didn’t see it!
  7. 8 bit nes jason in game!

    No?? You don’t think it would be awesome and creepy the fact there’s an 8 bit chasing you? Like “what the f..k is this doing here?? nooo nooo it’s gonna get me” lol
  8. Me and Laphin chatted about how awesome and creepy would it be to have the actual 8 bit (flat colorful) nes jason in the game! It would be kind of funny but creepy! If done right!
  9. Come on Zen it's really good next time it comes on just take a breath and try dancing to it 🕺🏼
  10. Who has a youtube channel?

    Haha thanks! Reggie has been locked up in a cage for a while hope to find the key soon
  11. Who has a youtube channel?

    Meeee! I'm horror based! Youtube.com/campfacer
  12. I receive my physical placeholder copy months ago but now am waiting for the exclusive signed cover to arrive!
  13. This Thread Is Done

    Dedicated Servers will help the game from being buggy!
  14. Roys Music turned down lost its touch :(

    No I'm talking about an artistic point of view! Almost like someone writing a song that sounds amazing but then someone says "wait that's not a an actual chord on the guitar let's fix it to a say G chord" hmmm now it doesn't sound as cool Dude come on I'm a huge fan of the game I've been here on the forums since day 1! I'm not hating on the game I'm just trying to suggest my opinions on what I think sounds better that's all! And to be honest Audio plays s huge huge huge roll in making this game complete, it's the icing on the cake!!!!!