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  1. Same thing happening to me. Game is blue screening every time I go to load into a lobby. I'm on PS4.
  2. In my experience the biggest rage quitters are the Vanessas. They think they are invincible with their endless stamina, and when they get outplayed they rage quit.
  3. With this news it really does feel like the end of an era. It was always nice coming here where it all started and see the other F13 fans still here chatting about the game.
  4. Its much better on console as there is no hackers. Its usually easy to find a lobby, too. You still gave to deal with hosts leaving, teamers etc. But the game is still playable.
  5. Definitely Chris. She had the most exciting showdown with Jason, too.
  6. I have the sequel trophy. I got that back in December 2017. I still don't have the Final Chapter. I stopped playing F13 for a long time after the lawsuit hit in 2018, all the new content ended, and all moderation on the game ceased and the game became full of cheaters, teamers, and general toxic people running rampant. I still play it from time to time, but I'd say I am still a good way off from The Final Chapter trophy.
  7. Jason is too easy to kill in this game. That's why it never feels like a horror game now. The killer is too easily killed.
  8. Only time I ever suicide is against teamers. Any Jason who needs his buddies to help him doesn't deserve the kill.
  9. Perfect example right there of what I see multiple times every time I play this game. Thanks for posting that. Out of curiosity do you know what rank that Jason was? Because I see this happen to rank 150's all the time. Not just the baby Jasons.
  10. Seriously I see it happen several times a day, especially in lobbies full of rank 150's. Jason feels weak in the game against an organized group of pro players. Super stamina Vanessa will grab the sweater. Someone will willingly die or suicide to come back as Tommy. Then you have your Adams, Bugzys etc demasking him easily with machetes and baseball bats. Probably all running the slugger perk. I don't know which scenario is worse. Seeing Jason go down so easily, or seeing him stay away and hide from the group chasing him to kill him after they've unmasked him. The antithesis of Jason from the movies.
  11. Its way too easy to kill Jason so there isn't a whole lot you can do.
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