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  1. If the game hovers around the current player base it has now on steam we should be fine. I can easily see them dropping another regional server in the next year and possibly only running a US West server though. Pre-Javis house was the lowest I have seen the player base get which was about 550 in non-peak hours and I still found games in seconds so i'm not too worried about it. If they start listening to us, publicly acknowledging our concerns and applying fixes in a timely manner I can see some life come back to this game but it will likely never get back in the 5k+ range. Other than the incompetence and poor decisions from the devs the biggest problems F13 faces on PC is that there are so many good, balanced and WORKING games for it to compete with. If your shit doesn't work properly why would anyone choose to play it over something that doesn't make them want to drop-kick a toddler every other match? Idk how the console players have lasted this long without dedicated servers, I played ONE day on Xbox and it was such a broken shit-show I haven't touched it since.. You guys are either the most patient gamers in the world, incredibly underage kids that just don't care or complete masochists. Either way I tip my cap to all of you.
  2. You are preaching to the choir buddy. We all know that Jason (and the game in general) is completely fucked right now.. The sad state of the game and the poor decisions made by the devs have been discussed a million times as of late so the locking of this thread by the forum nazis shall commence in... 3... 2... 1...
  3. It can but all they have to do is leave 1 post on this forum, reddit and/or the steam discussions page acknowledging that they are aware of our concerns. Not just a blanket response but provide specific examples of what they are looking into rather than just be silent. That would take maybe an hour or two in a round table huddle with the community managers, programmers and decision makers. Maybe tack on another few hours or a day for editing and final approval? I wouldn't say it's obvious that they are fixing anything considering that in every single patch they have broken more than they have fixed or have added silly gameplay changes that nobody asked for. It's been like 8 months since launch and some of the day one issues are still there.. I can appreciate that you are optimistic and a trusting person but these guys don't exactly have the best track record. Seeing the pc population drop below 1000 constantly (even as low as 540) is a massive red flag that indicates there is something severely wrong. You would have to think that would light a fire under at least one person's butt over there..
  4. As a bunch of other people said, this topic has been covered a million times lately. This thread is going to get locked but if we want change we have to be vocal about it and keep up the pressure.. Unfortunately it seems like they just don't care about our opinions right now. Yes, Jason is a shell of his former self. Yes, Jason is under-powered right now. Yes, Counselors got buffed too much. Yes, the trap change was stupid. Yes, there are far too many shotguns. Yes, there are far too many pocket knives. Yes, Jason's grab is completely broken and goes through characters like they are ghosts half the time. Yes, the morph grids got royally screwed up in the last patch or two. Yes, the hit detection is abysmal. Yes, there are far too many game-breaking bugs for a game this late into release. I am an extremely calm person but I damn near lost my shit twice on stream yesterday at the amount of ridiculous bullshittery that was going on. This is not okay and at least needs to be acknowledged by the devs before the population drops any further. Silence is not the answer, open and honest communication is. Isn't that what they were preaching they were going to do before the game was released? Well, you fucked that up too.. Well done.
  5. Hopefully you can understand English or run a google translate but that problem seems pretty self explanatory. Hold the windows button on your keyboard + press R to open the windows run command and type in "dxdiag" without the marks. You will see a screen like this that will display your DirectX version: If you do not meet the minimum requirements of DX 11 10.0 then you simply need to update it.
  6. What is your favorite game in 2017?

    Probably Total War Warhammer 2. It would have been F13 if it didn't have so many ridiculous issues that haven't been fixed yet..
  7. Nerf The Car

    This is a topic that has been discussed at length in the past, I could have sworn that they announced this was a bannable offense and were working on a fix but apparently that hasn't happened yet.. If I can find the old threads on this topic i'll happily send in that video and hope we can slowly whittle down the population of scum in this game. Watching this guy laugh while blatantly cheating makes me want to smack him upside the head. Your example doesn't make any sense btw @Mr. Blonde.. Jason can grab counselors out of the passenger side seat by using the prompt on the driver's side door so there is no reason that he couldn't have grabbed the Chad in that match. (Unless they managed to break that as well in the last patch)
  8. Tiffany's swimsuit is glitched

    Happens on pc as well. Like you said, they break more than they fix with every new patch.
  9. Make sure you don't have a GH controller plugged in either.. That likes to screw with xbox headsets as well for some reason.
  10. The more brutal and gory the better imo. I tend to laugh when I see creative murders in movies and games, I've never once been disgusted or uncomfortable by violence.
  11. button lock/character useless?

    This has been a problem since day 1 so I wouldn't hope for a fix any time soon. The worst one is when your camera gets locked in one direction and you cannot interact at all even if you get smacked around or grabbed.. Unfortunately the devs are ignoring the community and would rather make ridiculous gameplay changes that nobody asked for than fix the game breaking issues that have been plaguing us since launch. Personally, I think we have been patient enough. It's time for Gun and Ill to get their shit together.
  12. Even if the game is in a bad state that really does not give you the right to be a dick to the other players that are trying to enjoy the game. I can tell you right now that you are no more important than any other person that paid their hard earned money for this game, even if you think you are. Feel free to AFK or rubberband and ruin the experience for everyone else, just know that players like I and many others are recording and happily sending in evidence of cheaters, hackers and just plain douchebags on a daily basis in many games. We may not be the heroes the gaming industry needs but we are the ones it deserves and we will happily shove that "LOL" down your throat by lending our force to the inevitable ban hammer coming your way. Good day.
  13. This is universally hated by everyone. Unfortunately this game has been going further and further downhill since the window prompt patch but I still love it for some reason..
  14. Or if you are a grunt: Shoot, move, communicate, KILL. And to the op, no, I can't say that my time in the infantry taught me anything of value that I have used in this game. Tactical movement, strategy and being inches from death is a much different feeling irl than it is in a game.
  15. I'm not sure why people are saying part 6 is the worst when he is incredibly powerful. Pro tip for those that are saying part 6 weapon sucks: if you combat stance and only use his heavy attack (poke) it cannot and will not get stuck in a door or any other terrain that you hit. I'm pretty sure that is a bug and not intended but it is there and it works wonders. Everyone agrees that part 7 is garbage but I have to say that part 9 is probably the second worse. He may have a good shift but he is slow, clunky, his axe gets stuck way too often and the -traps are just plain crippling.