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  1. So this doesn't exist on the X1 and PC versions? Ugh, typical. I hope it's sorted soon.
  2. As far as I recall, the beta was region free, right? Would seem like a very strange intentional choice for the final release. Especially if private parties are an option. Even a toggle would make sense.
  3. I'm not even sure how this would be patched. Would it be through the game or PSN itself? I don't think I've ever encountered it to be honest.
  4. It's odd though because when it takes you to the store it suggests that you don't even have the game installed. Not unless the different regions arent recognised as the same game, which obviously needs fixed.
  5. I certainly hope so, it would be a real disappointment if it was region locked for good.
  6. Hey folks, Sorry if this has been answered but it does anyone know if this game is region locked online? I've had no luck joining with US friends but EU friends have been fine. Hopefully if there is a lock it will just be temporary until the issues with the server are fixed but some clarification would be appreciated. Thanks!
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