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  1. Let me start off by saying that I am not a programmer. I have an IT background with computers and servers, am a lifelong gamer, and a HUGE Friday the 13th fan. (That being said, please refrain from taking jabs at me if you don't agree with the following theory) I was playing the night of the launch, and once I logged out, I get the Database login error message now. Here we are, 72 hours later, and I've literally tried hundreds and hundreds of times (like many, many others). So, I logged into another account on my PS (my daughters), and was surprised to get in instantly. Well...I played one round, and had to quit in order to do some things. When I returned and tried to log in with her account again....boom....same login error message (repeatedly) as my account. So here's my theory (involving the server and the dreaded "Database Login Error" message): What if there is a glitch happening involving (certain) peoples accounts in which the system somehow believes you're STILL logged in, even though you've logged out. Naturally, the server won't allow an account to log in twice, right?
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    Try this...it worked for me. My brother began playing, invited me into his game, and it bypassed the database error for me, and pulled me directly into a match with him. So, find someone you know playing, and have them invite you. (This method may have only worked this one time, and may not again for me, but it's worth a shot). I just exited and went to bed after 2 rounds.
  4. How about a page at the website detailing the status of the server? (I.E. Is it up, down, undergoing maintenance, it's on fire and burning in the ocean, etc.)
  5. Same issue here bud. I'm on the PS4, and haven't been able to connect since 1:30pm (CST) on launch day. I was able to join a party with friends, yet the session wouldn't start. I went to work, came back home after expecting better results....and no dice. I can't even connect now (same database message as you, repeatedly). I have a feeling it will all be ironed out soon. Just hang in there and be patient.