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  1. Waiting to game...anyone up for it?
  2. Mic player here! So....I'm having trouble with quick search...anyone need a friendly USA, OR gamer to join their sessions? Invite PauseRew1nd!
  3. I'm down for private matches, if anyone is looking. Have mic.
  4. I just played a game on PS4, where two people (one Jason), teamed up by having a counselor give away the others counselor's positions to his chat buddy (who was playing Jason)... Is this considered a viable strategy? Cause I think it's a cheat.
  5. Raz after you activate your PS4 as the primary, also choose "restore licenses" and then restart...that worked for me on PS4. Of course, im waiting forever to get in
  6. Hey i managed to get my PS4 to work. Activate Primary PS4 > Restore Licenses This got me in finally. Hope that helps someone. Now to wait for a match....
  7. I haven't been able to login because of that error for hours!
  8. Fixed. Activate Primary PS4 then restored licenses and restarted my console. That got me in.
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