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  1. Question About Some Trophies

    I can confirm it does as my girl and I picked up another ps4 for cheap off a friend so we could play together and I've switched which one I used plenty. Its just as DamonD7 said as long as you use your same profile you're all good. You might have to reequip your kills perks and clothes the 1st time though.
  2. SP or More Content

    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/friday-the-13th-dev-comments-on-upcoming-single-pl/1100-6451623/ Figured I'd leave this here for those that haven't seen it. It's not much but it's something.
  3. Team Kill = Ban

    I think it's ok the way it is now. In my time with the game I've only ran into being attacked like three or so times. Once I dodged and retaliated with an ax and that changed his tune to the point where I said we good or you want more. He was done so I healed him. The second time I was finishing putting gas in a boat and someone came up swinging a machete. Luckily, I finished just in time to avoid it and scurried the 20 yards or so to the grass where I had placed my shotgun in the event of Jason appearing, whipped around blew his brains out and went about my business. He promptly left haha. And the third was a disgruntled player who died came back as Tommy camped on the side of a building and watched as I put the gas and battery in the four-door. Then as the counselor with the keys arrives with Jason on his heels, Tommy decides it's time to chop me with a machete. Well as fate would have it I turned and positioned him between Jason and myself and Jason was apparently not amused by the shenanigans and knocked his head off and down the hill as I said thank you sir and high tailed it to the fuse where I was eviserated haha. Sorry for rambling I've been drinking all night through the morning. But my point is I think us policing ourselves should be fine. It is just a game after all. I'd say either turn the tables on them like I've been able to or call them out and seek vengeance next round. The usually don't have the fortitude to stick around and they run from the lobby at the end of the round anyways so they're not worth the time of day anyhow. But of course I can only speak from my personal experience in game though as I play private with likeminded friends whenever possible so if it's as bad for some of you as you say then I really feel for you. If you're on ps4 feel free to add me and we'll get ya in some better lobbies where that sort of thing is a very rare thing. Tldr...Can't we defend ourselves and retaliate when need be on our own so the Devs can do more important things than playing babysitter like making fixes and creating content as I'm sure they'd much rather occupy their time with that than this tomfoolery.
  4. Needs 2 fixes imo

    To deactivate Jason's traps get a pocket knife then crouch in front of it and it'll prompt you with which button to press. X on ps4 I believe.
  5. PS4 Private Match LFG

    My girl has a private match up now if you need one to join. RainbowDyke83

    I second that whole heartedly. I've been waiting for this since the eighties haha. And it's great. Thank you all for making it happen.
  7. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Add my girl too if you want. Psn- RainbowDyke83
  8. PS4 Private Match LFG

    I have a private room up if anyone needs a game to join. Psn DAWWWWWSON Room down
  9. Hold on a sec guys my game crashed. I actually had it running with another guy and was seconds from inviting everyone
  10. It's been working good for me once I get in but it's getting in that's terrible so far. But after that it's been good until I back out
  11. Damn it did the same when I tried joining you
  12. Yeah it just said lost connection to host maybe if we create a party then try getting on it'll work ? oh that's what you did sorry haha long night and a lotta beer
  13. PS4 Private Match LFG

    I'm down as kill and be killed as well. Looking to start or join a lobby. Just let me know Psn: DAWWWWWSON
  14. Try signing in with a different user if you haven't yet. That worked for me on ps4.