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  1. How can you tell the difference between a network issue (which causes someone to log out) and someone being salty and logging out (or rage quitting)???
  2. He's the scariest Jason...but the weakest in the game...this should be a good update...
  3. You're kidding right? The wrenches are the most powerful weapon on the map it seems....its like hitting Jason with a Mac Truck....
  4. Think we are gonna need a bit more than that...but we will see how these changes take effect. I haven't been playing the game as much...only on offline mode because online was getting ridiculous....Jason is suppose to be feared and extremely scary...I think if a counselor is alone and Jason is around them, their fear should increase drastically...It would also be cool if Jason could actually throw his actual weapon at a counselor (not just on an animated sequence) because it is what he would actually do (aka the harpoon he used he shot someone through the eye). I just think he should also be able to use more than throwing knives as weapons...Jason is extremely creative and should be able to use more than his surroundings (again, not just for animated sequences).
  5. I'm not sure about that. I just built my Ryzen PC and installed the latest windows. The directx download helped my issue of the game not launching due to the EAC file.
  6. When you delete the game you have to ensure all files are deleted before reinstalling it. Steam does not delete the entire game when you uninstall. You have to go into the file directory and manually remove the game and all files yourself. Then try the steps above....
  7. I deleted my install and moved the game to my C: drive (I have 3 drives). I then downloaded directX and moved it to F13Game folder and went to the anticheat folder and installed everything to there. Once I did that, I restarted my PC. Afterwards, I opened Steam and click on the Friday the 13th Game and it worked.
  8. I am also having the same problem. I am on an 1800X 4.1 Ghz, 16GB 3200 Ram, Hybrid 1080 ti and the latest windows build. Cannot load due to EAC. I have an Asus gaming laptop gtx 1060 and the game runs fine.
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