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  1. Most degrading kill

    Swirlie. I mean you are dying in the toilet lol.
  2. Stupidest Thing You've Done

    This is not something I did, but something I just encountered in a match as Jason. I was like 5 seconds into the match, I morphed to the fuse at the main lodge when this happened lol;
  3. Why Do You Play?

    Gluttons for punishment maybe.
  4. Friday the TROLLteenth

    Lol this was quite funny. Some great music choices in there too.
  5. I would like some Chris Higgins tapes. I'd be interested to see how she handled the aftermath of facing Jason again. If she recovered from the traumatized state we last saw her in.
  6. You can't pick your maps like you can in F13. But you can burn what are called offerings which can heavily increase the odds of getting the map you want. You get these offerings on the bloodweb. You have to earn bloodpoints in the matches to buy these offerings off the bloodweb, just like every other item on it. The ones you want may take some time to show up on your bloodweb. Each map offering looks unique. For example the one for Haddonfield is a Strode Realty key. The one for the Saw map is a jigsaw puzzle piece.
  7. That's natural. The Dbd community, like a lot of gaming communities, can be quite salty.
  8. It just takes practice. I was constantly screwing them up when I first got the game. I felt like you did, I thought I would never get the hang of it. But it really just takes practice. And you hear a sound effect warning you that a skill check is going to pop up so make sure to listen for that.
  9. That's a broad question. First of all do you mean as a survivor or a killer?
  10. Exactly. They both take liberties with the source material and the abilities of the killers. In fact I'd argue Dbd does it more. Because Jason may have some magical abilities he doesn't have in the movies. But he is still killing for himself in locations from the movies (Higgins, Packanack etc). His targets are all the types he killed in the movies. Michael, Freddy, Jigsaw etc don't kill people to please anyone except themselves, let alone something like the Entity. I don't know what the likes of Michael or Freddy would be doing at places like Coldwind Farm or McMillan Estate. They don't kill people by downing them and then putting them on hooks. I won't even get started on stuff like Michael Myers not even killing on Halloween night in Dbd. And I say all this as a HUGE fan of Dead by Daylight, too. But I'm not going to be a hypocrite and pretend it stays truer to the source and realism with these licensed killers any more than F13 does.
  11. You are quite hypocritical. You slam F13 for being unrealistic and not true to the source material. Yet in Dbd killers like Michael Myers, Jigsaw and Leatherface are given magical abilities to see where survivors are miles away with perks like barbeque and chili and nurses calling. Not to mention they are not killing for themselves, they are all working for the Entity. And since when does Freddy have the ability to just make people fall asleep at a whim? Or Michael becomes more powerful just by staring at them etc? Don't take a dump on F13 and praise Dbd when it does the same kind of things you are criticizing F13 for. As for sweeping a room in F13, I do it all the time. I have a Youtube channel filled with gameplay videos of me doing so as Jason. I see other players do it regularly too. So your criticism on that score is invalid, too.
  12. I just did a match as Jason, and I killed all 7 counselors and not one of them had a pocket knife. Either they were using them to pop traps (but I don't think they were as the car and phone were not touched), or they just didn't find any in the cabins they searched.
  13. With 7 counselors (8 if you include Tommy), I think 4-5 pocket knives is fair.
  14. I found two Pamela tapes (I already have them all, but still) and one Tommy tape over the 3 days. Not bad.