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  1. i was expecting new maps to be added already. this is not what anyone i know has asked for in the slightest. game needs new content, not shorten rehashed maps. 2/cents
  2. lol you get the idea for this thread off of a facebook comment ?, there is no link this was not the 2nd coming of no man's sky. gamers and their witch hunts LOL. there is a lot more going on in the really real world to be concerned about then this game. note why i have not been here to shit on peoples posts for a good bit ? i swear is there ever a time i can come to this site and not see a shit post/witch hunt thread where i won't have to talk shit in ? ffs
  3. they need proof to ban people, false reporting without proof leads to them getting banned, it even says that shit in the new tos. learn to read and if people are false reporting they will get banned themselves.
  4. i need something to keep my busy on my free time
  5. can you blame them at this point?, i agree the discord and reddit being their homes for game news was and is and will always been a shit on your forum members award that goes to us but at this point after seeing the same handful of members straw man the fuck out of the devs "but the tos said this" and "i do not like the wording" if i was a dev you all would hate me even more cause i would pull all support take my money i made and just go home. this game had a fucked up start and will have an even more fucked up end.
  6. witch hunt thread number 200, i guess the reddit thread got stale ? we need a complaint thread section me thinks !
  7. every time i see this thread still up i read the title as "meanwhile at the legion of doom"
  8. and i agree as some fun ribbing can turn ugly if people are not as thick skinned as some of us out there, i'm a vulgar 35 year old, and i also play fps' games more so then i do this genre. so i understand but i still grasp their is a difference between the two. knowing how to judge said difference is hard. all i'm saying is these two who got banned deserved it. they have no proof that there was team work with jason and there is proof that they harassed a kid online. you might not be harmful for us can be for others, people need to adjust and get over this safety blanket they think they are entitled to say whatever they want to whomever online cause it was LUL
  9. the point was not about the mute function the point was there is a clear difference between smack talk and going the extra mile (harassment) on ps4 you can only mute people from the lobby. if some one decides to go full dick mode mid match your kinda screwed. forced to suffer through it or forgo hearing your teammates by removing your headset etc. the devs said shit talking is fine. if i call you a little sad bitch i wont get a ban in game but if i say i am going to shit all over your dirty cracker face while your son is licking my bawls then yeah that is where a ban should come into play.
  10. are you sure it did not just clip the bed ? it looks like when you try to throw the knife over the car and just clips instead.
  11. trash talking is fine but going out of your way to harass someone is what the problem was. a lot of people seem to be confused between the difference of talking some smack and telling some one you will rape their kids.
  12. so instead of being the better person you choose to be selfish ? you need to change the title of this thread to "why being selfish works for me(non pro tips on how to screw people over)"
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