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  1. I know this has already probably been brought up before but Horror Inc has nothing to do with Summer Camp correct ? Do they not want to pursue another Camp themed game ? I bet there are many aspects of this game that they had in mind before getting the F13 License that could still be done so why not make a different game ? Just wanting to know what others are thinking about this. Perhaps they don't want to attempt another kickstarter or crowd funding because of all of the backlash from this game. Seems after F13 came out there are several games in the works with the same kind of idea IE - Hide or Die , Last Year The Nightmare ( I think they have been working on that one as long as F13 has been around. ) My point is that Gun isn't going to close shop because of what has happened and will continue to make games so why not a similar game. I would support another crowd funding attempt. I know they have taken a beating over bugs and glitches and other game issues but I still enjoy the game. @wes I didn't see anything in the FAQ about that possibility.
  2. Miller is not to blame in all of this actually it is his Legal right to do so and you would do the same if in his position. This is all about greed on both sides and yes us fan's are the ones that will continue to suffer for it. We all knew Horror Inc would appeal so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I had hope that they would come up with some agreement so we could get new content but as Wes stated that it was unlikely and not expected that we would. I still enjoy the game and as long as they continue maintenance on it then I'm good.
  3. Should this be a surprise to anyone ? We all knew it was coming.
  4. Possibly but I would say a different publisher. I'm sure Horror Inc will get offers for another game and may already have but something will need to be worked out with Victor as well in order to get all dlc content included for a new game. I'm thinking Gun is tired of all of this hate they have been getting and won't pursue a sequel. Yes the game has had many issues but all games have them and it is still a fun game to play.
  5. License's don't come cheap and that is why we don't see Horror icons in games. I'm not sure how DBD pulled it off with Freddy , Michael and Leather Face but it had to have cost them a fortune to use them as characters.
  6. It might not be now but when my son downloaded it on PS Plus he used Savini Jason in his first game he played. I have it on my profile so I don't know if that is why but I wouldn't think that another profile could use it. Who knows but I know what I saw and gain nothing by lying about it. Read Gun's last statement it clearly says no new content coming.
  7. Facts are facts and Gun clearly said there will be no more content going forward period. All false hope people. Trust me I get it I want this thing resolved as well as I was in the group of the first 2000 kickstarter backers and want everything that this game has to offer but I've given up on future content but still continue to enjoy the game.
  8. Just stop ! It's not going to happen. My hope is another F13 game gets developed by another publisher and works with horror inc and victor miller to secure the proper license's to include everything that we want. Hopefully it won't take as long as it took to get from Nintendo to the present to do so. This game made money and continues to so why wouldn't someone pick it up. Horror inc has already said they have projects in the works not involving Pamela or Kid Jason so another game could be in the works but it will take time so we must be patient. Also with being a free playstation plus game for October you can bet DLC is selling well. I am pissed about savini Jason being included on the free game because I was an original backer and paid for that shit that was supposed to be a kickstarter exclusive. That is total BULLSHIT ! Gun.
  9. This is nothing more than a TEASE !! Give us a little hope to chop us down again ! Sean will appeal and it will go on for years to come. Nothings changed ! Hope I'm wrong but I'm guessing I'm not. Plus Sean has 30 days to appeal.
  10. Hmmm...I have escaped in the Boat several times after the latest patch.
  11. http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/journey-dark-heart-jason-voorhees-incredible-new-poster/ Why ? One of my least and worst Friday Films in my opinion. I know there was many that liked it so no disrespect.
  12. Dropped a New Video Today. Shame they can't fix this game !!!
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