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  1. Have you guys fixed the dedicated F13 servers? Please tell me the Peer-to-Peer connections were just a temporary solution while you guys fixed your servers. The constant disconnections are a bit annoying. Wait time to find a lobby is still broken and my game crashes at least twice. Im on Xbox BTW.
  2. Do you guys have a fix for the game crashes on xbox? Not sure if PS4 has them also but my game crashes at least twice everytime i play. Also audio seems to be out of sync.
  3. Does anyone know how to drop large items (i.e gass can, battery, boat propeller) on console??
  4. Sooo what did this update bring, because all that seems to have changed is the audio when starting the game doesn't match up with the actual video. Everything else seems to be the same. Still waiting 10+ minutes to get into a lobby and once I'm in the lobby, I'm the only one there. I've noticed that I can get into a lobby with multiple people after 8 o'clock (pm) but anything before then seems like I'm the only person that plays the game on Xbox.
  5. No, in order to resolve the issue they have to fix the issue and then release it and get it approved. What I asking is "have you even fixed the issue"
  6. Childish and entitled? So give me an example of me being childish please. It seems you are the one being childish when you call people you don't know names. You mentioned that I was "entitled" well I payed for the game sooooo yea it should work and me posting about the fact that the game I bought doesn't work doesn't make me "entitled" Please show me the study you speak of. The one that showes that all console players are "cancer... lazy stoners" The fact that you insult a community of people that you don't know just to make a point makes everything you said irrelevant.
  7. They gave us such an awesome game? Do you have a console? If so have you played F13 online? No? So how can you claim it's an awesome game if a third of the people that bought the game haven't been able to play online?
  8. The excuse that everything has to be approved before they role it out to consoles can only be used for a while. Have you even fixed the issue?
  9. So it seems like Gun is playing favorites. Seems like the things they are fixing are towards PC gamers and not console. Day 3 and they haven't done anything. Since PC is a priority, refund console's for your incomplete game and let that be the end of it.
  10. Oh no no no, they are fixing server issues for PC because they couldn't care leas about console.
  11. So what's being done about Xbox and Psn server issues? 2days now without being able to play the game. Waited half an hour to join a lobby and when I did find a lobby, I was by myself. The main focus should be getting everyone playing the game and then look into stats and perk issues.
  12. Is the new Jason awesome?? I wouldn't know because I'm on XBOX and still haven't been able to play.
  13. Spent 32 minutes searching for a game session...I downloaded the game yesterday and still have yet to even make it into a lobby. What's the deal guys? Can I get an ETA on when I can play the game I'm bought? I understand launch days are tough but c'mon.
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