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  1. Thanks. How about that scene with the hanging body...Anyone ?
  2. Is the scene with the hanging body from the sign in the single player content ? And is weapon swapping a thing from the start on this new version ? If so I'm pissed as I am at Level 81 and have a way to go to get this. It should be unlocked for all players at this point. I am an original kickstarter backer and among the first few thousand to donate. Please unlock this feature for us with an update @wes Thanks !
  3. Just Curious ? Thoughts ? I am wondering how many of us care about SP ? Again I know this all comes down to $ but I for one would love both options and would be willing to have the release pushed back to have more funding come in. I know this has been mentioned before but it just seems like this just keeps coming up and most if not all of us want it. I think things are looking amazing and are all on board with whatever happens but just wanted to get others thoughts. Great job by all of the Team and we are all excited for the future of this game . Just an idea to help funding : Why not do pre-orders for DLC even if these items wouldn't be released much later ? like knock your block off kill , Back breaker , Thrown out the window, Tommy Jarvis I think this would help us get to that goal of SP and raise some serious cash ? Any true Friday fan wants all of things in the game but I do realize that like myself my budget isn't as high as some others and would have to pick and choose wisely.
  4. @wes @Randygbk Is this True ? or a fabrication of Lies ? Why not just be honest with us. This coming from an early adopter of The Kickstarter Campaign. What would have happened if more stretch goals were reached and then you found out that they would never have been able to be added?
  5. Great Idea !...Never going to happen
  6. TWarner

    Victor Miller Email

    Been good ! Busy with work as always and still stuck on level 71 because I don't get enough play time. Don't get me wrong I think these guy's are great and did a fantastic job with what they had but would like the game to continue to grow and it seems the only way that's going to happen is if someone else gets the rights after Sean and Victor get their shit together. I can't blame Victor as I would want what is mine as well but it's all fucked up and I can only play bots for so long until the other things are fixed. I can hardly ever connect to a good game without it shutting down and I have A+ Internet and play a few other multiplayer games with no issues. I wish they would unlock the weapon swapping for everyone because I may never see it and it would have been nice to play as a camper in bots mode. Take Care !
  7. TWarner

    Car badge

    Just add it to list of things that don't work. Not a surprise though. I wouldn't expect anything on this as they wouldn't consider it as game breaking.
  8. TWarner

    Any Children of the Corn fans here? (Bad News)

    Funny the original movie took place in Gatlin, Nebraska which is a fictional town but there are so many small towns in Nebraska they could have used a real named town. I live in Lincoln.
  9. We all want them to but their not going to as wes has stated many times. I have to believe that when the legal issues are settled that some other company will see how well this game did and pick it up or get rights and make their own game. Too much money to be made and the interest is still very high. Also we can get some new movies as well hopefully some good ones !
  10. TWarner


    Wasted time spent on them. Staying true to the films you didn't see anybody dancing over Jason ! they were trying to get the fuck away from him period ! Could have taken that time spent on emotes and put it to getting Uber done before the shit storm hit.
  11. Ya this sucks a game that has never really worked 100% and only have it for a year with promises for dedicated servers that I will believe it when I see it. Kickstarter backers like myself that donated and were there from the beginning. My big thing was all of the dlc possibilities for the future of the game and that was why I backed it in the first place.
  12. TWarner

    Victor Miller Email

    If this is true it makes the devs look bad because they said they will still be fixing things and servers that the time the ruling comes down then they could continue working on the games future content. If not hopefully another publisher that see's $ will pick up the game and continue with it.
  13. TWarner

    Levels got reset

    That sucks ! I'm at Level 71 and would be devastated if I got knocked back that far. Would probably be end of days for me playing the game again.
  14. Anyone know how many total copies were sold across all platforms ?
  15. So money was made ! DLC alone the figures have to be up there. Reason I started this was wondering if another company would pick up the rights after the court case is settled because there would definitely be more money to be made on this type of game and interest as well. And as Wes has stated that they wouldn't be involved because they can't wait for the outcome. More Movies , Another game would still mean big bucks !
  16. Could be it was a few days ago that I saw one. YouTube could take them down but he is still being used. hell there was even a video of them playing the Grendel map.
  17. I have seen several YouTube vids of PC players using him.
  18. For PC you can play as him but not on consoles. " We Suck Again "
  19. My bad ! I will follow your suggestion next time commander !
  20. Yes ! Exactly..Why don't people get this. Way to many threads with they can add new content after the lawsuit is settled. It's painful to see so many of these ! It's over ! The only thing for the future would be if after the lawsuit ends a different company purchases the rights and reworks the game. Just like these movie companies will do after this is settled which who knows when that will be.
  21. Um..Did you not read his ( Wes ) post from yesterday ? He said no future content period. Just fixing things and servers. Search for yesterday's post. forum.f13game.com/topic/20227-questions-about-future-content
  22. Wes said in his post yesterday..Nothing new in the future no matter the outcome of the lawsuit.
  23. TWarner

    My Introduction

    @JasonLives66 No big deal. Enjoy the game in it's current state for as long as we have. I am also on PS4 and have been here from the start of the Kickstarter campaign and have been through the ringer for the last 2 years. I currently play bots because the multi player has a lot of bugs and can get annoying but hopefully future patches will fix these things and I can play as a councilor once again. Enjoy !
  24. My guess is there will be no new games unless another company would purchase rights after lawsuit has ended.