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  1. The mindless masses in QP never cease to amaze me.. So, to answer your question: Everything... Everything that people do in QP annoys me.
  2. The legendary perks are a stupid idea, I don't see how anyone can be excited for them.. It's just more RNG garbage that we have to deal with AND it makes counselors even stronger than they already are.. I've mentioned this many times but it took me over 500 hours of gameplay to roll a single epic marathon.. That shit is completely unacceptable and I am not looking forward to another endless grind. Also, Jason doesn't need perks. They just need to work on balancing the + - system they already have. We are almost a year after release and Part 7 is still useless, despite rampant complaints from the community..
  3. @Redcat345 is right, there is a slight teleport cheat that has been out for quite awhile and I see it nearly every day. That guy did have crappy ping but it was still under 300, not even 900 ping would cause stutter step like that. (At least on pc it won't) After re-watching the clip it looks like this is a console so I think it's safe to say he wasn't cheating.
  4. There was supposed to be one.. I can't seem to find the patch notes pertaining to it though.. Doesn't really matter considering that mechanic is beyond useless since your breath cannot be held long enough for Jason to leave your general vicinity. The simple fact is that if you hold your breath you are dead.
  5. Jarvis house just doesn't have enough cabins to justify its size, i'm fine with the actual gameplay experience of it now that we have the even suckier Pinehurst. Pinehurst is a terrible map in general. It's fine to have randomized item spawn locations but for the love of Pamela please distribute these items properly so half the map isn't empty. Also, item count should vary depending on the size of the map.. It makes 0 sense that Pinehurst has the same amount of items as a normal or small Packanack.. P.S. For those saying that Jarvis and Pinehurst don't favor Jason you are completely and utterly wrong and there's no way you could even debate it. The larger the map is the more Jason-favored it is going to be, it's simply a fact.
  6. Nope. If Gun decides to stick with this dumbass legendary perk idea just hold onto your CP.
  7. Engine upgrade definitely. New content can fuck off until they fix the horrendous optimization issues this game has.
  8. It has been there since launch, no end in sight unfortunately. Here's to hoping the new engine patch fixes some of the BS that has been plaguing us for so long..
  9. That's an interesting view on things but the big difference here is that the dickheads ALWAYS die in the movies but they don't always get punished for their behavior in-game which is a shame.. But you are right it is quite satisfying when the bad people get what's coming to them.. Until they quit the game and you are left brutalizing air instead of their character..
  10. I generally run epic marathon, restful and medic/thick skin on Vanessa if i'm in QP. This virtually ensures I live 10-15 minutes with proper juking, cabin hopping and bat smacks if my team is useless. It's normally pretty easy to tell when people are hacking in this game so if you are not sure then they probably aren't.
  11. If you think like a predator it is fairly easy to find good places to trap as most people, like animals, will take the path of least resistance. With this knowledge you will know that you want to place traps in frequently traveled areas that have some sort of bottleneck. Some of the previous suggestions are good but I need to note that you should ALWAYS double trap the phone no matter what Jason you are playing as. This discourages the use of pocket knives as the counselors are much less likely to use 2 pocket knives to disarm the traps. This means that you will always be alerted when somebody makes a mad dash for your phone. One of you mentioned trapping the narrow bridges on Pinehurst, which is a smart move every now and then but if you want an almost guaranteed surprise trap I suggest trapping the narrow bridge leading to the island boat spawns on Jarvis House. I can't even tell you how many people have rage quit the second they step off that bridge and get caught in my trap when they think they are going to have a clean getaway on the boat. If you are Part 2 and want to be even more of a dick on Jarvis House you can double trap the narrow bridges leading to the boat so they are impassible unless the counselors step on the trap or go around the bridge and swim to the island.
  12. I agree. But it's not necessarily exploiting by stunning/damaging after an animation, it's just bad game design. Swing sliding/triple perks/gaining access to unreachable areas of the map are exploiting. Read the other post quoted above. I'm not crying about anything, i'm simply stating facts. Jason is pathetic against groups in his current state, they need to add damage immunity as well as a slightly longer stun immunity period after coming out of an animation. If you would have bothered to read any of the previous posts in this thread you would have understood that before making yourself look like an ass and acting like a child.
  13. No need to be a dick just because you are wrong, and the majority were 150. Doesn't matter if he was experienced or not, there's no way he could have known that Bugsy had a cracker in the first place and the other Bugsy was sprinting from the nearby cabin and barely made it in time for those hits. It was an unavoidable situation that would have happened sooner or later no matter what. Plus it doesn't even matter, you get free hits whenever Jason gets stunned, knocked down, grabs a counselor that has a knife, steps in a trap, get's hit by a flare, stops a car, uses the door animation etc. You are missing the entire point I made which is that the game is BROKEN in group play. You can be the best player in the world, an absolute GOD but ultimately it does not matter due to poor game design. You are fucked no matter what if the group is coordinated and knows what to do. I have over 600 hours in the game with less than 30 counselor escapes and yet I would still tremble in my boots if I came across a group like this because there is literally NOTHING that can be done other than sitting back and praying they separate so you can pick them off 1 or 2 at a time. But they won't because they know better. They will simply travel in a pack and repair objectives while you sit back and be forced to watch It is an undeniable fact that the game is broken and if you think otherwise you are simply wrong.
  14. It doesn't matter what Jason does, counselors can guarantee a kill every match if they abuse the broken game mechanics like I said. All you have to do is stun him or knock him on his ass once and 2 high strength chars can de-mask him before he can even react. I'll upload the match I just played 10 minutes ago, the group i'm running with has racked up 60 Jason kills in the last 4 days. Easily could be over 70-80 if the sweater didn't get bugged so often.. Note: This isn't the best Jason in the world but it still proves my point that the game is broken. You will see 2 Bugsy players de-mask Jason before he gets full character control back after a cracker stun. Ignore the extra 30 seconds at the end as I forgot to cut OBS. (It's only in 360p right now but it will unlock the other quality options in time)
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