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    Hey everyone! My name is Brad I'm from Kingston, RI. I am a $500 backer of Friday the 13th! My user name on Kickstarter is powellcustomdrums and yes I own and build custom drum sets and snares powellcustomdrums.com ...
    Anyways I'm really excited about this game I can't wait! I am a PS4 player my psn name is - Campfacer
    I like gta5, Star Wars battlefront, and madden 16
    I grew up playing NES (Mario Zelda contra double dragon salomons key... ) Yes I'm an old soul but young at heart!

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  1. PowellCampsNAKED

    New update ruined the Game

    I feel as if you’re just trying to one up me at this point 😑 whatever I also loved the old grab but now I love the new grab even though it’s completely different... #learntoletgo
  2. PowellCampsNAKED

    New update ruined the Game

    Apparently you don’t understand! People just don’t wanna let go sometimes and be optimistic!
  3. PowellCampsNAKED

    New update ruined the Game

    Sometimes people get too cozy with things they are used to and when change comes in they hate it before even trying to get used to it! Just try pretending this is the first time you ever played the game and wipe out everything you knew before!
  4. PowellCampsNAKED

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    @ShiftySamurai imagine if you accidentally hit “Esc” key near the end of typing all that? Omg
  5. I don’t care because I’m 150 but will there be double xp this weekend? Would be a good idea 👊
  6. An idea I thought of that I’m guessing could be added without mocap! Seeing as Savini J is back from Hell on fire, what if when he stabs someone with his burning pitchfork, it then sizzles (sizzle sound FX) the victims? You could even have smoke come out of the wounds or possibly flames ignite!
  7. I’ve been praying for this!!!!
  8. PowellCampsNAKED

    Save the Kid Campers “Game Mode”!

    Right? Lol this Mode would be fun!
  9. A few ways to get “Kid Campers” in the Game! We know the developers can’t have kids die in the game but what if when Jason gets to them, instead of killing them, he grabs them and they just disappear into the “captured volt”? Now for the Mode it would make for a really fun Multiplayer “race against time” experience like the nes game but different! The kids could be spread through the maps in cabins around campfires and such about 30-40 bots that roam around or hide if in fear! Now the councelors job is to try and rescue or escort them to safety somehow and if more than X amount “dissapears to the vault” then match is over! If not a Mode what if Gun put a few matches where kid campers roam around cabins and scream and hide while we play the normal maps just make them bots that can’t get touched just for fun! Ideas? Ideas?
  10. In quickplay about 3 out of 10 chances entering quickplay lobbies you will find these idiots!
  11. @illchuck @Laphin a few ideas and my thoughts mixed with what Laphin is saying because it’s not so much making Jason overpowered it’s more directed to giving players a scary experience and roller coaster ride and feel like we are in the films! 1- What if when getting chased “within a close range” the councelor player starts to hear a muffled sound with a ringing in ear but not loud just drowning out the music and sounds of other players and surroundings to kinda make them feel dizzy and scared! 2 - Instead of stumbling what if particular councelors could eventually tripand fall to ground and they crawl until the player “taps the wheel” to get back up! 3 - this one sounds crazy but if in a cabin and Jason enters silence the music (stalk automatically comes in) and create jumpscare environment for the councelor while Jason’s in there “councelor opens a door and a Cat jumps with a loud jumpscare sound while Jason is downstairs searching! You open a bathroom door to get med spray and as soon as the door opens that dead body falls from above the door hanging by rope with loud jumpscare music! Or a player opens a draw and “bang a spider jumps out with scary music”!!!!!! these ideas could make people on edge all the time and make the game super scary!!!
  12. I agree on this 100%
  13. PowellCampsNAKED

    Cobra Kai TV Show

    Me and my wife and kids loved it I even choked up on episode 5! Man they delivered what I expected to be a flop!
  14. PowellCampsNAKED

    Part IV Jason...doesn´t he look off?

    If we are getting picky with details here then I will say he looks great!! but ... something has always thrown me off just a hair, and now that you mention this I agree his mask should be squeezed in tighter to his face the ear not so exaggerated and shoulders not so big! Is it worth reworking before other important fixes? Probably not! See to me part 7 needs to be beefed up in height and bigger boned he seems a bit skinny to me!
  15. Same I almost feel like it’s a bug after you find 3 lol