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  1. True, but you do get XP a lot more consistently than online play when you factor in the connection issues, hosts leaving a match, amongst others.
  2. Frequently, even before any of the patches. Most times it searches for less than 2 minutes for a lobby and I get put into my own as host and no one ever joins. Every. Single. Time. The most I've ever waited is close to an hour. And that was only a test to see how long it'd take and still nothing. This seriously needs to be fixed pronto (although I wouldn't mind them fixing the out of bounds and roof glitches first). I love this game, really. It's the best multiplayer game that I have ever spent this much time on. And I am going to work towards getting the platinum trophy as well. But even for me, a really patient guy, all these combined issues are starting to wear on me. Please, please, please, I hope you guys will fix the majority of them soon.
  3. Same issue here with Packanack. Don't play with these people: XxThe_Viper818xX and irvinoh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doZliFj-Yns
  4. Same issue here with Packanack. Don't play with these people: XxThe_Viper818xX and irvinoh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doZliFj-Yns
  5. I've been trying to get people to join my group on the PS4 community page, but nobody has even tried to join. Is there anybody who would like to join my party to help me get the trophy? In return, I'd gladly help you do the same. Anybody and everybody who would like to participate, I'd be willing to help all who want the trophy. Let me know and I'll add you to my party. I'll be on for most of the rest of the day. EDIT (7:25): Still nothing...
  6. Found this video of someone doing this very glitch. This is how that douchebag, DL_Sloan21 did it. Glitching outside the map just so you can win and troll everybody else is just pathetic. Man I hope this gets fixed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjNdd_UbGMk
  7. If you're on PS4, watch out for a player named DL_Sloan21. Not only is he an unmitigated exploiter, he is also a racist, slur/profanity spewing, vile individual. Every single sentence is littered with profanity, name calling, and unsportsmanlike conduct. He's one of those guys who hates to lose. And if he does lose, he'll take it out on everyone with verbal abuse and will try to kill you in game. He tried to kill my counselor with with his character by using a lead pipe to attack me when he found me in game. It also appears that he's figured out an exploit on the Packanack Lodge map where he glitches out of bounds and is able to stay there until the match ends (He was the lobby host and he kept picking the Lodge map every time). Normally when a person goes out of bounds, they inadvertently fall underneath a map and are stuck there unable to move. In this glitch, he was able to move out of bounds by the southwest exit of the map where the inaccessible barn meets the bridge out from camp. Jason can't get to him and he can escape with the police should they show up. It was interesting spectating him walk around out of bounds (as it was very surprising as to how far out of bounds the environment continues). I wasn't able to see him perform the glitch (as I was still alive when he did so), but I was recording the whole match as proof to his douchebaggery and exploitation. I'm seriously considering sending in the raw footage to, in some way, alert a fix on the map exploit and to report the jerk.
  8. It's one thing to have walls of text in a post. It's a COMPLETELY different matter to not even use punctuation in said walls of text. Mix that with a condescending attitude, an unwillingness to compromise, plus foul language, and you have a totally incomprehensible post. People don't read walls of text. Especially ones like this. I'm amazed that their post wasn't all CAPITALIZED or italicized. On another note, people can disagree but still have an intelligent, civil and calm conversation. Grow up and take life by the horns for once.
  9. Me and a friend have set up a room, if anyone wants to play, let me know.
  10. nvm. one joined. later then.
  11. invited, come join us 6
  12. I'm full up for right now, so if someone leaves, you're it.
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