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  1. I agree, Jason should not be stunned during rage and I think Jason's melee attacks should have a chance of knocking counselors down also.
  2. This is becoming a HUGE problem and let down! For weeks NOT just days EVERYTIME I play as Jason and kill the host they leave the game. If im a counselor and Jason kills the host im kicked!!!!!!!! Iv been on the tail end of leveling up to 47 for a god damn Month because I cant even finish a game to get to 47!!!!! After today thats it I wont touch this p.O.S game till single player is released. 5 out of 5 matches today and the host left them All mid game.
  3. LUNARTEK is right, you'll never get a refund. Iv never heard them ever refunding a psn purchase for any reason. I believe it's in the "terms and agreements" when you purchase that a refund is pretty much not an option. BUT they could give you some free stuff off the network to compensate for your troubles!
  4. Servers will be down from 7am to 10am est. For maintenance according to my ps4. So thats a start for sure. Maybe this wont be an issue after today. Hopefully we get our xp and level ups also!
  5. What happens with the "bad accounts" that are slowing everyone else down? I hosted a game earlier and some players reported "lagging" but I never did lag at all. Not long after i lost connection and haven't gotten it back since this morning. How do you know if you have a "bad account '
  6. This is bs! "Database login failure! Verify internet connectivity." i was playing a match and it just cut out to a black screen said I lost connection. Then I noticed I lost ALL my XP points And my Level was dropped back to "0" freaking sucks! I knew this was gonna be a mess!
  7. Buffy-Fan2012 ps4 I have been able to play ONE full match in the last 2hrs. Waited 8mins to connect to the last one and the guy playing as Jason dropped out! Been over an hr now and nothing. Waited 15mins for the first match. Games cool and it's fun as hell but the wait times are killer! I even hosted my own lobby and waited for 30mins now and nobody has showed up....
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