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  1. At the moment dead by daylight is my chosen poison to many fuckers online in the 13th realm bring in single player
  2. Jason needs the weapon wheel back also they need to bring back the different car fixes right now its to easy for councillors to fix then fuckoff out of their
  3. Its called friday the 13th not hee haw with the fuck around gang voorhees kills you how ever the fuck he wants
  4. I have decided to hold onto the game its good when it gets going but just a question do you think jason is slow inwas just him and it took an eternity to walk behind a camp counselor Also why does he take so long to get up after being hit the real Voorhees would bounce right back up
  5. Gday guy's love the game but would love the opportunity to play as jason after 79 games i have been Jason twice is there a method that can increase my chanced of being Jason or am i doomed to be a camp counselor If that's the case single player DLC will need to hurry
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