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  1. Why not? This helped me way more than the game tuturiol. I still use it often. It should be stickied.
  2. This is great. I really wish the game had a "how to" because I have a lot of questions. Could you tell me how to use or what is the point of getting the maps and cell phones? I find them all the time but have no idea what they are for.
  3. I'm so confused about these people who are complaining about those who want a refund. Are they not reading what people are saying? THEY CAN'T PLAY THE GAME. Yes it's worth it for the people who've been able to play because YOU KNOW WHAT THE GAME IS LIKE AND HOW FUN IT IS. But they don't because they haven't had a chance. So if they want their money back because they paid for something they can't use then so be it. If you don't want a refund move on. Smokemasstree was just telling people how they could if they wanted to.
  4. Is there an already existing thread explaining the controls for xbox? More specifically I want to know how I drop the gasoline when I pick it up and how to store multiple items and shuffle through them.
  5. Added you too. I know bigbiz3330 has a private match. He sent you an invite I think.
  6. Hi guys! Just got the game a few hours ago. Add me GT ree713 if you'd like to play. The servers are horrible and it's been searching for a session for hours.
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