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  1. I use a mic and I play with some players who stream on youtube. Generally, not too much of an issue except for one guy who is constantly chatting with his streamers instead of focusing on the game. All good, but everyone in the group knows to mute him straight away, haha. Definitely prefer game chat to party, like that if you don't have a walkie you can only talk to players who are close by
  2. Hey everybody, quick question about dedicated servers, apologies if it has already been answered, but will this mean lower pings for international players i.e i am in Australia but regularly play with players in the US or UK (much to their dismay with 400+ ping. Will this improve with dedicated servers?
  3. Same thing is happening to me and a few mates today. Been playing almost all day, haven't levelled up once.
  4. Hey guys, got a good regular AU group going, looking for other players w mic. No glitchers/team killers. PSN OrrWhat1986.
  5. I am totally in favour of a nude mod, as long as it is exclusive to Jason. What's scarier than a mass murderer with a machete? A NAKED mass murderer with a machete!
  6. This happened to me a couple of times last night on PS4. Worked out quite well in one case, as it teleported me straight to the 4 seater car which was almost fully repaired, as well as all the remaining counselors, but still a bug that should be looked.
  7. Is it possible that you can kill other counselors while wearing the mask without losing xp, perhaps even gaining xp?
  8. Maps are always available at the noticeboard, and I believe they are infinite i.e. more than one couneslor can collect a map from the same spot. If you look closely, there is a little box on the notice board labelled "Maps". Much easier than searchingcabins for them.
  9. I would like to put forward an idea that I think might be a workaround for all the issues with creating new animations etc. What if Jason could pick up heads? Kills already exist where the head is cut/punched off, and the animation from placing traps could be used to collect a head. From there, you could either throw the head, using the throwing knife animation, or place it using the trap animation. I think it might be an idea to give Jason an inventory for heads, so he could choose between using knives/traps or heads. Once a head is placed, and later discovered, the counselor would get a fear spike and Jason would receive a similar notification as he does if a counselor had walked into a trap. I don't think that giving Jason a small inventory option (head or knife/trap) would ruin the immersion, e.g. where did the head go when he picked it up? After all, he is carrying 5 traps that don't appear to be hanging off his body. Also, where does Tiffany keep her med spray in those short shorts? I know it’s a long shot but would love to hear thoughts.
  10. I had someone who was helping Jason get me killed. Didn't realize they were working together til right after I died, and saw Jason walk right past him. Came back as Jarvis, tracked him down and shotgunned him, right as he was selling out some other campers. They both quit the next match.
  11. Also, viewing the map & objectives would make it more interesting
  12. Love the idea, sort of the opposite of Assassin's creed or Hitman. Instead of hiding bodies, put them on display to generate fear.
  13. Looking for match Psn Orrwhat1986 AU
  14. I have a few ideas that I would like to put forward. Firstly, I think it would be cool if edged weapons like the machete or axe, could get stuck in Jason when being used by counsellors (similar to using the pocketknife to escape grabs). Maybe as part of a heavy attack, or if you take a swing at Jason, when he is grabbing another counsellor. Not only would this stun him, but he would also have to take a moment to dislodge the weapon before he could attack again, giving the counsellor a bit of time to escape. I Secondly, not sure if this is already part of the mechanics, but I think it should be easier to escape from grabs earlier on in the game i.e. if you have close to full stamina and almost zero fear, as opposed to later in the game when stamina is low and fear is high. I see a lot of people complaining about being killed early in a match by a grab instant kill. Thirdly, someone else has mentioned that it would be good to have counsellors fumble more when scared. I think it would be very fitting to make it difficult to aim the flare gun/shotgun when fear is high, maybe have the reticle shake, or possible misfire. Finally, I would love to see damage based on where a counsellor is hit (cant think of the right term) like if Jason chops their leg, they limp, if he chops their arm, the have trouble using weapons/repairing things. Also headshots with throwing knives might be cool, although might also be a bad thing. Thoughts? Edit: Another idea that I forgot to mention, being able to move bodies and body parts as Jason, to strategically scare counsellors, leave a dead body in the back seat of a car, or in the boat, throw a severed head through a window of a cabin to freak out the counsellors hiding inside. I think it would be a nice twist on the usual moving of bodies to cover your tracks that you see in games like Hitman or Assassin's Creed.
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