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  1. So many entitled spoiled brats... please do get a refund and go somewhere else, i can not believe all the whining! There has been so many games with problems like this at launch with massive teams and budgets so get over it or maybe find a new hobby.
  2. ??? This is a game, not real life american assholes (i already know most teenage kids these days are assholes seeking attention) and offers no solution to people trying to ruin the game for others. only thing i can really think of is a vote to kick option...
  3. Wish they could disable party chat and force game chat. I have had 5 games of people working with Jason and telling him where we are, last guy i called him out on it and he shot me and killed me with the shotgun so i could not tell the others.
  4. had two games where this happened to me as well, pretty frustrating to say the least
  5. Exact same problem here, tried on 2 other PS4's and same problem on all 3, pretty game breaking
  6. teaming up with Jason and showing him where the others are is not intended, all the other things are just being an asshole... A Vote to kick option would at least help get rid of some of these people from the lobbies.
  7. So a few bugs to report... - When trying to edit jasons perks ect... you can not save it, it stays stuck on saving profile and you can not get out of it unless you quit the game, if you do it while starting a game the loading into a match the saving character profile stays there all game. - Constant disconnects - If you get scared while calling the police it cancels the call and you can no longer use the phone -get scared from bodies that are not even there -sometimes jason does not get properly get stunned when you stun him, maybe i am just a newb there. -last game i played i somehow had one of jasons perks on my councilor, screen goes grey kind of like when jason activates his sense and my stamina would not drain, eventually corrected itself
  8. same thing happened to us, we were driving then the car suddenly flew into the sky
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