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  1. Kane would tell you that it's the counselors that piss their pants, not Jason. Suck it up and get back to killing.
  2. I've had those, and the Luck stat has zero influence on component location as they appear in the same locations regardless of counselor. Luck deals with things like weapon durability and mini-game skill check difficulty. If it gets too bad, I start checking the map to see if others have had luck in installing components and switch to protection and support if I feel I'd be better served in that capacity.
  3. I play both and prefer the complexities of F13 over the simplistic approach that DbD takes. The occasional troll and toxic player is annoying, but that's what the mute feature is for.
  4. Here are a few balance adjustments in my opinion. 1. Furniture needs to be destructible during rage. If he can bush through a wall, he should be able to scoot a chair out of the way. 2. Add a mini-game to disarming traps. Don't bring back stacking, but at least make the presence of the trap mean something. We can exchange pocketknives, and this would encourage better use of traps by Jason and better coordination between counselors. 3. Making driving risky. If Jason slam stops a car at full speed, that should be felt by the counselors. They should take damage from that in the same way they take damage from falling from high places. 4. Counselor toss - Jason should have the option of throwing counselors into other counselors. I realize this would be a huge undertaking, but if a group of counselors gang up on Jason, they should be able to get in each other's way, and Jason should be able to use their numbers against them with good strategy, and bowling for counselors just sounds like a lot of fun to me.
  5. lol, OK, I feel your pain on that one. Not because I'm not familiar with it, but just because the music makes me overconfident. I love that Jason look, but I just can't get scared at that music.
  6. Sounds like the OP ran into a lobby where six of the players were in a group together and the party leader left for some reason, which pulled the rest of his group with them.
  7. I can't join as I am on PC, but I wish you all the best of luck!
  8. Rule of thumb, if you hear the music where you spawned, run. He won't have his shift for some time and his morph is still recharging. Get out, regroup, start again. If you wait, then you deserve to die. I tell you this as a person who has been dumb/greedy enough to keep looting the house I was in instead of running away and got killed for it plenty of times.
  9. After years of playing a multitude of MMOs, I've just gotten used to adapting to change. Player feedback and response from devs is just the nature of this beast. Even from the start, there has been endless complaints about issues regarding gameplay and what we are seeing is what all games of this nature experience. Honestly, seeing all of the feedback, positive or negative, is a good sign. It means the playerbase is still active and cares about the direction this game is going. My point is that MMO mechanics change like the weather and that personal adaptability will always be an important part of enjoying the game.
  10. Much like the way many people can't tell a good joke, some players just don't know how to trash talk in a sporting manner. It's definitely an art form. However, having a Jason state obvious survival techniques as though he's just too smart for your to outwit does sound pretty annoying. I wouldn't worry about it too much, those players just exist and there's not much you can do about them....except mute them, of course
  11. When a player starts an argument with the phrase "All level 101 players agree" I immediately tune them out.
  12. I really don't see the harm in the distance nerf. I never thought it should have been there in the first place. If you know how to manage your shift, it's still very easy to get an effective shift grab.
  13. Not owning the Savini does not disqualify your fandom. I daresay EVERY person that logs in a plays the game is at some level a fan of the franchise at some level. Also, I played my Savini almost exclusively until part 4 came out. Now I swap between them depending on what playstyle I'm in the mood for.
  14. Played as both Jason and counselor last night and had a blast on both rounds. The balance is good and the new features didn't diminish my ability to slaughter the counselors one bit.