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  1. I'm at 63 and have played since release but I only get to play on the weekends. I vote for more double xp weekends !
  2. I knew about double xp & tape drop but I didn't think the update was coming today.
  3. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Will the Boat Escape ever be in Offline Bots Mode ?
  4. What a dumb ass ! BANNED !!!!

    Thanks, Got in on the 2nd order.

    Link ?

    Thanks !

    Preorder link please.
  9. For me, the real face of Jason

    The eye's are reversed in those pictures. Part 4 is my favorite and the one that scared the shit out of me as a little kid !
  10. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    I think they need to tighten up their camp ! Gun has a leak somewhere internally . Yesterday I posted a link from youtube that showed several new kills and a new counselor and a wheel chair Mark kill . I didn't make that video or have that information but my post was removed. My intent wasn't to cause any issues but it was removed. I think they better shut down those youtubers because someone is leaking information. If these things are true then the game is going to get even better.
  11. I wonder what level Roy is unlocked at ?
  12. Singleplayer Breakdown

    I am also enjoying the bots as it helps me practice. Some things I would like added that are in multiplayer are the rain on maps and the boat escape on the maps. I have had them try and escape with the car a few times but would also like to see them attempt this more. Hiding is another thing as you can be right behind one of them and they will still try and hide under a bed or cabinet and Tommy sometimes just is in a cabin looking through the same drawer and doesn't notice that Jason is right there. Oh well things that I'm sure will be patched sooner or later. Now for SP challenges . Also seems like a teaser for child Jason..That would be Awesome !
  13. new kills on psn

    I checked before I played last night and they were there and they are AWESOME !
  14. new kills on psn

    I'm running the digital copy and haven't even installed my disc copy yet. I'm guessing it was what the previous person said as they had the same issue and after a restart of their console they were there. Thanks for the reply.