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  1. Hey ya'll I've been getting the database error the past two days. Yesterday I accepted an invite to a game for a private lobby and it worked. Well I got booted this afternoon and I wanted to try that again but now when I accept an invite nothing happens. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
  2. Database erros agian. If i get an invite nothing happens, but ill jeep trying so if you want to try to play send me one. New to the game please add me PSN Mr_Glen_Tennis
  3. Playing on PSN. Or was. This is insane, I've been looking forward to this game all week, finally get a 4 day weekend and the servers are down with no ETA. Was playing last night. It was great. They need to fix this, or this game will die by tuesday.
  4. Looking for people to play with. If tbe servers allow it. New to the game please add me PSN Mr_Glen_Tennis
  5. Thanks guys! It works now! ??
  6. Hello, I recently bought this game on the ps4 it's great however in a game that is so crucial on Mic use, mine isn't working. On the lobby screen the symbol is black, and in proximity to other players they cannot hear me. I changed the setting to output to outside world however nothing changed. I would appreciate it if anyone had any ideas what the problem is. Thank you!
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