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  1. Gun please respond to this A-hole ! Is he right ?
  2. Hmmm...I have escaped in the Boat several times after the latest patch.
  3. http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/journey-dark-heart-jason-voorhees-incredible-new-poster/ Why ? One of my least and worst Friday Films in my opinion. I know there was many that liked it so no disrespect.
  4. TWarner

    Project Méliès (new gun media game)

    Dropped a New Video Today. Shame they can't fix this game !!!
  5. TWarner

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    How about Console Fixes ?????
  6. Waste of time and space.
  7. Nothing new can be added. Why don't people understand this ? Don't get me wrong I love these ideas but it will never happen. We will be lucky to get bug fixes at the most. Still not convinced we will get dedicated servers ever.
  8. TWarner

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    I see the original crowd funding is closed. I wanted to join this so please release information for the new crowd funding when it is available. I did Never Hike Alone and am waiting for my Blu Ray Set to arrive but this film looks to good to pass up !
  9. Thanks. How about that scene with the hanging body...Anyone ?
  10. Is the scene with the hanging body from the sign in the single player content ? And is weapon swapping a thing from the start on this new version ? If so I'm pissed as I am at Level 81 and have a way to go to get this. It should be unlocked for all players at this point. I am an original kickstarter backer and among the first few thousand to donate. Please unlock this feature for us with an update @wes Thanks !
  11. @wes @Randygbk Is this True ? or a fabrication of Lies ? Why not just be honest with us. This coming from an early adopter of The Kickstarter Campaign. What would have happened if more stretch goals were reached and then you found out that they would never have been able to be added?
  12. Great Idea !...Never going to happen
  13. TWarner

    Victor Miller Email

    Been good ! Busy with work as always and still stuck on level 71 because I don't get enough play time. Don't get me wrong I think these guy's are great and did a fantastic job with what they had but would like the game to continue to grow and it seems the only way that's going to happen is if someone else gets the rights after Sean and Victor get their shit together. I can't blame Victor as I would want what is mine as well but it's all fucked up and I can only play bots for so long until the other things are fixed. I can hardly ever connect to a good game without it shutting down and I have A+ Internet and play a few other multiplayer games with no issues. I wish they would unlock the weapon swapping for everyone because I may never see it and it would have been nice to play as a camper in bots mode. Take Care !