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  1. Past caring really, I only play an hour or so here and there now. Was pretty sure it would be a waste of time checking the forum for news of new content and I was right.
  2. Buyers remorse is real ITT. I was disappointed with what the game delivered - or failed to deliver, to be precise. Still, done is done, no use crying over spilt milk now.
  3. I like the way Gun think they have enough players to go throwing perma bans around for using exploits they can't fix. I play on PS4 and I meet the same players every day near enough, the player base is tiny and shrinking by the day. I don't see how this is going to help anything in the long run.
  4. Lmao, wonder what they think when they hit pacanack and there are 5 counsellors up on the roof!
  5. In hindsight, though it couldn't necessarily have been predicted at inception, the genre is just now taking off as F13 released. As F13 was first to hit consoles, it would have had a big advantage against subsequent titles like DBD, if only it had been done right. Speaking of DBD, it's a fiver less than F13 and everything looks smoother, more polished and professional. I get that we were going for the retro vibe with F13, but that shouldn't have included the graphics, animations and depth of content going back 9 years in terms of gaming. Im not saying I haven't played F13 much, or that it isn't fun at times, but it's been a shambles since launch, everything they fix breaks something else, they've given up tweeting, the game got old after a week or so, as expected and you may want to hold off talking about micro transactions, because I expect there will be paid content on the way, especially when DBD start selling thousands of Michael Myers or whatever down the line.
  6. Voted 4, although the game is fun for an hour or two at a time, the presentation is poor, the game is extremely limited and hasn't really run well since launch, from floating counsellors to roof campers. The hit boxes are also way out, sometimes it's impossible to hit Jason and there's nothing worse than opening a door, walking inside and going to close the door, only to have them exit and close the door again. Ultimately, it was a great concept for a game, but the wrong team were handed the licence, it should have gone to a AAA studio who could have taken the potential and created a fantastic game around the IP. This feels like a PS2 game, in looks and everything else. Only including three identical maps was the most unforgivable aspect for me, that ruined the game a lot faster than anything, because of the complete lack of variety available. Feels half finished and broken, if I knew what I know now about the game, I definitely wouldn't have brought it, bit of a rip off because there isn't enough content there and what Is there is pretty broken. I've seen all the movies, I'm a fan, but that alone cannot save a game that is average at best. Missed opportunity is the kindest description I can use.
  7. No point, also the level unlocks were really odd, 31 being the cap. Would have made sense if it was 10, 20, 30 etc.
  8. There is a reason, namely the manner in which the game has been constructed so far. It's a valid concern, given the quality of the game in general. Having played daily since launch, I moved from reading the DLC concepts put forth by members on the forum with interest and a tinge of anticipation that they may be added, to laughing aloud at the thought that the devs could actually be capable of adding things like dynamic weather, multiple weaponry for Jasons and so on. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to point out for the 1,983,674th time that they are a small team, but small or not, it's become painfully clear that this is amateur hour. Everything in the game is extremely poor quality, from hitboxes and collision detection, to animations and even basic things like host migration. Now, despite this, it's great fun. That's why we're still playing, after all. The main issue, low quality build aside, is the lack of content - Which now brings us full circle to my original point, the pallete swaps. I always assumed, like a lot of others, things like additional unique Jasons, kills and counsellors were a given and in all probability we would also see more maps that weren't just set in the woods, more weapons and less likely, more escape routes, ways of killing Jason etc. Now I don't realistically expect anything except a few pallete swaps for counsellor clothing and Jasons. My expectations have been significantly lowered, because the devs are barely capable of producing a working game with very limited selection of content and one game mode, much less adding exciting DLC content that would break the mould or mix things up in any way. If they tried anything big, it would probably break the game. F13 is a huge missed opportunity for me, it should have been fantastic, instead it's just fun with friends for an hour or two. Like playing cards.
  9. What if all future DLC Jasons are just pallete swaps for the existing Jasons? I'm a little sad at the direction we seem to be headed
  10. The last update was around 8pm GMT for me, so I expected it to be this evening. Why does everyone else think it should be available first thing in the morning? Just like GTA DLC is Tuesdays at around 11am, has been since forever, so F13 is Tuesdays at 8pm, no?
  11. Fun game, got repetitive fast due to lack of content, maps being the main culprit. Could also use more variety in almost all other areas, from weapons to clothing. Other games are continually pushing new content and while everyone will appreciate the bonus CP, a reskinned Part 3 Jason with an additional kill is unlikely to increase replay value beyond a day or so, for all that any additions are needed and welcomed. As it stands the game isn't dying...... yet. However, it has the potential to die, particularly now the genre is increasingly popular, which breeds competition. Good luck to Gun and Illfonic, I hope the game grows and survives, especially now I've paid for it, lol, I do however have some concerns that it may not, unfortunately.
  12. But he has the machete, therefore he is the best Jason by default.
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