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  1. The same Jason its always been for me; Part 3.
  2. The biggest difference for me is that it's not fun playing as Jason any more, and it's too easy to survive as a counselor now.
  3. Part 3 is the best. Glad it gets so much love from the developers.
  4. Where is everybody from...

  5. poll January 2018

    Sometimes. I miss playing as Jason. But until they balance him out I am staying on counselor preference.
  6. Chad, Tiffany, and Vanessa.
  7. I don't play as Jason anymore since they turned the summer camps into armories for counselors. But I don't hold it against any Jason who just hacks counselors to death now. Saves a lot of hassle and potential escapes.
  8. Just had a match as Jason on Crystal Lake. I got pocket knifed at least 6 times. And Tommy wasn't even called. Holy frustrations, Batman.
  9. Emotes need to go

    Glad to see you're not overreacting. No, but it should have been a seasonal offer. And for free. Only used in the month of October. Nobody's talking about gameplay. They're talking about the atmosphere turning comical for a horror game. Oh well if you like it then it must be good for everyone.
  10. Emotes need to go

    I think its the Halloween costumes that need to go. If there is one thing that ruins the feel of a horror game is seeing characters running around dressed as bunny rabbits, fairy princesses, slutty devil costumes, pink latex pants etc.
  11. Part 4, 6 and 9 would be weakest after Part 7. Never played the Savini Jason so I can't comment on him.
  12. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Reduce the number of pocket knives and shotguns, and fix Jason's grab.