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    I am around! We are launching an indigogo campaign on March 15, 2017 to support a limited run of Blu Rays and DVDs. Gun is legally blocked from including NHA characters in the game. Feel free to post any more questions, I'll try to get to them soon.
  2. That is the exact moment it is in reference too. Great catch.
  3. Probably. That is not me playing though. I think it's a demo of the kill released by Gun that I found on another forum. I am only sitting at level 74 right now so it will be a while before I get to experience it first hand.
  4. Here is "Free Kick"! Very proud to say that I helped design this kill during the last mocap session. Ronnie and the team at F13th game have been awesome supporters of Never Hike Alone and were kind enough to let me swing on by on their final day of motion capture. Towards the end of the session they asked if I had any ideas for extra grab kills and we (Ronnie, Kane, and myself) brainstormed this kill up. Didn't think I would see it in the game so early with all the other kills that are on the way. Hope everyone enjoys it!
  5. Never Hike Alone (F13 fan film)

    Hey thanks guys for all the kind words! We were hoping the ending would be a pleasant surprise for fans!
  6. Never Hike Alone (F13 fan film)

    Thank you! Funny you mention that. We have a Pamela story and the Sequel on standby for future endeavors. And yes, you know who is hungry to do more!
  7. Never Hike Alone (F13 fan film)

    Thanks guys! Was just coming over here to post it!
  8. finding game lobby ps4

    Did that have a timeframe?
  9. Angry!

    I was thinking the same thing. I am having the same exact issue. Can't get on.

    Hey AJ, thanks for the kind works. We put a store up on our website (www.wompstompfilms.com ) that has left over shirts, posters, pins, and stickers from our Kickstarter inventory.

    Hey guys here are our latest announcements. Never Hike Alone has now completed filming and will release, FOR FREE, to YouTube and other streaming outlets on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2017. We are still working our way through the post process and expect to have details like TRT and possible live screening events sometime in mid September. Thank you to those in this forum who supported this project and tracked it's progression!

    Thanks for the support and the heads up on the rules. We posted the update about our store because fans have asked if we were going to sell any more merch. By no means are we trying to turn this thread into an online store, just following up on something that was requested. As a reminder, the extra funds being raised will also be donated to the Penny Pines Reforestation Project. More production updates will be coming soon.

    Not a flaw. The whole pattern is the same as all the other masks, but we tweaked the layout of the hole pattern so there was less roundness and more straight edges like the architecture of the camp we shot at. Look at the lower image on our last post, what I always see is an arrow pointing up to Jason's eyes. And if you want to split hairs on this issue, you can draw a frown on every mask from the series.

    Hey Guys, I know it's been a while. Our team has been shooting over the last last couple months. Here's a few footage screen shots: Some people have also asked about purchasing left over kickstarter gear. Well, now you can head over to www.wompstompfilms.com to claim what's left of our inventory! Shirts, Posters, Pins, Stickers - all available in limited supply! Our last week of shooting is next week! July 14-16. Release date coming shortly after.