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  1. Takes soo long to find a game... so i went on the forums and noticed that the devs still havnt done anything lately... They have had almost a year and all we got were 2 jasons and a couple maps?... At this rate... we wont see uber jason or a new game mode until 2019... I think the devs know there game is dying... thats why they were secretly selling savini jason codes on ebay...
  2. It seems like its best to get the sweater with tommy at the same time because the axe is in the shack. Seems to be the easiest way to kill him
  3. Yes i can still find games but recently it dramatically got a harder to get a full lobby.. (especially if you want only mic players) The clubs went from having 90 players active at a time to 10... Stop with the blue dots already and just show us what it is... this game cant handle a 3 month teaser...
  4. At night its actually starting to get difficult to find a FULL match on xbox.. (and thats not even including finding people with all mics) Even the friday 13th club on xbox has low activity.. i really hope this game doesnt die off...
  5. Spawn killed by a jason with no shift?... Im sorry but you must not be very good at all... ANY counselor can outrun jason without his shift...
  6. "They get all hands up on you"??? Didnt you say you wanted a 1v1?... "You pocket knife them" Well that definitely seem fair for your "1v1"....
  7. You people are ridiculous.... seriously out of everything... this is what you complain about?
  8. I would like for jason to hit them with an axe in the stomache. But I want jason to use 1 hand instead of 2..
  9. Remember when they said the game already came with dedicated servers? I do.
  10. I always here people curse at jason and say really hurtful things like jason is trolling the counselors by trying to kill them or jason. Why be so mean to jason players for no reason? You realize he is suppose to kill you guys right?
  11. I've saw sometimes people saying that playing as counselors is boring compared to playing as a jason. Explain me why?
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