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  1. Well written. Honestly, I agree with most of your points. The exception being the 8/8 thing. How many Jason movies are there where no one survived? I can't name one. It has been a long time since I watched them, though, so It could be true. As far as the leaderboards go, I would welcome the addition. Not for competitive reasons. More for personal tracking. I would love to see my knife throw accuracy or number or most car starts in one g are. Some interesting stats, you understand. You seem like an enjoyable player, Nomadder. We are always looking for more fun people on Xbox. Especially now that all my friends are playing destiny ?
  2. Exactly man. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. I'm not judging anyone for doing it. It's just within my circle, we don't. It's a curtesy we extend to each other. I imagine many of the people who defend it also play alot of quick matches. I don't blame them. I've seen these quick matches and it wouldn't take much to jade a person on there lol. And in response to the whole "quick death vs quick escape" arguement, I do see a difference. It's similar to sitting in a chair quietly vs being put in a time out. It's like giving away your last Capri-Sun vs someone taking it from you. Is Jason's game ruined when he doesn't kill everyone? That seems to be what everyone is saying here. "If you let him go once, he might escape!" So? I care about the people I play with. If two of them escape, GOOD! Maybe that's where I differ. I genuinely feel bad when I drop 8. It's easy. Not bragging, and it definitely doesn't happen every game, but it's not hard to do by any means.
  3. It's impossible to escape in the time I would consider getting killed a "spawn kill"
  4. People surviving does not ruin the game for me. I would gladly give a small kind gesture and take the chance of them escaping. Remember, they may be your teammate in the next game. I feel like it's that mentality that keeps recent players accepting my invites. I continuously go out of my way on this game to ensure everyone is having fun.
  5. Of course, I forgot to answer you. Im sure I have the same technique as many.. I check my map and go where people aren't. I get into the nearest empty house, grab a stun weapon if I see one, lock the door depending on where the house is and if I think it's close enough To a police exit that someone may need it. I recall you saying something about tanking traps.. if there's time enough to do that I wouldn't call that a spawn kill. I'm talking fist morph.
  6. Generally, if you are chasing me within the first 20 seconds, I don't want to play with you. Having that be our one and only rule, we have managed to collect a large group of friendly, social F13 regulars. When someone joins and has no mic, spawn kills, is loud and obnoxious, hides the ENTIRE game, or simply doesn't work as a team, we kick them. It's how we've managed since the first week. Also, I should have clarified, its not always about the spawn KILL. It the fact that he's trying to break our lobby rule. Obviously it can be easy to escape Jason at the beginning of the match.
  7. I play exclusively private matches. So if you see a LFG on Xbox that says #casual or #nospawnkilling, I suggest you don't join it
  8. To clarify, I would never insist it be a banable offense. It's just not what we want in our group. Thanks for the discussion, guys. I see the community is pretty evenly divided on the tactic.
  9. I was not suggesting the game be changed in any way. I'm talking technique, not mechanics.
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