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  1. Wouldn't let me join the party? Send again?
  2. I have a quick match lobby with only me in it now. Add me if you want an invite. Gamertag: fwsurfer
  3. Yes - I tweeted this and a couple of other bugs to them. Would be good if there was a way to submit reports properly
  4. Anyone hosting a PS4 game now ((Europe) that can invite me? Gamertag: fwsurfer
  5. In that case, is anyone playing in Europe right now? I'm looking for a game - fwsurfer
  6. Please add me and let's play a private game - on now! PS4 - fwsurfer
  7. I'm trying to play on PS4, after around 10 minutes of searching for a match it puts me in a lobby on my own and doesn't join anyone to it. Useless. Can't play game at all like this! In the meantime, anyone on PS4 please add me and let's play a private match - FWSurfer
  8. Me and my brother are also experiencing this on two separate PS4s. Really spoils the game as can't use any custom Jason kills.
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