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  1. Agree. We have to remember that some of the younger fans have no concept of not getting their way. This is a slasher film icon not some parody of it.
  2. As a die-hard fan of F13 and Jason....this is awesome news. Enough of this treating Jason like he is a Street Fighter character.
  3. Tremendous news!!! Wooooo!!! Nothing sucked more than watching my favorite killer of ALL-TIME being turned into a punching bag. I was fucking repulsed!!!! Thank you Illfonic or whomever is responsible for the changes. Jason should be more of a threat than the killers in other survival games. People should fear Jason, not want to get into fist fights with him.
  4. I won't be tolerating that bullshit. That's for sure. You are right. Let's expose these bums and get a database going for Gun to clean house.
  5. He does now. lol. People so uninformed, it's aweful.
  6. LMAO! Kill him, Dogmatic!! Kill him!! Oh these youngsters and their spoiled gaming lives. Pastel Jason was terrifying back in the 80's. lol.
  7. Welcome bro. Nice avatar! lmao I'm also on EST time! Send me a Friend Request.
  8. You are 1,000% right. I was having an unusual bad day and took it out on here. I got suspended and served my time. @Ralph Wiggum777 I'm sorry I insulted and disrespected you last week. You are an excellent Moderator as I have read your work since then. Also @JPops thanks as you tried to cool things down and I wasn't having any of it. My bad, fellow F13 fans.
  9. Show me where I was disrespectful? Because I typed the word "Fucking" a few times, in a Friday the 13th theme forum?
  10. Yeah...that sounds awesome. The closed down part of Crystal Lake!! You gotta dig up skeletons to get the necklace that holds the key to the gate to let you out of "Camp Blood".
  11. This. Not nerfing Jason, is the key. Outsmarting the person playing Jason as much as possible and keeping in mind that you won't always survive is key to enjoying the game. Make smart, calculated moves and hope luck is on your side. When Jason shows up on the map, take advantage of this if you can by having a plan in place especially when you see him way across the map chasing other players, giving you those few minutes of noise making freedom!
  12. LMAO. Another man's garbage is another man's treasure. If i saw this in a public lobby, I'd have to just fucking leave immediately. lol.
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