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  1. I'm not talking about counselors who disconnect, ragequit or whatever. But I'm getting so sick of some people because of these reasons: - Not closing doors - Looting a cabin, leaving the gas and battery behind. - Low repair counselors (Tifanny) who think it's a good idea to repair something, while my high repair counselor is standing right next to them - Vannessa players who run next to your high stealth counselor - Running for no reason in general (waste of stamina and only attracts Jason) Idunno. Maybe it's just me, maybe they actually do play in the right way but meh.
  2. Welcome to the forums (: But honestly, just a quick wikipedia check would have done the trick.
  3. I'm okay with 500 but a 1000 is a bit much. Could have been worse if it would have been 'survive a 1000 times.' :')
  4. Played around 70 games but only 3 or 4 times as Jason, with counselor preference so for me, the preferences are working.
  5. I was just curious to see if people would like a ranked system. Personally, I would like to see one but as an extra mode, so you're not forced to play ranked all the time (:
  6. Welcome to the forum (: And you're right, surviving in this game does feel a lot better than in Dead by Daylight.
  7. He should not be able to climb through the windows. He's already perfectly able to kill a counselor without the climbing and grabbing. Not complaining he's OP, but he's OP enough.
  8. Not breaking doors is his rage mode. Welcome to the forum, sunshine
  9. Video [Gameplay] I was hiding in a tent, then came out and this happens. I was floating in the air, could walk around en my character could talk and scream but Jason couldn't hit her. It took him a while to find me after all the others were dead. The camera would be stuck on the same screen. I was playing as Deborah, don't remember the map and it happened one time. Psn: zwadderaar
  10. I like the bet idea, but at this moment you can guide a friend who is playing as jason to the other survivors, making it unfair.
  11. Agreed. I like the game because Jason actually has the ability to kill everyone. I played Dead By Daylight and being the killer there is just a joke.
  12. I just love it when people in the game go crazy, screaming to not leave them behind :')
  13. Sorry, but saying the game already killed itself is a bit dramatic.
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