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  1. I was thinking maybe having each counceler have two different hair styles they can choose from to maybe help differentiate them apart when there are others playing as the same counceler. Maybe some ponytails or pigtails :0?for females not sure for the males
  2. Yeah I figured this would be the case with consoles. I would really love a push to talk button for us since it turns into a mess of voices sometimes
  3. Sigh that's truly disappointing that we have to wait another day for the dlc -.-
  4. Like I said in a topic I made before I think it's going to end up coming tuesday because that's when Sony usually updates it's psn store with stuff.
  5. Well if it's not out today it most likely wont be here until tuesday when the psn store updates again
  6. They said either yesterday or today but still nothing? Was just curious if we could get it cleared up as to when our codes will work.
  7. Yeah i'm getting a little jealous seeing the pc and xbox user being able to use their DLC
  8. Actually I think damage is what knocks jason down to the ground and stunning is that effect he gets when just looking away. It seems that knocking him down last's longer compared to stunning. I'm not sure if what i'm saying is true though.
  9. Except the bat breaks easily so it's not like you can spam the bat anyways. I also don't see too many bats around the map maybe around 3 scattered around the map?
  10. I suppose but if you don't have a choice and you're the only one then what? I don't know I feel like certain weapons should be able to have their stun rates like bats not be effected by strength.
  11. I recently got a Red perk that gives me a 15 percent better chance of breaking out of jasons grabs ((Might have an even higher bonus than 15)). I'm curious to try it with a high perception character ((Like Jenny)) just to see how much faster I can actually break out and if perks can help to fix it. I know I tried it with deborah but felt not much of a difference... Also my problem with your suggestion with strength is it ends up screwing up low strength characters even more. Not only can we not mash out of grabs but now we can't stun him either? Sounds kinda bad >_>
  12. I could see the seasonal events being similar to overwatch. Though I don't know how I would feel seeing a holidayJason chasing holiday counselors haha
  13. I'm still crossing my fingers for a Pamela skin. Maybe make a demonic pamela that plays similar to jason with a knife as her weapon? Then you wouldn't have to change to much if it's too difficult to make her seperate animations
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