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  1. I never found a single tape of either kind prior to one of the last two patches, since found every Pamela Tape and now I'm only missing two Jarvis tapes. Those last two are proving a bitch to find, I found FOUR Pamela tapes the last two days, no Jarvis tapes, and every time I find a Pamela one I guard the drawer and let whoever's playing and needs one to come and snatch it up. Keep hoping karma will catch up and someone will tell me they found a Jarvis tape they don't need, but no luck on that so far lol
  2. It's more likely evidence of the Dunning-Kruger effect, every time I hear someone in a lobby talk about how great they are, they suck it. Hard. I've also noticed a hilarious prevalence of: the edgier the username, the more likely they are to flat out rage-quit when they're about to be killed. Anyone with a name like xXD34TH-ST4LK3RXx or some shit you just know a rage-quit is a-comin'.
  3. Having the Necronomicon appear in JGTH doesn't have to mean Jason is a Deadite, in fact quite the opposite. When Jason is blown up at the beginning of JGTH, that would essentially be the end of Jason if he was a Deadite as dismemberment is the go-to way to kill one. The Necronomicon is both a MacGuffin device as well as a Deus Ex Machina, depending on what story it's being used for. In Army of Darkness it's used as a MacGuffin, carrot on the end of the stick for Ash's hero's journey, it's never explained HOW Arthur's people would use it to combat the dead, just something they simply needed Ash to retrieve for them and his ticket home. In other stories it's absolutely used as Deus Ex Machina, it's employed for numerous purposes throughout Ash Vs Evil Dead and can be used to effect a number of different outcomes. Since it's uses are never fully explained it's uses are endless. Pamela could have used an incantation that requires 10 blood sacrifices to restore Jason not only to life but fully grown and unknowingly became the 10th blood sacrifice when she failed to kill Alice and was beheaded. The Book of the Dead could offer limitless options on how to resurrect a person in any number of different scenarios, but Occam's razor suggests that both the book and knife showing up in JGTH are simply Easter Eggs, same as Freddy's Glove showing up in Evil Dead, same as any number of things showing up in Waxwork II. Fun little nods to other franchises, not an intricate web connecting these stories, but still fun to ponder.
  4. I found not a single tape during the "event" that was supposed to increase the likelihood of finding them, then today found a Pamela Tape and a Tommy Jarvis tape in two consecutive matches. So I now have 17/20 Pamela tapes, missing only 9, 13 and 14, and 7/13 Jarvis tapes, missing 8-11 and 13
  5. There is zero skill difference between which grab kills you employ, only difference is practicality and efficiency. I'd argue that not only do those who stick to CQ kills not suck at the game, they're smarter players as well. Same with melee attacks to avoid pocket knives. That is, if your objective is to win. I'd rather look bad and win than look good and lose. I've lost count the amount of times I've stopped the car and there's one body's width between the driver side door and a fence, tree, rock, etc. It's just stupid to put yourself in a position where you'll have to leave a certain distance from the car just to make the kill. I'll kill all four with quick animation kills before they get the car started again. Jason's purpose is to murder every counselor, any means justifies that end whether you agree with it or not.
  6. I'd say err on the side of caution and wait for the update. I'm on PS4 and the "perk rolling event" was supposed to have started at 3pm E/T whereas the update came at approximately 4:30 pm E/T; I rolled five perks just after 3pm and got three poor and two common. I didn't roll again until after the update and that is when I started seeing Rare and Epics,
  7. Assuming that's true, why wouldn't the trophy have popped for my friend's first Multi-Player match as Jason?
  8. Those should work just fine, like I said my friend got the trophy for his first kill as Jason, should work for the 666 and 1313 as well.
  9. Have a friend who only recently bought the game and confirmed; he'd never played a match as Jason and I had him go into an Offline Bot match and when it ended he did pop the trophy for "First Blood" (Kill 1 counselor), but not "It's Friday the 13th" (Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason), so Offline Bot matches will definitely not contribute to the 500/1000 matches needed as Jason to pop the two trophies.
  10. Well, I don't think "The Event" has started as of yet, either, just rolled five perks and got three poor and two common.
  11. Please hold while I transfer you to our transfer department...
  12. I've been in seven lobbies today already where the host ragequit, either because they died or they sucked ass as Jason. And I'm not talking about losing connection, we're talking straight up "You were kicked: Host has left the game." These are the fuckers who deserve some real time with the old banhammer, or disable them from hosting, period.
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