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  1. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Per their twitter account, network disconnects will earn you salt, but not enough to put you into the mines. This is targeted towards people that are lobby hopping and rage-quitting during matches. The players affected by this will be ones that match quit over and over until they get their golden match.
  2. 1. Check for updates on your graphics card 2. Check for updates in Steam 3. Check for updates on your OS 4. If problem persists, submit a bug report to Jason Kills Bugs 5. If it is a Steam install, you can verify installation integrity. 6. Try again later I feel your frustration. I've submitted several tickets about this. I've been met with the black screen or the game will just fatal error out for no apparent reason.
  3. 1. In-seat driver kill. I can think of no reason why Jason would not just rip out their throats and leave their corpse blocking the driver seat. 2. Stalk should also silence footsteps 3. Remove Jason marker from mini-map during shift 4. Shrapnel damage dealt to counselors standing close to doors being busted down or raged through 5. 1 round abandonment penalty that forces match quitters to play as a counselor at least once before being eligible to play as Jason.
  4. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    I'm getting more and more excited for the new releases.
  5. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    I stepped into a group of friends that teamed up and beat the total hell out of me. We were all buddies from previous events, so I knew it was coming and had a lot of fun with them as well, and in the end killed them all. However, it was not an easy match and some ALMOST escaped and would have had I not been inching the fight just far enough away for me to shift to the car without the rest being able to catch up with me in time to continue the beating before the driver got their block knocked off. I'm having more fun with Jason know than I have in months. The buff was a much needed boost to the games enjoyment factor and I'd hate to see thing regress to late 2017 state of being.
  6. I entered a lobby with my Savini and felt like I had entered a tourettes convention. I mean...they had the voices of adults, but the words of small children that hadn't quite learned how to use their words. At one point, someone literally farted into their microphone. People, please don't fart into your microphones, you have to speak into those during the game. You'll get the dysentery and die....
  7. Momma loves the toilet kills best. Momma doesn't like dirty children
  8. The -Shift weakness

    I, personally, could do more with a slower shift at a normal recharge rate. However, the double whammy of slow shift/slow recharge is quite painful, especially when dealing with car escapes. That's just my two, cents, though, and if it's ever bad enough, I can always choose another Jason.
  9. That's one of the best themed cakes I've seen a long time. Kudos to you!
  10. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I enjoy Pinehurst. Just like Jarvis, it has it's unique challenges that keep me from being able to follow the relatively easy patterns of the original maps. I'll admit that I don't survive Pinehurst or Jarvis nearly as much, but that's ok. I still enjoy the challenge and the suspense. But then, I'm here for the chase more than the escape.
  11. Level 150 Question

    This is to help track the accumulation of CP. Every time to bar refills, you get the same CP reward boost that you got whenever gained a level. You'll still earn CP within the level tracker at the same rate as well.
  12. Players, Jason or counselors, hitting each other through doors is just poor design. If the doorframes can deflect a weapon, the doors can deflect a weapon. I do realize that doors MUST have conditional modifiers applied to them that account for their various statuses (Open, Closed, Locked, Broken), but until the door has broken or is in the open states, there is zero reason for either Jason or the Counselor to be able to land an attack THROUGH the door. Furthermore, you know how the car smash does damage to a player who is standing too close to Jason when he executes to maneuver? Similar should happen with the door. If you are too close when it comes down, it should strike you similar to being by a dagger. Wood shrapnel is a thing, and busting down a door with that amount of force should most certainly hurt anyone standing next to it. That would resolve the sucker punch attacks that Jason's experience when busting through doors. I'm sorry, but the amount of force it would take to just walk through a door would be comparable to a small explosion, and should be treated as such.
  13. Toxic players like that will always be present in games like these. The best way to get under their skin is to literally not engage them. I find nothing irritates a troll more than realizing their efforts aren't worth responding to.
  14. game feeling stale

    I got this same feeling when playing WoW. Once the new car smell wears off, the content alone isn't enough to keep me engaged. What DOES keep me engaged is the community. Despite the occasional toxic player, I really enjoy interacting with other players and meeting new personalities on this game. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly fallen out of my chair laughing at some of the funniest commentary I've ever heard while playing this game. I'm cool with waiting a couple of months for a major update, and yes, and engine update is freaking HUGE. I also won't begrudge anyone who takes a break while Gun/Illfonic get their projects caught back up. I hope to see many great returns in April
  15. Is the fear finally back?

    Everyone is brave until the death counter starts ticking up after the first two minutes of gameplay. Then it's all "Jason, let me live, I'll tell you where the others are!!!"