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  1. Ahh I see what you mean. Well in that case, they should add dedicated servers to avoid that issue
  2. They already thought of that, which is way they used the language "unless there are no other options." If it is a lobby of all Counselor-preferred players only, then someone is going to be picked as Jason regardless, not just end the match and return to lobby.
  3. Wow. That really is a joke then! Here in the States we've had the same problems with lack of communication and no updates on the backer rewards too. I got my physical copy, but where the hell is the soundtrack and artbook that I paid the extra $$$ for? I was told "the soundtrack and artbook will be finished once Single Player is complete" - Randy Greenback, Gun Media October 27th 2017. This was in an email to the backers. I backed this game on 11/9/2015 (I just check my email). It's over 2 years later and this game is still in Beta mode.
  4. I almost felt bad for the Jason I played against last night. I was Deborah (certainly not the fastest counselor) and I was stringing a newbie Jason around the Jarvis basement for what had to have been at least 10 minutes all the way until the 20:00 timer ended. He tunneled me the entire time, shifting, stalking, morphing, nothing worked. One person escaped on boat, came back as Tommy, and Jason got 0/8. 7 survivals 1 escape. To the OP's point: This match was a perfect example of how newbie Jason can't learn a thing about how to get better as Jason when they spent half their match running around obstacles in a circle.
  5. If you didn't get your physical release copy already, then there's a problem. Randy G. sent the email out a while ago about it, then I received mine around November 6th or so.
  6. Best use of hiding spots: When Jason is chasing you and already knows what cabin you're going in: Duck into a hiding spot closest to the door you entered through (Jason will search the whole cabin before hiding spots typically) then after he passes you, or starts crushing other hiding spots, you jump out and run to the next cabin. That's it. Basically I see hiding spots as temporary solutions. If you stay in the hiding spot, he'll check his sense, see that you're still in the cabin, and then just start destroying every hiding spot anyway. The whole idea is to escape, not wait for him to kill you.
  7. My order is still locked down

    Are you actually in Asia, or is that a mistake?
  8. I played from 11pm-2am EST last night and never had an issue. It may start a lobby with just a few players, but it eventually fills up. You're probably experiencing the low traffic due to people at work and school, and everyone who is downloading the update, which is 2 GB basically and takes a while to download. EDIT: I guess people also don't understand that if you're the Host, people will join your game eventually. You don't have to close the lobby immediately upon finding yourself as the Host and no one in the lobby.
  9. Welcome to the Darkside

    There's settings in-game to make it brighter.
  10. I LOVE the change. My life was saved last night when Jason grabbed me out of the car, and a counselor shot him with a shotgun without killing me! That's how it should be!
  11. worried

    They reconsidered it and decided she wouldn't make any sense to have in the game. I don't have the post, but someone at Illfonic or Gun Media confirmed that Pamela will never be a playable character.
  12. This is a terrible idea. Trolls would love to do that on purpose WHILE someone is actually trying to fix something. For example = A match starts with the 4-seater and boat. Someone is trying to install the battery to the car, and Tommy uses his noisemaker to create a battery-fail sound on purpose just to troll other players and get them killed.
  13. Weapons & Objective parts = Long Press D-Pad Down Small inventory items = Short Press D-Pad Down That's it.
  14. Everyone is arguing the same point practically. Crouching will not avoid sense, (chance may be reduced by the perk), but the point of crouching is to not create a giant sound ping (the big white circles Jason sees). You can see this for yourself on your minimap. When crouching and walking, depending on the character, you will only see a little circle generate around you on your minimap. But when you're jogging or sprinting, you will see a much larger circle. These are the pings that Jason is looking for. The idea is to not attract him from far away. Obviously if he is close enough (half the map basically) he will see you lit up red. But if you're quiet to begin with, and he can't see your sound ping from far away, then you won't be drawing him in to come after you. Make sense? Can someone back me on this?