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  1. This is one of the more stupid bugs in the game.
  2. Tiffany takes the gold medal for most useless.
  3. Yeah they really need to fix that. I've seen matches where it says Jason killed 12 out of 7 counselors lol.
  4. Play with Jason and Stoiker Kalei are my favorites. I uploaded a handful of my own Jason gameplays; @Alien_Number_Six and @BoxingRouge are featured in the Higgins Haven one.
  5. They need to fix Jason's grab. The latest nerf to it is a joke. I'm a veteran level 101 player, and I've lost count of the number of times I've seen Jason's hand go through counselors that are right beside him like they were ghosts. Double trapping needs to return, too.
  6. Been happening to me a lot lately.
  7. Part 3 Jason has always been my favorite, pre and post patch.
  8. - The loyalty to the F13 movies. We have nearly all the Jasons, four map locations from the movies, several counselors based off characters from the movies. - The brilliant variety of kills. - The design and atmosphere feels like the movies. - The gameplay is lots of fun, both as a counselor and as Jason. - The Pamela and Tommy tapes.
  9. Zooounds is that you?
  10. Where was this announced?
  11. I love Dead by Daylight, but there's more variety in the gameplay on F13, plus much better designed maps. In DbD you basically just repair generators, get people off hooks, and run away from the killer. In F13 you can search locations for items, repair, use weapons, drive vehicles, and run from the killer.
  12. Tiffany for sure. She's useless.
  13. I do believe I killed you earlier this evening It's Jokerfan here lol.