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    Hey everyone! My name is Brad I'm from Kingston, RI. I am a $500 backer of Friday the 13th! My user name on Kickstarter is powellcustomdrums and yes I own and build custom drum sets and snares powellcustomdrums.com ...
    Anyways I'm really excited about this game I can't wait! I am a PS4 player my psn name is - Campfacer
    I like gta5, Star Wars battlefront, and madden 16
    I grew up playing NES (Mario Zelda contra double dragon salomons key... ) Yes I'm an old soul but young at heart!

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  1. I’ve completed them all on PS4 but I’m currently trying to complete the challenges on the PC version and when I go in to kill Mitch and shove him into the electric box AJ immediately comes out of that kitchen door when she’s supposed to give you plenty of time to sneak attack her! anyone else have this glitch?
  2. @wes Just curious if there was 1 secret thing in the game that Illfonic put in that NO one figured out yet or even knows about? Example: stand in front of 3rd archery target and press “up up down down left right left right O X” and and you see crazy Ralph ride by “your all doomed”!! Or even a hidden Easter egg that not one person picked up on yet?
  3. My daughter asked me this last night and I sat there itching my head and stupidly said “finding items in draws”?
  4. I’m a really good player and died so many times as Jason I lost count!
  5. So I’ve been playing since day 1 on PS4 but lately I have been working on my PC steam account as “Campfacer” and last night my daughter and I were both in a match and was asked by “Super TY” in the menus text if I was from the forums and I said yes but he had no mic! Just curious who he is on here because it was a fun few matches he rescued me in the car and another I helped him repair the boat and another he was the only survivor from my daughter as the Jason lol by the way she’s 13 and just started the game and currently hit level 29 she loves part 2 Jason and loves slashing LOL! Her favorite is Debra and let me tell you she is a hell of a phone box repair person!!! Anyways I thought it was cool after all these years to bump into a random Forum member in game!
  6. Been playing since day 1 and I’m not sure what you’re say by “names showing up”? Can you screenshot it?
  7. You may sometimes find Rob’s body facedown in a Tub if you’re lucky but what if he was randomized in different situations like say you go running and open a bedroom or bathroom door and BAMM!! With a loud jump scare music he drops directly in front of you feet dangling hanging by a rope around his neck as soon as you open the door...you can push his dangling body out of the way as it continues to dangle in the doorway but it causes a distraction and slows your enter and exit of the doorway down and visibility a bit! Now this could be randomized in any cabin or house on any map! I t would spice up the “Never knowing Jump scare factor” for sure!
  8. Easy fix to this - take councelor locations off the maps! this also forces other counselors to use walkies / communication and now they cant open the map and say “hey Jason someone is at your shack”
  9. Sorry man but it’s actually more menacing slicing a machete across someone removing limbs as they scream in pain!
  10. I’m a backer and I’m game but I’m sure others aren’t! if they did they would have to give credit in game loading lobby to the OG Backers like maybe put a gold B next to backers loading names!
  11. That’s why it’s private party only! If you are in a private party obviously it’s with friends that agree to set it up accordingly!
  12. Sounds like someone hasn’t played since launch but just forgot the cabin layout?
  13. Hey guys for those of you who don’t know I’ve been here since day 1 but haven’t been active on here in a while ... anyways I always like to chime in and toss out an idea! If the Lawsuit ends and Gun can’t make any new content due to not making sense from a business point of view, what if we could get one more thing called hardcore mode where all they have to do is shut off Jason’s shift / Sense / and the Jason alert music! And shut off the counselors ability to hear the Jason alert music until he’s in view of the player (but within 20 ft) and take away players ping locations on the maps so players are force to communicate (and keeps teamers from ratting out other players)! so essentially this idea isn’t really making or building content that could take a long time and money but just turning off what’s already there!?!? I’m not a game developer but in my mind seems way easier than making new maps and skins or kills!
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