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  1. Walking around the various maps I feel like something is kind of missing. I would like to see other counselors bodies placed around the maps. Much like the loading screens perhaps we could have the couple in the bed with the pole driven through them in a random cabin. Have a body hanging on a meat hook or pitchforks to the wall in the barn from time to time. Or one at the archery range shot up. Maybe a body washed up by the water or on the dock. Stumbling on these other counselors could induce some more fear when being discovered and just add to the atmosphere. It could help negate some of the effects of epic perks like ice cold etc.
  2. I have had people send me a message on psn telling me where counselors are. I find it irritating. I'm capable of finding last players standing on the map. People are impatient and don't want to wait the entire round. Just let it play out.
  3. Yup my name is missing from the credits too. That was the only reason I spent the higher tier reward was to have my name in the credits. I hope they can add it in.
  4. Yeah I have checked multiple times and my name isn't in the credits either. Any idea if they can patch that in? That was mainly the reason I backed the game for $140
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