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  1. I'll admit that I've had to repair items as Buggzy WAY too much.
  2. Jason Has "Car Force-Grab" Now

    I agree with the fact that this is a new problem associated with the new patch and therefore can be corrected.
  3. F13 Model Piracy? Resident Evil 4 Jason Mod

    /sigh Jason doesn't use chainsaws....
  4. Any PvP based game is going to struggle with balance. I have never seen a single game that was able to make EVERYONE happy with the way things are balanced. The reason for this isn't because the game is broken, it's because the game is changing, and MANY people despise change. Adapting is a challenge and it tends to knock people of their pedestals for a second while they get used to the new mechanics. When they took away trap stacking and the vacuum grab, I was a bit bummed, too. But it also make me realize that there were several Jason abilities I was simply ignoring that was now going to get some actual use (Stalk and Slash). I'd never tell a player to stop playing because they're frustrated. Feedback is crucial to keeping the game at the top of its potential. However, you're not going to get where you want to be by being hostile in your verbage to the devs and playerbase. I do feel for your frustration, but rest assured the devs are reading your messages and taking these things into consideration. They may be silent right now, but that is only because they want to have a solid solution in hand before committing to anything.
  5. All the salt in that round made me thirsty just watching it. Great vid!
  6. What's your Strategy

    Rule 1. Trap objectives. Remember now that even car doors can be effectively trapped. DON"T WASTE THEM ON WINDOWS Rule 2. Get to the phone box and if you spot a smart counselor nearby, kill them if you can, but if you can't run them off and burn their stamina, go to a car, trap it, return to the fuse box and spot check for counselor, go to next car and trap it. If during that time you don't encounter a genuinely problematic counselor that is carrying a vehicle part, CHECK THAT PHONE BOX AND KILL WHOEVER GETS NEAR IT. Point is, bounce around. Make the counselors afraid to venture alone after an objective because they know you'll be back before they can complete it and won't want to risk getting trapped in a mini-game. Rule 3. Give yourself a quick kill in your grab-kill list that you can easily key up. Headpunch or something super simple and quick like that is ideal. This way counselors won't have time to start a vehicle during a kill animation. This is especially important because they are simple and ready up faster, which you really need when being swarmed. Rule 4. There is NO shame in combat stance and slashing. It breaks weapons and nullifies pocket knives. If you need to clear a cluster of counselors or keep them from being able to work an objective, this is crucial. Rule 5. Learn to drum the E button. Alternate forefinger and middle finger and speed tap that button to decrease recovery time. It's perfectly legit and part of the game. Use it. Rule 6. Don't let Tommy distract you. Unless he is actively fixing an objective, don't chase him down until last. He is just there to burn time for other counselors. Just keep an eye on him as you patrol objectives. Also, he is a counselor magnet, and his increased stamina makes him prone to abandoning tired counselors without realizing it. Use that false sense of comfort to maximum effect and kill the before his helpless eyes mwhahahaha. ...pardon me. Rule 7. Don't get tunneled. Vanessa, Tiffany, and Bugsy are NOT fixers, but they will run you ragged if you let them. If you find you're spending more than 20 to 30 seconds on them, LEAVE THEM BE. If they attempt to fix something, it will take them a long time and they will probably screw it up and alert you. Find the smart counselors they are trying to keep you away from. Rule 8. Prioritize. Sometimes the RNG just feeds you the chickenbone. If you HAVE to make a choice, close off the path that leaves the widest opening. In other words, if you know both cars are about to be fixed, make sure to keep the four-seater from escaping. Rule 9. When entering a zone after Stalk comes available, enter stalk THEN morph, use sense, and shift. With luck, they won't see you coming and BAM..shift grab executed. Rule 10. Never rage-quit. Even crappy matches can teach you something about being a better Jason. Rage-quitting a match because you know your numbers will suck only deprives you of an opportunity to learn. People will respect a Jason that is still learning FAR FAR more than a rage-quitter. Rule 11. Choose a main. Playing Jason effectively means learning that Jason's rhythm. Every Jason can be effectively played once you put in the time to learn how to best utilize his strengths and mitigate the drawbacks of his weaknesses. Find one you enjoy the most, perhaps in Offline mode so you can play them one after another to compare, then set him as your guy and...as Rhianna would say..work work work work work work work. Rule 12. Be encouraging to players. It is certainly OK to goof off and make jokes at Jason during the match, it's all part of the strategy and fun of the game. But after the match, give a verbal high five or SOMETHING to show it was all in good fun and that you enjoyed the player's efforts. The trash talk should always be directed at Jason, not the player driving him. This will go a long way in building a strong playerbase community and make the game more appealing to those wanting to learn the ropes. Better Jasons just means more fun for all of us. Hope that helps.
  7. No point in playing as Jason

    Sorry if this comes off as braggy, but I consistently clear the board. I've had ONE survivor in the last two weeks, and it was a Tommy that ran off while I was killing the last counselor. There does come a point where tactics need to be changed up and the old shift+grab strategy can't be the only tool in your toolbox. Learn to utilize traps, recognize when you're being distracted, don't be shamed into not using your melee weapon and combat stance when getting swarmed or when you expect to be hit with a Pocket Knife. And before you scream "bad players", I consistently run with upper level players within groups and they know I have an expectation of them to do everything in their power to escape. Also, don't let the bots spoil you. Their good for learning basics, but no AI will ever help you practice like the real thing.
  8. Wrecking Tommy is my favorite. I love the "Oh crap" from the other counselors when their champ buys the farm.
  9. Car Officially Broken

