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    You are in luck. We figured out a deal with our vendor for a max 600 more BR/DVD. They will be back on the site tomorrow starting at 3:00pm EST / 12:00PM PST. 50 more VHS as well. Good luck!

    We cannot adjust the prices. The stipulations are fairly rigid. But we can throw in a signed script for you free of charge. Just send a message to contact@wompstompfilms. No, we still need to let the campaign run until its completion in April. We also need to schedule all of the interviews for the BTS. That is what is going to hold everything up until early summer. The camp is under snow right now and freezing. Not a great place for conversation lol.

    It's 20 minutes outside of Big Bear proper. The area is a great place to visit and camp in general. If you don't have an off road vehicle, it's about a 20 minute hike. Very easy to find if you know where you are going.

    Not private so you can wander on through....at your own risk. I actually thought of it. I always wanted to release some sort of map eventually. Putting in the scripted seemed like the best way to do it. Some of the screen used sets are still standing too.

    Way too expensive. BUT, if you are ever in LA for any other reason you can always use the secret map on the back of the script to find the camp yourself.

    The tour doesn't have to be all at once. We'll try and organize a big one, but if you show up later, we can do a solo trip. We go up there all the time.

    “The Friday the 13th film you’ve been waiting for!” Never Hike Alone is now available on home video through this one-time-only limited Indiegogo Campaign. Supplies are limited so make sure to reserve your copy before its too late! Campaign Site: https://igg.me/at/neverhikealone Link will go active at 12:00pm EST! Be Patient!

    Just a reminding everyone that the home video campaign starts tomorrow (3.15.18) at noon est!

    We are going to watch that tier closely in relation to the solo masks. If the packages sell out right away, and there are still solo's available, we will adjust our numbers. Feel free to reach out to contact@wompstompfilms.com at any time during the campaign if you have a question. Say you get nervous and buy a solo mask because they are also running low, message us and we can set up special perk for you to purchase the rest of the materials at a discounted rate.

    The best thing to do is follow up on our website, facebook, instagram, or twitter. The link will go live and be posted at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST on Thursday, March 15, 2017.

    Youtube is pretty much every filmmakers worst nightmare when it comes to the loss of quality. I think people who pick up the blu ray are going to be in for a nice surprise as far as quality expectation goes. No worries, I was just confused. I had not really noticed that specific pattern before, but when I went back to look through the other masks I can't unsee it now! lol Yes it is.

    The Devs have been supporters of the project for a while. During our campaign they reached out and asked if they could help raise awareness during our campaign in January of last year. Since then we've kept in touch and during they summer they invited me to the second round of mocap to get a look behind the scenes. I was mostly hanging out, but when the team got ahead of schedule Ronnie invited me to think up a no weapon grab kill on the fly. We pitched a bunch of stuff back and forth and landed on Free Kick.

    I really appreciate the kind words @Cokeyskunk and yes, I actually met Sean for the first time last week at the F13th game launch party but I do not think he was in the mood to discuss anything film related since the right are in limbo. So I just took the time to say my peace and let him be lol. Once the rights issues settle down you can bet your ass we'll be campaigning for a shot to pitch our idea for what would be this films feature sequel. Most of my career up to this point has been working in development / story / editorial departments for animated feature films. Story is king is those rooms, but of course a good story is nothing without great characters. I couldn't be more proud of what Andrew brought to the role of Kyle. If he was unlikeable or flat in anyway, there is no way the film could have carried itself as long as it did. We also wanted to tell a story about the camp, treating it less like a backdrop and more of a character in itself. To me, it has a story and life of it's own that's never truly been explored in the sequels. I agree on the "rampaging" sentiment as well. It's all good fun, but it is simply not enough to stand on it's own. What makes a great Friday stand out from the pack is the characters and whether or not they can win the audience over. Jason is only on screen for so long and a bad set of characters can make waiting for that moment feel like an eternity. Getting the audience lost in the character's story is the best way to keep them distracted for when the fun begins. I am the Director and I also played Jason for a majority of the film. I shared the role with stunt actor Bryan Forrest who took over for me when we had complicated scenes to film or high impact stunts. I also designed the "Free Kick" kill for the game.

    The scar is there, so is the scar from Tommy, and the propeller damage. The axe cut is not in the mask because it is not the same mask. Jump back a few comments, I go into detail on how we came up with this mask.

    Thanks @BlitzBoy526! In fact, if you look in the credits you will see that the punk song featured in the film was written by "The Damn Enchiladas," a fake band name my friends and I used after recording the song for the film. We couldn't use licensed music, so I wrote something up myself and had two friends from my home town create the track. We are really proud of the way the head crush dream sequence came out. It was probably the most well executed scene in the film. Kelsey Berk was our lead FX artist and Cody Wilkins was her assistant on set that weekend. Funny story, during filming a few groups of early morning fisherman started showing up down the shoreline just before we ran the head crush gag. Just off camera to the right of frame are quite a few random people just watching us spray blood everywhere. My personal favorites are both "No Trespassing" location scenes. Shooting at that location was a big hassle and we ran into several issues trying to get those scenes right. In the end, all the extra effort was definitely worth it and we were able to walk away with two really great scenes. Andrews performance, the camera work, lighting, were all on point. Funniest part is, those were also the cheapest scenes to shoot.