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  1. Ste_Wolf

    What is your favorite Map!

    Higgins Haven all the way
  2. The grab. Fix the grab. Its awful.
  3. Ste_Wolf

    To all my fourm friends online.

    Alien, miss playing with you.
  4. Ste_Wolf

    Is the Game over now?

    Feels like the final nail in the coffin.
  5. Yeah its a new glitch. Add it to the list.
  6. I now dread when they release some patch or update because it always causes a bunch of new bugs and glitches. Not minor ones either.
  7. Every time they release some patch, a bunch of crap gets broken. I am perplexed how this keeps consistently happening after a year.
  8. Ste_Wolf

    Jason grab need serious tweaking

    Hear hear. I hate the new grab.
  9. Times like that I do be rooting for Jason.
  10. Stalk is wonderful when used properly. I have caught quite a few counselors with it. Their screams of fright are delightful lol.
  11. Ste_Wolf

    Music to Our Ears

    They'll be busy then. The list of fixes needed is a long one.
  12. Ste_Wolf

    Jason's New Grab...

    Lol exactly. Hate the new grab.