    Indeed. I have reported this bug several times, and I'm sure many others have as well. Hopefully they will either hotfix it or be VERY sure to address it in the next patch. IMO, it warrants a hotfix.
  10. That is awesome. I'm a PC player myself, but I always like to see the games I like doing well. Means great things for the future. Congrats Gun and Illfonic!
  11. I really like the OP's idea. This would be a great way to bring back team damage without giving the trolls too much fuel for the fire. I really hope Gun/Illphonic reads this thread with honest consideration.
  12. Jason isn't given all of his abilities at once for a reason. Counselors have ample opportunity to escape you at initial spawn. If they choose to take their chances and stick around, that's on them.
  13. I'll slash if I find that taking the chance of a botched grab will result in the counselors completing an objective before I can recover, if it I'm getting swarmed. Attempting grabs in those circumstances is just asking for trouble, especially if a demasking is being attempted.
  14. Jason is a freaking joke.

    There is a massive shift in how Jason has to be played. Grab and smash tactics are admittedly more difficult to pull off with the player base having enough experience to know how to more quickly acquire pocketknives. The use of Stalk and weapon attacks are becoming more and more important. You may have to deal with crybaby players screaming "HE'S SLASHING! HOW CHEAP!". Fact is, slashing is a legitimate tactic when you don't feel like burning time recovering from a pocketknife. To effectively play Jason, you can't lean on a single strategy and think it's going to take you very far. If you want easymode, then play the bots offline. The game has now been around to have a strong PvP acquainted playerbase, and for new players, it's going to be rough. However, given enough time and positive encouragement, they will learn the ropes and become strong players.
  15. Oh the slingshot is very real. I've submitted bug reports about it. I once got grabbed by a Jason that was next to the blue car while I was standing INSIDE Packanack lodge because of this bug. It's made me a very cautious driver for sure!
  16. Children Everywhere

    I always joke that Jason isn't a babysitter. ...that's mainly because Jason isn't a babysitter.
  17. The value of stalk has increased greatly, and it's use is bringing fear back into the game. When used right, you'll hear the screams in your mic haha.
  18. Harassment towards Females

    I'll call a guy out that is creeping on a female gamer every time. It's not appropriate nor appreciated and it adds to the toxicity of the community. Women shouldn't have to gimp their own ability to cooperate within a game because men can't keep their libidos in check. It's an asymmetrical horror game, not Tinder. If the virtue of being a decent human being isn't enough to stem that behavior, then consider the fact that when a player mutes other players, it diminishes the teams overall ability to effectively communicate and coordinate within a game that relies heavily on effective teamwork. So if you need a selfish, egocentric motivational factor, then consider your own ability to complete a match alive. Bottom line...stop creeping on female players. If they want to engage in more than just a friendly match of F13, they'll tell you on their own.
  19. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Hard mode is the only mode that remotely feels like actual players. Even then, it's purpose is to teach you how to seek and destroy and stay on top of the objectives effectively. I hope they make more advanced options where they counselors attempt to kill you or at the very least begin cross coordinating with each other.... oh wait.....
  20. I had an entire group focus up and come at me with everything they got. Shortest match I've played in months. They all died. As of the posting of this response, I still haven't been killed as Jason. The game balance will change back and forth and for players that just want an experience where they wipe the map off all counselors with ease, there are offline bots that will happily give you that experience. For the rest of us, there will be good matches, there will be bad matches, but regardless of outcome, there will be ways of adapting and overcoming the change ups.
  21. There's that one guy that INSISTS on driving, then proceeds to crash into every tree, fencepost, roadsign, rock, and random forest animal on the way out. There aren't even forest animals programmed in the game. How the f**k are you doing that, Deborah?!?!
  22. I'll be enjoying both modes. Offline bots can only do so much before they become predictable. There is no replacement for real players and I enjoy meeting new people too much to give that up.
  23. Is Buggzy underrated?

    I can respect that mindset. However, there are times when a quick repair character is needed, especially if a clutch fix has to happen when Jason is on the scene and you only have a few seconds to repair and run. Buggzy and Vanessa are simply not capable of performing repairs like that. That's the kind of situation I consider when deciding if I need to grab a fixer or a runner before the match. I assume the Jason is competent and that the team will need to be prepared for moments of pit-stop speed repairs.
  24. Is Buggzy underrated?

    I swap between Buggzy and Mitch depending on the group layout. If there are four or more fixers, I'm grabbing Buggzy to use as a defender/deliverer. With proper perks, he can knock Jason down for longer periods of time and can quickly close the gap when a quick rescue is needed. Again, though, it's all depends on the group composition. Too may Vanessas and Buggzies and nothing's getting fixed, which is definitely a bad situation to be in.
  25. Too many pocket knives

    There does come a point as a Jason player where you'll see how a counselor is behaving and you'll be able to tell they have a pocket knife. When you sense it, slash it. Who cares if they call you a slasher... ...Jason IS a slasher. It's called slasher horror, not choke-out horror. Let them drink their salty tears and swing that weapon with pride. It gets easier to tell when to and when not to account for a pocket knife. Once you do that, the issue of so many of them being on the map won't be so bothersome.