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  1. Yes, having more fear makes it so Jason doesn't have to be as close to detect you. But even at the start of games when Jason just gets sense, he will detect you even if your character is calm and if you are within a distance such as 50 meters. Look at the fear section https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 It's not up to debate, it's already been tested.
  2. If Jason is within 50 meters of any survivor and they're not in a hiding spot, he'll spot them via sense.
  3. Composure + Stealth being confirmed for being useless. Time to play Friday the 13th as a fighting game lol
  4. Can the devs please rework Jason's sense? As it is now, Jason will always detect you if you are within a specific radius which is quite large, even if your character has a calm expression (no fear). This is the case even if you have 10 composure and if you are outside or inside, only being in a hiding spot stops this. Characters that don't have good stamina or speed can't deal with Jason as well once he's within a radius. Proof of how badly designed Jason's sense is: (fear section) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619
  5. Why are people trying to say all characters are useful? Composure barely helps with avoiding Jason. And it's easy to manage fear as long as you don't see Jason. If Jason is within a specific radius, Jason will sense you even if your character is calm.
  6. I'm surprised people aren't more upset by these findings. Basically the only characters that can deal with Jason are high speed and high stamina characters when Jason is near by.
  7. The dumb thing about Jason's sense as it is now is that he doesn't even need to wreck generators in order to raise their fear. He just has to walk by cabins with counselors having almost no fear in order to see if they are in there or not. I barely see generators being destroyed.
  8. I find the main gameplay of this game to be opening drawers and taking items from them than actually exploring and hiding from Jason. I am tired of staring at drawers and holding E. Can it be made that we don't have to hold E on drawers and instead tap E to take items? I think the button for closing drawers should just be R (the look back button), anything that doesn't involve holding a button. Also, can you add the feature of quickly opening & closing drawers like doors?
  9. They have to mean something as they are most likely event triggered and not RNG.
  10. Just tapping E on drawers is pretty boring. Would be better if you actually had to find items like the objective items instead of going up to drawers, pressing E, then holding E, rinse and repeat. They should at least change the holding E to just tapping E to make it faster and to close the drawer by double tapping. Less waiting of watching drawers.
  11. What do all the SFX & music cues mean? Everyone and their grandma knows that the ki-ki-ki/chi-chi-chi means that Jason got a new ability, and that the chase music means Jason is near by. But what do the crescendos mean?
  12. What I am implying is that maybe originally Jenny was supposed to be a character meant to juke Jason by hiding from his sense when being chased, but sense is just too OP for that.
  13. I got all 3 of the ones I mentioned and the sleeping bag perk, but I avoid using them as I'm trying to still get the feel for Jason's sense and try to not rely on those perks. Also, I don't see a point of having the sleeping bag perk when you'll be sensed going to the campfire anyways. No, I specifically tested by standing in a cabin at the start of rounds and waiting for Jason to teleport near me.
  14. I think Jenny was meant as a distraction for Jason like Vanessa, but unfortunately sense is too OP.
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