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  1. I'm keeping mine unopened as a collectible. I don't care that much about bloody Jason skins and they will probably show up for digital at some point anyway. I was one of the first to back this game and the exclusive slip cover is awesome. It looks like the Part 2 dvd / vhs cover. Nice touch ! Plus I have a large community of friends I play with and wouldn't want to risk losing playing with them over some skins.
  2. Exactly. This is what I do and have many decent people to play with and usually there is a few of them on at most times I'm on.
  3. That sucks for people that are new to this game because most of the original backers have communities that we started and belong to and we don't have these issues. Believe it or not there are good people to play with out there. I personally don't use quick play because most of the time your going to run into these issues and I have enough community members and friends that are on at all times so there is no shortage of games when I'm able to get on and play. Just mute those annoying players if you need to use QP.
  4. Hmm. Strange I played most of the day Friday and I'm on PS4 and never had any issues.
  5. So the only way to get bloody Jason skins and clothing is to install from disc ? I'm on PS4 with the digital version and am nervous to try this because I don't want to lose my progressions badges levels Ect. So if you uninstall the digital and do the disc everything will come back with the additional DLC including my level that I'm at ? So game data must still stay in place on the system if this is true. I would be pissed if I lost everything over some bloody skins.
  6. Very cool idea but I think you would have many players leaving after they get killed because they wouldn't want to spectate for that long. I like it though !
  7. Did the copy come with codes for bloody Jason or is that just on the disc ? Something they definitely should fix. I can't believe that you would need to purchase them again for the disc copy. If this is true I'm not installing it. This will cause major chaos so I'm guessing it will be addressed in a patch at some point ..Devs ?
  8. How about a kill where Jason can throw something in the gas tank for multiple kills and blow up the car.
  9. I understand the guy's above that are maxed out on levels but for me who is the casual player and at level 32 I need these double XP so I can level up faster to get J4. And yes there should be some incentive for the maxed out players as well.
  10. Found my first tape yesterday at Higgins Main house : Tape # 12
  11. Sorry if this has already been answered but are backers going to get their physical copy on release day or when ? Thanks Wes !
  12. I think it is just meaning Jan of 2018 not a snow map. Just like the Pumpkin is meaning Halloween. I hope I'm wrong as it would be cool..No pun intended !
  13. My question is now that Rain will be added will it be random on the maps or something that can be turned on or off by the host. Either way I'm excited as this will add so much to the game. And lightning too...Oh yes !
  14. I asked about Weather 2 years ago and it is in several post's and they said to expensive to do and wouldn't look good in the U3 Engine but..Here we are and mother is pleased !