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  1. All the people hating on Gun seem to forget they answer to Horror Inc, everything the do or don't do goes through them. Go away if you think you've figured it all out with your armchair lawyer degree.
  2. Either way most of us agree this needs to be tweaked, Illfonic had to have adjusted this at some point, it was not always this bad, the stun resistance stat use to actually mean something.
  3. Stun immunity while raging through doors/walls and a stun cooldown (so many seconds of immunity) after recovering from a stun while you can still attack/grab, this should apply to grab kills too that way you're highly encouraged to run after you stun Jason instead of attempting to troll/grief.
  4. Seems pretty obvious, you have to rage through closed doors once it's unlocked and you can't block because of this so it needs to be tweaked, hope these new devs can get some needed fixes in an expeditious fashion.
  5. I started playing again since the party issue was patched, good to be back ?
  6. I saw Uber in a few matches before the patched whatever exploit was being used, he looked pretty polished and complete, I hope the finish him and the unreleased emotes and just keep them on the shelf in a finished state. That way if the case goes well that could be the final update months (years?) down the road.
  7. Have movement mapped to arrows but only forward and back are changed on the car. Left/Right steer are still A/D.
  8. The youtube compression ruins that video so you can't really see a difference, thanks for the screenshot @wes
  9. Old topic but I like this idea, I'm sure if he knew fans wanted it in he would consider it
  10. That's good to hear @GunMedia_Ben I still feel for whomever has to sort through all of it, just yesterday a friend on Steam got out of Jasons grip due to a firecracker stun and was getting "reported" I feel like I should send you guys some Advil
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