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  1. Black Tower needs to accept that this patch was a disaster and roll back the changes and try again later. Recovery points exist for a reason, guys.
  2. Also, remember that Vanessa has low skill checks. A good counter is Part 2 Jason due to his extra traps. Force her to use up her resources to get past your traps and have a few left over to block key entrances and exits. Also, if they group up right away, resist the urge to kill them outright. Watch for one going for the sweater, then kill that one before Tommy has a chance to be called in. As mentioned, use stalk as much as possible to catch them off guard. Just don't let Tommy and the sweater girl get together.
  3. I've clocked over 1000 hours in this game (I think) and only payed MAYBE 60 bucks if I include all the expansion content. Most games cost 60 and max out at about 40 hours of content. F13 did right by me. I'm sorry they are falling on these hard times, but I applaud them for what they gave us. I'm only sad because I have so much respect for what these guys did. I really hope their ambition pushes them to new content and hell, maybe even the introduction of the next great slasher for us to control in our shared sadistic glee.
  4. It makes no real sense to me. If all they are going to do is fix bugs, then they may as well release the guy and patch him later. We already expected that to be happening anyways. This community is used to the "release now, fix later" approach. I don't see this release making any difference to that culture. ..also, I apologize for the duplicate thread earlier. Not enough coffee in the system and I missed this thread.
  5. If we're talking creative content usage, Uber Jason has been a part of the game since Virtual Cabin 2.0. Are walking mechanics and kill animations actually considered copywrited material as it is just a movement mechanic? Also, the Machete he uses isn't from a property that Miller can claim as the whole reason it was called Jason X was because the Friday the 13th name couldn't be used due to similar litigation. Please feel free to share any information if I'm off base, but it seems to me that Uber Jason far predates the June 2018 deadline for this game. You should be able to release him. ...unless you just want to dedicate ALL of your development resources to Last Year instead, in which case..just tell us that.
  6. Jason players that quit while being killed need to grow up. It happens, it's part of the game. There is no fool-proof way of getting all the counselors. If they decide to work well together, then the game has just changed from hunt the counselors to defend the house. I've been killed three or four times and I don't count it as a reflection of myself as Jason. I count it as a job well done by the team. It happens. What DOES reflect poorly on a player is whether or not they get butthurt and deny the players the extra points my disconnecting before the kill completes. Let's be honest, that is exactly why players that rage quit as Jason do it. "How dare those kids play the game the way it was designed to be played and not just shriek in fear at the sight of me. I show them hur hur hur" Grow up.
  7. Per their twitter account, network disconnects will earn you salt, but not enough to put you into the mines. This is targeted towards people that are lobby hopping and rage-quitting during matches. The players affected by this will be ones that match quit over and over until they get their golden match.
  8. 1. Check for updates on your graphics card 2. Check for updates in Steam 3. Check for updates on your OS 4. If problem persists, submit a bug report to Jason Kills Bugs 5. If it is a Steam install, you can verify installation integrity. 6. Try again later I feel your frustration. I've submitted several tickets about this. I've been met with the black screen or the game will just fatal error out for no apparent reason.
  9. 1. In-seat driver kill. I can think of no reason why Jason would not just rip out their throats and leave their corpse blocking the driver seat. 2. Stalk should also silence footsteps 3. Remove Jason marker from mini-map during shift 4. Shrapnel damage dealt to counselors standing close to doors being busted down or raged through 5. 1 round abandonment penalty that forces match quitters to play as a counselor at least once before being eligible to play as Jason.
  10. I'm getting more and more excited for the new releases.
  11. I stepped into a group of friends that teamed up and beat the total hell out of me. We were all buddies from previous events, so I knew it was coming and had a lot of fun with them as well, and in the end killed them all. However, it was not an easy match and some ALMOST escaped and would have had I not been inching the fight just far enough away for me to shift to the car without the rest being able to catch up with me in time to continue the beating before the driver got their block knocked off. I'm having more fun with Jason know than I have in months. The buff was a much needed boost to the games enjoyment factor and I'd hate to see thing regress to late 2017 state of being.
  12. I entered a lobby with my Savini and felt like I had entered a tourettes convention. I mean...they had the voices of adults, but the words of small children that hadn't quite learned how to use their words. At one point, someone literally farted into their microphone. People, please don't fart into your microphones, you have to speak into those during the game. You'll get the dysentery and die....
  13. Momma loves the toilet kills best. Momma doesn't like dirty children
  14. I, personally, could do more with a slower shift at a normal recharge rate. However, the double whammy of slow shift/slow recharge is quite painful, especially when dealing with car escapes. That's just my two, cents, though, and if it's ever bad enough, I can always choose another Jason.
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