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  1. The thing is I bet they won't even ban anyone any more. They cannot afford to lose any more players now that the game is dead. Probably why Jason teaming is at the highest I've ever seen it.
  2. Summer 2017 was the best. The game had issues as always (some are still present in the game today), but it was truly alive then, and felt the most fun. We didn't have crappy maps like Jarvis and Pinehurst to contend with.
  3. Not changed anything for me other than having an easier time as Jason once rage hits.
  4. I'm telling you there is an increase in Jason teamers.
  5. Still get them daily. Had two lots of them yesterday.
  6. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a sudden rise in counselors teaming with Jason? I play on PS4, and nearly every time I play I encounter at least one lobby where this happens. It never used to be this bad.
  7. Any lobby that has glitchers, Jason teamers, and team killers.
  8. I got mine over a year ago. But have not played the game as much as I used to in the last 9 months or so, so I am still a ways off getting the one for 1000 matches as Jason.
  9. Car and boat are both fun. The Cops is just boring.
  10. The age matters because there's many significant differences between teenagers and a child. The mighty Jason was killed and buried for years by a kid. Something no adult or teen managed to do. If a child can actually kill Jason, then why is it such a stretch of the imagination to imagine teenagers repeatedly stunning Jason? In fact when in the movies has Jason been confronted by a gang of teens armed with weapons? I can't think of any scenarios. But just because it never happened in the movies doesn't mean it couldn't. Its not doing something that is a direct violation of the depiction of a character, like say the way the game violates the depiction of Roy from Part 5 who can be shot with shotguns and get up and carry on just fine, stabbed in the neck with pocket knives repeatedly and not drop dead, can teleport across the map in seconds, and inexplicably hears Pamela's voice when he had absolutely nothing to do with her. This game is not trying to adhere to Jason's powers from the movies. If it was he wouldn't be able to teleport across the map in 2 seconds or shift great distances in seconds, or stop cars just by standing in front of them when the movies have very clearly shown him to jump out of the way of on coming vehicles heading right at him. So the big hoo-ha some people make about some teens being able to stun him repeatedly is really inane, IMO. This game is far from being accurate to what Jason can do in the movies regarding his abilities.
  11. Yeah but in comparison to being killed by a child, being stunned by a bunch of teens is tame.
  12. I can show you a movie where he gets killed by a child. Does that count?
  13. Yeah its been happening a lot. Its making the game unplayable again when this crap keeps happening.
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