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  1. Singleplayer Breakdown

    I am also enjoying the bots as it helps me practice. Some things I would like added that are in multiplayer are the rain on maps and the boat escape on the maps. I have had them try and escape with the car a few times but would also like to see them attempt this more. Hiding is another thing as you can be right behind one of them and they will still try and hide under a bed or cabinet and Tommy sometimes just is in a cabin looking through the same drawer and doesn't notice that Jason is right there. Oh well things that I'm sure will be patched sooner or later. Now for SP challenges . Also seems like a teaser for child Jason..That would be Awesome !
  2. new kills on psn

    I checked before I played last night and they were there and they are AWESOME !
  3. new kills on psn

    I'm running the digital copy and haven't even installed my disc copy yet. I'm guessing it was what the previous person said as they had the same issue and after a restart of their console they were there. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Jason Part 7 Kills

    Thanks I'll check it out later.
  5. new kills on psn

    I did purchase the kills and they show up in my library as purchased and installed. Double checked in my PSN Account.
  6. You do. I was wondering the same thing until I did finally level up. I'm on PS4 so if it is XBOX I don't know.
  7. Jason Part 7 Kills

    Hmm. I don't get it I will check when I get home later but I didn't see them after it says they were installed. I must be blind ! Thanks
  8. Jason Part 7 Kills

    Ok so let me get this straight. I purchased this last night and it shows that it has been installed but I don't see these kills. I see a couple that say not unlocked until level 125 so have they been removed ? And do we get a refund from PSN for the 2.99 we spent for these. If I paid for them I shouldn't have to wait until Level 125 to use them for god sake I haven't even unlocked J4 yet ! I'm confused !
  9. new kills on psn

    Ya I had to follow the link from The Friday The 13th the game website to buy mine. What kills are these though because when selecting kills for J7 I see a few new ones but you have to be at a high level to use them. Is this correct ? If I paid to get them I want to use them now.
  10. Same here. I haven't looked but I thought you could toggle rain on and off with this new update. I'm sure they will fix issues with future updates because I want to see the boat as well. I have seen a few car escapes though.
  11. I just bought these on ps4 from the store and I can't tell which ones are new.
  12. I would hope future updates will fix these issues. Remember this is the first one with bots so I didn't expect too much.
  13. So you still get XP and can level up playing against Bots ?
  14. I've had mixed matches. One match Shelly got the car going and picked up another rider but I stopped them and got both of them despite some fighting from AJ after she got out of the car. Other match just random running around and they are right about the water as it seems I see bots going in the water more often then real players. Oh well having fun and practicing and getting leveled up so I'm good for now.

    Just watched it and I'm really impressed with everything and how it was produced. Actors were very good. My only complaint would be I want to see more and wish it was longer but understand how much time and cost is involved. Well Done ! Congrats ! Is there DVD or Bluray for purchase as I would like to add to my collection of Friday The 13th Movies ?
  16. I'm keeping mine unopened as a collectible. I don't care that much about bloody Jason skins and they will probably show up for digital at some point anyway. I was one of the first to back this game and the exclusive slip cover is awesome. It looks like the Part 2 dvd / vhs cover. Nice touch ! Plus I have a large community of friends I play with and wouldn't want to risk losing playing with them over some skins.
  17. Exactly. This is what I do and have many decent people to play with and usually there is a few of them on at most times I'm on.
  18. So if you choose to look at the credits to go see your name immortalized if you were a backer for this game you better have fast reading eyes because there are 4 columns with thousands of names and there not in alphabetical order either. I wish there was a way to slow them down or the font was bigger. Man behind the Mask is a nice touch though. I need 3 other people present to review the columns with me to see my name..LOL
  19. That sucks for people that are new to this game because most of the original backers have communities that we started and belong to and we don't have these issues. Believe it or not there are good people to play with out there. I personally don't use quick play because most of the time your going to run into these issues and I have enough community members and friends that are on at all times so there is no shortage of games when I'm able to get on and play. Just mute those annoying players if you need to use QP.
  20. Hmm. Strange I played most of the day Friday and I'm on PS4 and never had any issues.
  21. So the only way to get bloody Jason skins and clothing is to install from disc ? I'm on PS4 with the digital version and am nervous to try this because I don't want to lose my progressions badges levels Ect. So if you uninstall the digital and do the disc everything will come back with the additional DLC including my level that I'm at ? So game data must still stay in place on the system if this is true. I would be pissed if I lost everything over some bloody skins.
  22. How the maps fit together: New Theory

    Very cool idea but I think you would have many players leaving after they get killed because they wouldn't want to spectate for that long. I like it though !
  23. Did the copy come with codes for bloody Jason or is that just on the disc ? Something they definitely should fix. I can't believe that you would need to purchase them again for the disc copy. If this is true I'm not installing it. This will cause major chaos so I'm guessing it will be addressed in a patch at some point ..Devs ?
  24. How about a kill where Jason can throw something in the gas tank for multiple kills and blow up the car.