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  1. damnenchiladas

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    Yup this is the one! These guys were gracious enough to reach out and invite me to their set. Had a blast working on a few projects with them now. Thanks for giving them your support!
  2. damnenchiladas

    Did Uber-Jason survive?

    The answer to this question is yes.
  3. Old grab. New Grab. Can anyone explain to me how the hell to shift grab because I haven't been able to do it for months? I shift all the way up to a counselor to the point of making contact, pull the trigger, and I always come up empty. But yet, I some how managed to get shift grabbed a lot. What am I doing wrong? Is it PS4 and lag? Is it timing?
  4. And at this very moment a slight majority of them agree.
  5. Save it. This was nothing short of bullshit.
  6. Reached 113 just now. I feel 0% accomplishment, 100% annoyance. Can’t wait to have access to the thing everyone should have had access to since launch. Im just lucky this was a slow week.
  7. damnenchiladas

    New Friday the 13th tv show

    If they are going to do a TV show that covers events in real time, they should focus on Pamela's story and how she got to Crystal Lake. or They shouldn't bother with trying to put together a singular narrative and use 8 episodes to give us 8 new entries into the series that are spread through out the canon. Meaning, lets see what happen to Chris Higgins on the night she went missing and then lets see what happens after Uber crashes into Earth 2.
  8. damnenchiladas

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, just realistic. I am a big supporter of this game and I do know that the devs are putting a lot into it. Not just from forum jockies, but from meeting them in person on multiple occasions and checking in on via DM's every once and a while. I mean, after all they did let me design a kill for the game. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing on this issue. In the end, I don't think it is enough to entice people to put in the work if the servers are not working and there is absolutely nothing worthwhile to earn between level 44 and 113. I'm now up to 110, but with all the issues in the last few days I would probably be 112 or 113. Sucks because many of those games were heavy in XP earnings. At this rate I am not sure I am going to hit 113 before Thursday, but certainly before the weekend. Single player is also probably going to help a lot because at least it will feel fresh, although, I wish they weren't spoiling all the kills in the trailer. And like clockwork, we're filming Never Hike Alone BTS interviews all day Thursday so of course that is the day they choose for the release. I swear, every release and double XP in the last 6 months has come on a weekend where I am traveling or working.
  9. If you were an officer on the Titanic, your advice would sound something like "Iceberg dead ahead, let's blast through that sucker!"
  10. Exactly. I feel the current strategy will push more people toward giving up on the game than keeping them around longer.
  11. My argument is that by making it a package unlock it is bad for game play. It should be unlock as you go like Jasons that way the gap between 44 and 113 has some victories in between before all the weapons are unlocked. I suggest this because I'm not a selfish asshole with the attitude of "Oh well I already have it so fuck everyone else."
  12. Literally just started one to pass the time. If you read my post you'd see I'm not far off from 113 so I'm not worried for myself. My argument was for the good of the overall game for everyone. We all can't be under 25 yo with nothing but time to game and jerk off like you.
  13. Funny you say that because I've been writing this post over the course of many hours in-between matches, host quits, and connection issues. Why don't you stop being selfish?