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  1. Sorry if this question has already been asked, direct me to it if it has coz I couldn't find it, but, Is there an exact time we should be expecting our emails with our game codes for PS4? Or will we get our emails exactly at launch?
  2. Also would not be mad if there was a strong female stat character and a high stealth stat make character? What bothers me is the complaining about the one thing that won't be changed, the stats of the current characters we're given. They look pretty diverse to me for the most part.
  3. Oh my God dude, just go then. If your biggest complaint is the female stats aren't pandering to you, then go. You're the root of the problem, why? Because you're going to complain about it until you get what you want. Want to know something? It's not a big secret but, when it comes to the stats, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! Meaning you do nothing but try to ruin the game for everyone else due to your opinion that you were told BEFORE HAND "tough cookies" on. So go, we don't want you running mic solace on this game with your "women Atten equal to men until they're better than men" type bullshit. Whether you say it port not, that's exactly how it is. Bye Felicia.
  4. That's a good idea in my opinion. Although, I think you get to pick who you want to be, the devs said they want us to be sure to play both Jason and the counselors in the beta, that makes me think we get a choice and while there are those people who will always pick Jason and not even give the counselors a chance (the self righteous assholes) I would honestly rather a randomizer and your idea would be perfect to add along with it. I see me using the counselors a lot more and Jason only every so often.
  5. Take your guys' time. Even for a beta for us you want it to set least work for us, that means a lot! Thank you Wes!
  6. OMG go write for Anita Sarkeesian. This isn't even all of the characters. Every character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Even with similar stealth, the girls have other different strengths. Be a guy if you want to kick Jason's ass, I honestly enjoy having multiple characters that can hide, as THAT'S WHAT MOST WOULD RATHER DO IN THIS GAME SINCE JASON IS A BEAST-TASTIC FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!
  7. I might have said this already so I apologize if I'm repeating myself but I think only counselors in a certain radius should be seen on your map. That or if you have a walkie, you can see the other counselors with walkie across the whole map but that's it.
  8. I NEVER used the word feminazi! O.o nor have I ever really. I didn't call it craziness because someone didn't want them all weak, I called the fact that they're not all weak and some seem to think they are craziness. They all have they're different strength even with similar stealth. Putting words in people's mouth is not the way to make your point.
  9. The way this conversation has gone… I realize there is going to be so much feminist extremist anger fine about this game o.o… o.o I'm okay with that, y'all entertain me with all that craziness xD
  10. I doubt it since it's an online game. Yes, I know, many online game allow mods but I've heard of even more that don't. I personally think they could put the game too out of balance, this isn't MUGEN lol although I do hope appearance mods would at least be allowed, even if only the modder (and maybe the players that have the same mod installed) can see it.
  11. Hmm I don't Mitch like the names either but maybe they should fade in as you get closer to the person. As for the rest, you're right, it should be taken out of the game, the map marks and all that, the map should just be that, a map with the first, lake, cabins and cemetery, the rest you should have to look for otherwise it's much to eat. One thing I like about Dead by Daylight is that there is no map.
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