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  1. Hey Brother, just had to stop by and say, my fiancé and me really enjoyed Never Hike in the Snow. I liked the Easter egg on the computer and the box of Hockey masks, as a shown explanation for him having access to new ones. Even the tag blowing in the wind was perfect. 

    PS. You’re a decent Michael too. 🔪


  2. Ghost Jason / NHA content was never scheduled or approved for the game. We weren't even allowed to call my kill "Never Hike Alone" as originally planned. It was renamed "Free Kick" because of legal reasons and also because it is a more fitting name. I did ask Randy and Ronnie about what it would take to get into the game. I was told that they would welcome it if it was legally and financially possible. At the time, it was not and that is obviously still the case. In alternate universe where Sean and Victor didn't hold fans over the fire to settle their grudge and Gun was allowed to finish their que of licensed material, there would have been a time where we could have reopened this topic for further discussion. That's not saying we would have made it in, it's just saying it was notable enough to be considered. I believe with the right amount of support and a crowdfunding campaign, we could have made a strong case for an NHA expansion pack.
  3. For anyone wanting to pick up a Blu Ray. We have 9 days left in our campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/never-hike-alone-2nd-edition-home-video-release/x/18000311?create_edit=true#/ We would love to do a sequel but we have some hurdles to jump over first. We'll announce more details later this summer after some of the other fan films have had a chance to get their materials out.
  4. Long time no see folks. Just a heads up that we are doing a 2nd Edition Pressing of the Never Hike Alone Blu Ray for those who missed it or were late to the party on the first go around. Never Hike Alone Indieigogo Page - Will Activate 4/1/19 12:00 PM EST / 9:00AM PST Thank you everyone for the support.
  5. We are on the back half of our wait list. Once we process those we are going to start thinking about another pressing. There is a demand but we need to see if it make sense economically. If we do, it will be a different case and cover art, but same disc contents, and we would once again go through indiegogo for preorders. We'd do more VHS as well.
  6. We appreciate that. Hope you also enjoy the extras as well.
  7. We already held the IGG campaign and we will not be holding another one any time soon. However, we did order extra copies for safety purposes. Once our backer orders are fulfilled with 0 issues, we are going to release the final copies one at a time per a wait list. Have your friend e-mail us at contact@wompstompfilms.com to be placed on the list.
  8. Ha! You know I just got an e-mail from the guys saying that there was a young Jason there. That's awesome. Did you have a good time?
  9. Not going to lie. It's been a few days and not sure I want to dive into the pages I've missed. Either way. Happy Friday the 13th! Anyone going to Mad Monster?
  10. I will be at Mad Monster. Will also be attending the panel. Look forward to seeing everyone there. Happy Friday the 13th!
  11. I am not sure how many of you know this but there were two Jason actors in the film. Myself and a stunt performer by the name of Bryan Forrest. Bryan is a trained stunt performer and took over on a few occasions when stunts and camera work were at their highest complexity. To move fast enough to get all of the shots, I had to be behind camera. That, and if I somehow got hurt during the stunts, the film would have basically been over. To keep Bryan and I looking similar, we wore a set of stunt pads that created the body shape. Bryan also took real punches, a chair to his chest, and even an accidental haymaker to the face from Drew that ended up splitting Drew's knuckle. The point is the pads were mostly there to keep Bryan safe and I wore them to keep a consistent look. I am 6'3 225 and Bryan is about 6'2 215. Since I never took Jason to be a weight lifter, Bryan and I pretty much fit the right size for what I think makes a good Jason. In costume all of the elements had us up around 6'4" - 6'5." The padding added a little bulk but I still wanted a Jason that felt like he was starting to enter longer term stages of decay. That's why the mask reveal had no eyes. Ghost Jason truly is the vengeful spirit of Jason Voorhees trapped in a decomposing body, the un-living embodiment of the "Death Curse". All good points but the best thing Gun can do right now to win people back is to focus on the next patch and dedicated servers and ignore all distractions.
  12. This is a valid point. As a business owner you know that your #1 goal as an owner is to stay in business and business doesn’t alway align with what your preferences are. As of this moment Friday the 13th: The Game can no longer be expanded so it doesn’t make sense to commit large sums of resources for content. Bug patches are probably cheaper than content creation, but dedicated servers are going in at some point. I am sure those aren’t cheap. At least, it doesn’t sound cheap. The money we invested is going into those items right now. Friday the 13th: The Game did well but that money won’t last forever. Once they complete the f13 patchwork, a new game is pretty much essential to helping them survive long enough for this stupid lawsuit to reach its bitter end. We can speculate all we want but Gun’s focus right now has to be to stay in business, so I can’t blame them for being excited about a new project. One day its going to be like one of those dude looking over his shoulder memes. The devs with their arm around their new game, but they can’t help but looking back at Chad’s sweet ass. If that ever happens, I’d happily take part in whatever they needed from the fan base. 1 and 2 sound like legal nightmares. 3 is sort of dependent on 1. If they didnt know or were told the case was going to be concluded, that was simply the long term strategy of a much longer schedule of work. One that would take lots of funding for a long period of time. Makes me believe that the answer to 1 was about as much time as the captain of the Titanic had to swerve around that iceburg. 4 Is a good one. I know would have happily taken a half baked Uber as a consolation prize along with the bad news. I’m not losing sleep over it though Took me a while to read through the pages but I am hearing you all loud and clear. I think one misconception is that somehow everyone thinks I referred to them as an ungrateful sob. That is not the case at all. After reading through these comments I can see plenty of members who know how to state you case and raise valid arguments. There are a few SOBS as well, but it wouldn't be a Friday forum without those either. I also get that all of you want to know every single detail of every decision that was made, but twisting words and committing to toxic speculation is not the answer. That's what brought me here in the first place. What's kept me here is an engaging conversation that I have enjoyed very much. To those of you who have asked very fair questions, my advice for you is to be patient. It's not worth the stress or losing sleep over. There are plenty of other things to talk about other than speculation of what happened. Personally I'd rather stop going around in circles about the fate of the game and the law suit, but rather what things should be done once the lawsuit has concluded. Can anyone point me to thread where everyone is discussing that?
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