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  1. I don't like when people say oh well it draws attention to the exploits its just a crap way to justify its existence.
  2. No need to edit the op I like the honesty.
  3. Its why I hate discord its a huge circle jerk.
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  5. Agree and it seems like gun will do nothing simply because he backed the game, and he acts like he is doing a service its really sad that youtubers get special attention for the way less than one percent of Americas population following them.
  6. I was talking only of H20 he has done it in public matches as well just look at his videos all there.
  7. Also as I have said many times he glitches in public matches as well just look at his vids its there and yet no ban I wonder if it has anything to do with the huge backing of this game hmmm???
  8. Nice very funny indeed just not a follower.
  9. Watch some of his videos he has done them in public matches as well.
  10. Not a fan of twitch but iam happy for ghost none the less congrats man.
  11. I feel for ya man lol.
  12. Even still if he doesn't want the battery he doesn't have to pick it up really that simple.
  13. Honestly at the current rate the game will kill its self off in no time.
  14. He quite literally mocks gun to there face saying he is sure he gets ban requests multiple times a day and its like a shit show.